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21st November - 12th December 2009

Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand


Kuala Lampur - Malaysia

Short of money as Debra lost her debit card 5 hours before leaving the UK we stayed in a right dive of a hostel in KL but things got better with one hiccup to come in Singapore.


Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur

At 451.9 meters high these are the world's tallest free standing twin towers. The video we saw about their construction was riveting. We didn't bother queuing for several hours to get free tickets for the Sky Bridge where my mussel points.

KL Tower

This is the 4th tallest communication tower in the world at 267 meters.


Wisma Fui Chiu Shopping Arcade

Ministry of Information Communications and Culture



Front of Raffles Hotel

We were booked to stay but because Debra had lost her debit card we couldn't

Tucking into various yummies

We did though take International High Tea. We had booked in advance. Very yummy it was too. Shame most people didn't dress the part.


Relaxing with our Singapore Sling at Raffles

You might not think much of the Singapore Sling but it is one of the things to do before you die. Maybe immediately before!


4.0 cl (8 parts) Gin
2.0 cl (4 parts) Heering Cherry Liqueur (cherry brandy)
0.5 cl (1 part) Cointreau
0.5 cl (1 part) DOM Bénédictine
1.0 cl (2 parts) Grenadine
8.0 cl (16 parts) Pineapple juice
3.0 cl (6 parts) Fresh lemon juice
1 dash Angostura bitters
Pineapple and cherry to garnish

We suspect it is on tap at Raffles though!

Meeting Merlion at Sentosa - He is much bigger than he appears in this


Jungle pond on Pulau Ubin Island



Beautiful green lake on Pulau Ubin Island




We slept our 1st night under an unused check-in desk at the airport

Air Asia's flight was 3 hours late which meant we got into airport 2am. We found a hideaway to sleep.


National Monument

Didn't get time to look around Jakarta much so this is the nearest we got to a famous landmark.




Indonesian island from the ferry

Fresh aired nature at the edge of a polluted town

A quiet area of noisey town was where we stayed with a wonderful family. We met Professor Dwi Asmi the wife/mother on the bus from Jakarta.


Keeping covered up on the beach in a Muslim area

We were taken to the beach with the family we were staying with. As they were muslim Debra had to wear a full wetsuit. Out of respect too, I did not bare all as I often do but covered up.

taking a pew on a weathered tree under great sky



Wishing I had a boat

A bear can dream can't he?



Bogor (Kebun Raya)

People sitting on and over the tracks at Bogor Train Staion


Went the way he was pointing


Istana Presedential Palace in the Botanic Gardens Bogor


Making a habit of sleeping at airports

We arrived at night and had an early morning flight next day from Bangkok to Chaing Mai for Soppong, so it was a waste on time and money to go into town. Spot me in the photo with matching sleeping bag. Mine was simply the bag for Debra's sleeping bag.


The Rice Hut at Soppong River Inn

A rough 4-hour bus ride took us from Chaing Mai to Soppong in the Northern Hills of Thailand. We were happy to have such comfort at the Soppong River Inn. It made up for not staying at Raffles.

River under Soppong River Inn


Lisu Hill-Tribe women walking by stalls


Walking into the misty hills


Pig shelter in the mist


Taking the open air option

We took a trip to Tham Lot Caves. In the vehicle we got there in we chose to sit in the open back and the driver had a teddy bear and toy dog that kept us company.


Bear in a coffin in Tham Lot caves

The Northern Thai people must have been very skinny and very tall at one time.


Exit from Tham Lot caves


Cave rafts


Far away from noisey neighbours


Krung Thep (Bangkok)

It is only with non-Thais that Thai people will use the name Bangkok. The Name they use themselves is Krung Thep and this is only really a short version of the very long full name. The full name is Krungthep Mahanakhon Amorn Rattanakosin Mahintara Yudthaya Mahidilok Pohp Noparat Rajathanee Bureer Udomrajniwes Mahasatarn Amorn Pimarn Avaltarnsatit Sakatattiya Visanukram Prasit. Could you imagine asking for a train ticket to Krungthep Mahanakhon Amorn Rattanakosin Mahintara Yudthaya Mahidilok Pohp Noparat Rajathanee Bureer Udomrajniwes Mahasatarn Amorn Pimarn Avaltarnsatit Sakatattiya Visanukram Prasit - the train would have left by the time you get the ticket! You will not be surprised to know that that is the longest place name in the world but what might surprise you is that is is really meant to be all one word of 152 letters and 64 syllables.

Teddy bear squashed by tuk tuk driver


Three orange clad monks go round the outside, round the outside,
round the outside


Hanging out in Bangkok's famous Khao San Road

The famous road was full of Brits, just who we try to get away from on our travels. Still the ones we met were friendly enough.







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