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The company Debra worked for In July 2000 sent her to Annapolis in America.††

Annapolis is in Maryland and is the sailing capital of America.† It is about 27 miles east of Washington and about the same distance South of Baltimore. It rests on the edge of Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis became Maryland's capital in 1695 and at one time was the capital of the United States before Washington.

As well as sailing, Annapolis is famous for the arrival of the African slave trade.



The Kunta Kinte - Alex Haley Memorial

photo of alex haley memorial photo of debra and bearsac sitting with brass children of of alex haley memorial

over 235 years ago, there was a ship called Lord Ligonier †with 98 Gambian Africans whom where brought to the Annapolis City Harbor to be sold as slaves. Among them, according to Alex Haley, the late author of Roots, was Haley's African ancestor, Kunta Kinte.

There are life-size bronze sculptures of Alex Haley reading to three eager children, by sculptor Ed Dwight, dedicated in 1999. The cost of the entire project is over $750,000, which has been raised over †ten years from public and private funds from around the world.

photo of bearsac sitting on a cannon


On one of the weekends we went to the United States Navel Academy where I got to sit on a cannon and watch the navy boys march by, passed the onsite church.†


photo of debra and bearsac on boat by thomas moore lighthouse

We took a boat trip out to Thomas Moore Lighthouse, which is the middle of the sea and on wooden stilts and not at all tall like the ones in Britain


On our last night we had dinner in the garden with some of the other residents overlooking the boats.


We had a look around Baltimore before getting our local flight to Newark and went into Newark town (New Jersey) while in transit for our long flight back to Gatwick Airport.







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