March 2007


Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Mongolia, China and 4 days on the Trans-Mongolian train, what a way to spend my holiday.

For three weeks during March and April Debra took me on a trip that not too many humans do, let alone teddy bears.



Tallinn - Estonia

We flew to Tallinn in Estonia, where we spent one day looking around the beutiful old town.


photo of bearsac at raekoja square

Raekoja Square


photo of on rock with kiek in de kok in background

The painful sounding Kiek in de Kok



photo of bearsac with view of tallinn

Tallinn from above


photo of bearsac with fat margaret

Meeting Fat Margaret




Riga - Latvia

We got a coach to Riga in Latvia. Here we spent 2 days and I got drunk on Latvian beer in a Taverna.


photo of bearsac by the house of the blackheads

House of The Blackheads




photo of bearsac by freedom monument in bastejkalns park

The Freedom Monument in Bastejkalns Park





photo of bearsac on frozen pilsetas canal

Frozen Pilsetas Canal in Bastejkalns Park




Moscow - Russia

A 17 hour sleeper train trip took us to Moscow, where we spent two days in a hostel with too many staris for Debra.

I was not the only cuddly toy in red Square; there were quite a few but they had all been won as prizes at Gorky Park.

photo of bearsac in red square

A bear in Red Square




photo of bearsac by state historical museum

The State Historical Museum in Red Square




photo of near st basil's cathredral

Baz's Gaff (St. Basil's Cathedral)





photo of bearsac and moscow metro

The Moscow Metro




photo of bearsac near outer walls of the kremlin

Outer walls of The Kremlin




photo of bearsac sitting on viewing porthole with spilt red paint under him below a drawing of a teddy bear with red paint under it

Do you also get the idea that this hole was made for me to sit here!




photo of bearsac by cathredral of christ the savior

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour


photo of bearsac near peter the great monument

Peter The Great



photo of bearsac with choclate outside the red october chocolate factory

The Red October Chocolate Factory


photo of bearsac hung on a snow plough

Snow plows at rest


photo of bearsac by filthy car in moscow

Evidence of high water prices in Russia


Trans-Mongolian Train 4

From Moscow we took the Trans-Mongolian train through snowclad Siberia to Ulaanbaatar, which is the capital of Mongolia.
We were on the train for 4 days and were the only Brits on it as far we knew. I met lots of humans and got to sample various vodkas. It was like a long Vodka fused picnic on rail but I was the only teddy bear.

photo of bearsac on bunk bed of trans-mongolian train

Trans-Mongolian upper and lower berths


photo of bearsac by trans-mongolian train 4

Trans-Mongolian train 4


photo of bearsac with babushka behing with her wares

Babushka and her wares



We stayed with a lovely family in Ulaanbaatar. Ulaanbaatar is said to be the coldest capital in the world. The granny of the family made me a beautiful Mongolian jacket. We stayed with another family in the national park where we stayed in a ger. A ger is a round tent. Interlocking trellises and bamboo structured roofs are insulated with felt and canvass. These nomadic dwellings are easy to erect and take down when the nomads want to move on. They are very comfy and have lots of character. The ger had pretty painted furniture and was high enough to stand up in. The stove, which is in the centre of the ger, must only be walked around in a clockwise direction. I sat on the neck of a Mongolian horse when Debra and I went horse riding. Mongolian food is certainly not fit for a gourmet. I suspect the dried food we had was meant for the horses! We did however like the fermented mare's milk, which becomes alcoholic through fermentation; but I suspect it is one of those acquired taste things as it tasted like a mix of plain yoghurt, lemon juice and Andrew's Liver salts!

The sleeper train, which passed through the Gobi dessert to Beijing, took 30 hours. On this train I was not the only teddy bear; Yellow Teddy was somewhat older than me and had been flatten by his adult owner, who, like Debra, takes him everywhere.

photo of bearsac by an ovoo in mongolia

Not just a pile of rocks


photo of bearsac in terelj national park

The view was far better than this photo shows


photo of bearsac outside ger tent

Our ger



photo of bearsac in sukhbaatar square

Sukhbaatar Square in Ulan Baatar




Beijing - China

We spent 4 days in Beijing visiting the Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, The Forbidden City and the Beijing Opera. Debra discovered she is allergic to silkworm cocoons. After eating them she started to itch madly and go red and botchy all over for hours and everything. I looked after her though.

photo of bearsac at the great wall of china

Me at The Great Wall of China


photo of bearsac sitting in tattered peddal rickshaw

Resting on a tattered Rickshaw


photo of bearsac in tian'anmen square

A tiny part Tian'anmen Square, the worlds biggest Square


photo of bearsac stuck in a bush near forbidden city

Entrance to The Forbidden City


photo of bearsac by photo of mao

Meeting Mao at The Forbidden City


photo of bearsac at summer palace

Entrance to Summer Palace


photo of bearsac by marble boat

The Marble Boat at Summer Palace


photo of bearsac sitting in small cherry blossom tree

Cherry Blossom in Summer Palace Gardens


photo of bearsac by a pretty bridge

A very pretty bridge



photo of bearsac by a statue of a bull looking out over lake

A watchbull perhaps


Back home in Borehamwood Debra made me a del from a cushion cover the same colour as the del she bought in Ulanbaatar.

photo of bearsac wearing a del made by debra

Me in my Debra made Del






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