Sri Lanka
2003 / 2004


Day 1 - 31st December 2003

photo of bearsac and choc-ice belted into plane seat

Choc and I shared a seat, the flight attendant brought us a child seat belt for me.

photo of bearsac in front of ice-sculpture of 2004

Seeing in 2004.




Day 4 - 3rd January 2004 - Wedding Day

photo of bride and groom holding bearsac

This was the day we were here for.


Day 6 - 5th January

photo of bearsac on mangroves

Out and aboat


photo of debra and the bears with sri-lankan girl and her teddies

Meeting Sri Lankan teddy bears in Kandy



photo of bearsac with elephant behind at temple of the tooth

At 9am our driver took us to the Temple of the Tooth. Where it is said lays the molar tooth of Buddha. Before we entered we were made to walk under an elephant under its trunk and under it's body 3 times.




photo of bearsac and sama the 3-legged elephant at pinnawela elephant orphanage
  photo of bearsac with elephants bathing in background
Pinnawela Elephant orphanage




photo of sigiriya rock and mist

Sigiriya Rock stands 200m out of the jungle and was transformed in the 5th Century by King Kassapa into a fortress that became his safe haven, as he became a little bit of a scaredy cat for his life. The King's palace "The Heaven Castle" remains today only in it's foundations. There are frescoes on the rock walls of pretty Sigiriya Maidens.

photo of debra, bearsac and choc-ice wearing leaf hats on and elephant

At Habarana Elephant Safari we rode an elephant called Samani, Choc-Ice joined us for this.


photo of bearsac in front of the reclining buda at polonnaruwa

Reclining Buddha in Polonnaruwa




Day 12 - 11th January

photo of bearsac by namepost for ella

Ella is a quiet little village on the east side of mountain range.












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