21st February - 28th February 2011

Bratislava (Slovakia) - Vienna (Austria)
- Paris (France)


Bratislava (Slovakia)

The capital of Slovakia was bloody frezzing cold,between -2 and -5 C during the day, so we didn't get too many photos or video clips.


I've never seen the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace but as we were pass ....we were in luck and caught the Bratislava version. Grassalkovich Palace. If you are deperate to see the boring video clip click the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9Ln1tFVbqE



Just strolling around as I do I stumbled upon a man standing with a giant snail between his legs and another creature on his shoulder. He turned ot to be a monument and the creatures part of it. I preferred though another monument of a lady and deer. The deer didn't seem to mind me sitting on it's back and the lady was rather stoney in her demeaner so made no comment.






Took a break from the -5C cold for a hot chocolate that was so yummy I wish I could be it and drink myself silly all day on cocoa. It had whipped cream on top and everything.


There were rather a lot of graffiti animals around Bratislava including this angry looking teddy bear. Didn't dare ask what his problem was. Sometimes you just have to leave a angry looking teddy bear alone. But I guess from the wording beside him his name is Animal.


Bratislava is only about 40 miles form Vienna (Capital of Austria) so we took a day-trip from the train station. You will have to scroll down to Vienna for for the photos.



The day after our day-trip to Vienna we braved the cold to dod a quick run-a-round the old city for the tourist photos. First off was the City Gate.


More recent additions to the city are statutes with a little more character then the usual sombre formal portrait of some VIP. at Panska and Sedlarska Street there is man coming out of a man-hole is just waiting to be tripped over. He is called Rubberneck and had lost his head twice when runover so the council put a road sign beside him to warn drivers. Strange really asit is a pedestrian are so few vechicles would come down and the sign in written in Englisn and not Slovakian, so I would summise the sign is just part fo the tourist attraction.


You know what a famous and cool dude teddy bear I am, well I had the Slovakian Papz folling me around. I had the distinct feeling I was being followed only to look around and see no-one. However, outside a restaurant called Paparazzi I managed to turn around in time to catch my persuer. After all his effort I had to let him get a nice photo.



Having had a go at ice-skating I took a rest on a sailor's hat. He was leaning on the back of a bench daydreaming whilst looking out over the square. I manged to disctract him from his daydream to find out his name was Napoleon.




Not much info on this Dr or why there is a monument to him but I was feeling a little ill so I sat witht eh quack for a while hoping he would make me feel better but just got a stoney reception.


The airport is modern and swanky in comparison to the rest of Bratislava.

On our second day in Slovakia we took a day trip to Vienna in Asutria; there is only abot 40 miles distance between these 2 closest capitals in the world apparently. I was just a schilly as in Bratislava -5 C.

Vienna is a city of beautiful buildings, monuents and fountains.



The Arsenal get everywhere. I didn't know thought that they gave up football for tennis; I'm so out of touch.




No water in the pond so no ducks to feed, they must have all got fed up with the cold and some must have pulled the plug out or something. Not sure who the geezer is on the podium thingy.


Spar Gourmet! We had to take a look.



Can't find our city guide to tell you what this is but it looks nice and I'm in the photso we are putting it on here.


Looks like the naked folk underneath have a tough job.


Took a break from the cold at Cafe Sacha and had cheese strudel and hot chocolate. The staff were quite nice, especially one man but the hot-chocolate was not a good as one we'd had in Bratislava for about a 7th of the price by volume. Well if you go to a 5-star hotel for a snack what do expect?


Hotel Sacha after we came out into the dark


They now have stars like this on the pavement at our local train sation Elstree and Borehamwood - so I sat for this photo for that reason more than to be photographed with the star of Fritz Kreisler the Violinist and Composer.



Paris 26th & 27th February 2011

A day at home after out trip to Bratislava and we were off to Paris for a conference.


We got up early; that is Debra, me, ChocIce and Diana who was on the conference trip with us. I was expecting the Arc de Triomf to be bigger and that we could walk through it without risk of being runover by mad Parisan drivers but we didn't take the risk to find out if they were as mad as is portrayed. YouTube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx-VCNFp0TQ


We took peek only at the Seine as we were so down on time; would have loved to have walked along the river and sang Under The Bridges Of Paris but we had to get to the Eiffel Tower before getting back to the Hotel to leave for the conference.



We enjoyed a trip on the Metro and you can see a video of me and Choc-Ice with a busker on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pRPkYNbDtA


We didn't get much time at all to look around the reputed world's most romantic city but at least we got up the Eiffel Tower. Choc-Ice was with Debra and me on this trip so I wasn't alone as a teddy bear. Clip on YouTube



I got the thumbs up as we were about to enter the conference/shopping centr on the outskirts of Paris. The thumb is nearly as tall as the buildings Debra said. I had to explain perspective to her.


The conference was interesting but a little long and without breaks. It was Iran, Human Rights, Women, Camp Asraf and Policy Options.









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