24th - 28th July 2009


When we got back from our holiday to Bulgaria and Italy earlier this month Debra still had itchy feet. A cheap trip was what was called for. We took a tent and her bicycle on a ferry had no real plans of where to stay.


King of my castle

Our ferry from Newhaven arrived at 0330 we stayed in the ferry wating-room until light and wild-camped for free near the port overlooking the sea. Not that it was wild or anything.

Me at a Canadian monument

Dieppe has much in remeberance of the Canadians that lost their lives in liberation of Dieppe in The Battle of Dieppe on 19th August 1942 during World War 2.



Dieppe Castle

Our visit to Dieppe Castle was well worth the 3.60 euros. We stayed in there for 2 hours and I had a pleasant natter witha sea troll (as seen below).

Sea troll

Wonder what happend to his other skate.


Dieppe Harbour

Dieppe, in upper Normandy, is a fishing town with busy harbor.


About to tuck into Fromage Frais et coulis de framboise
on my wheel chair table

Debra's bicycle showing it's versatility. The Saturday market provided us Fromage frais with raspberry puree. With no table of chair at our disposal with improvised Debra's bike wheel.


Taking a rest to watch a game of boules

You will see this game being played a lot all over Europe - in France it is called Boule.


Basking in the sunset

After working hard providing us with a nice warm day, the sun takes itself off to bed.


My sunset photo is much better than Debra's don't you think?

We sit in quite comtemplation breathing in warm marmalade speckeled sparingly with with humans.



On the beach in Puys

Puys is a little dip along the cliffs from Dieppe.



About to visit Pourville -
seaside town depicted in many painting by Claude Monet

Pourville is on the opposite side of Dieppe from Puys.


Small river in Pourville winding down towards the sea

Not sure if this counts as a large stream or small river but it was pretty anyway with fishies swimming in it and everything.





Taking a break before cycling through the hamlet community
of Offranville

To be a hamlet a village must have no more than 100 inhabitants. By the very few houses we saw I can guess that it fits within this.


Hautot s/ Mer

Resting before entering petit-appeville -
Commummune d'Hautot s/ Mer

A quiet little town we ended up in during our no-destination-in-mind cycle.


Cote d'Albatre ferry

Cote d'Albatre ferry - Debra missed the e

We had to go home; sob, sob but the ferry deck was fun.


Being blown around on the ferry

Adios France.



Debra having a hair-raising experience

I guess I should put a photo of Debra in here. She embarrassed me by dancing and singing along to her ipod all-over the deck.







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