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My Favs

Shrek, Babe, Dirty Weekend (1983),
Hunting Venus (1999), Cast Away (2000)

Top Gear; Panorama, documentaries; Keeping Up Appearances; My Family; The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams; Super Ted; Bear in the Big Blue House
; Mary, Mungo and Midge; The A Team
Gary Numan, Franco Corelli, Ella, Louis Armstrong, Thelonius Monk, Bearhoven, Teddy Bear Rockers,
Travels With My Teddy Bear,
The Tao of Pooh, Harry Potter, Da Vinci Code, Peter Rabbit, The Happy Prince

Jelly Babies, Smarties, honey, quail eggs, Gummie Bears, Gnocchi, fish, caviar, Castagnaccio, Taramasalata, mango, Sun-blushed tomato, figs, bogies, cashew nuts, curry, vegie mince
Jelly Baby wine, sloe gin, Guinness Punch, Pimms & Elderflower crush
Debra, The Stig, Ghandi, Bear Grylls, Ray Mears, my maker
Bears, sloths, puli dogs, meerkats, eels
Jaguar XJS, Pill P50, Austin Martin Vantage, Creepy Coupe, Robin Reliant, Caparo T1 Roadcar

13th April 2013 Sad update

I no longer have Bearsac. I have not had him for over a year now. On 3rd December 2011 he was taken from me. He was waving from the window of a train in Tanzania and a man grabbed him. I have not been updating the website much since so people are not going tot the diarys to find this out. So I put it here as this page is viewed more. Debra.


About Bearsac

I am a Teddy Bear rucksack. I was bought on 26th August 1997 whilst my owner was in Belgium. She could not resist my expressive face. She, (Debra) breathed life into me. The moment our eyes met I 'was'. At last I had found my Medium; my instrument of communication. For although I have a voice, I have no mouth to articulate it. As well as being my adoptive mummy, friend and owner, Debra is my medium. How it works is my voice leaves my body then my aura - which is an energy field around the body - goes through the earth's energy field, is then absorbed by Debra's aura before going into her voice-box and out of her mouth.

I now live in Borehamwood in Hertfordshire. My birthday is on 26th August, so I am a Virgo. I support Arsenal and am a Numanoid, which means I am a Gary Numan fan. I have been to see Numan in concert on number of occasions. I also enjoy listening to Neapolitan Opera Tenor Franco Corelli and share Debra's love of Blues and Jazz. I am an agony uncle for teddies and have a Teddy Bear Problem page. I also run a Teddy Bear Self-advocacy group and have a Teddy Bear Dating page.
I love to eat jelly baby sandwiches when I go to a teddy bears picnic. I have my own passport, business cards, travelcard and camera. I am becoming renown as a travelling teddy bear, or is it traveling teddy bear, both spellings seem to be accepted these days. (see Travel Centre)
I am is a bit of a celebrity in Borehamwood and on the Thameslink trains service and have made many friends that I speak to often. If you are one of them send an email to say hi bearsac@bearsac.com I have appeared on TV a few times, my first appearance was the children's TV program "Tweenies" the episode was called "Car Journey" and was screened twice in November 2001. Whilst wandering through Borehamwood on Debra's back one-day, They were stopped by a TV crew and asked to take part in action for the program. Although on screen for a very short time, I was recognised by people in Borehamwood and was asked to sign an autograph. I have also been on Big Brothers Little Brother twice, Big Brother Eviction twice, Ready Steady Cook in the audience and Sky Sports News. I have spoken on Three Counties Radio on the show "The Club" and have appeared in some campaigning newspapers.  

My owner Debra, started writing short stories based on me hoping to publish them as a book, but this has fallen by the wayside and this website - which started as a marketing tool for writing the stories - has taken over the book idea and has come into its own over time.

Edit April 2009 - Debra has now written a book about her travels with Bearsac.

Edit 29/2/06: We have just edited this page to add something that may be useful for people to know about Debra.

Debra has Asperger's syndrome. Although mild and high functioning it still gives her difficulties in some situations and may lead people to feel offended if they don't understand. One thing we want to point out about Asperger's syndrome is some people have greater difficulty than average recognising peoples faces. Debra has this difficulty but recognises people in other ways that act as prompts to her which may or may not prompt her when she sees them. Please do not be offended. Please also note that we will often say hello to you if we are not sure if we know you (just in case we do). I (Bearsac) tend to say hello to everyone anyway as I'm a friendly teddy but it's in part to do with the difficulty Debra has and compensating for that. It is maybe too part of a repetitive behavior trait related to Asperger's and a fascination in human behavior and reaction that we both share.

Please read Debra's Asperger's syndrome page and the links from it for more idea of Asperger's syndrome.

To whom it is relevant:

You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because you're all the same


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Enjoy your visit to www.bearsac.com but please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any results due to the belief of its reality!

Misspellings, mispronunciations and interpretations of Bearsac
I insert these to hopefully capture anyone that has spelt Bearsac incorrectly. If this is not the site you were looking for, then stay a while anyway and have a look around.

Bearsack Bear sac Bear sack Bearsak Baresac Baresack Barsac Barsack Beersac Beersack Beersak Beer sac Beer sack Baersac Baersack Bearsat Baresat Bearcat Barsac Barsack Bearsat Bear sat Bearsacs Bearsacks Bearsax Bear sex Ballsac ball sack Bearset bear set Fairfax Bearsa


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