Winnie The Pooh

Winnie- the-Pooh was created in 1926 by A A Milne, inspired by the Farnell bear bought for his son Christopher Robin. Illustrator Earnest Shephaed based Pooh on his Steiff bear. 'Winnie' was the name of a North American black bear in London Zoo: 'Pooh' was the name of Christopher Robin's favorite swan.


Rupert Bear was created in 1920 by cartoonist Mary Tourtel in the Daily Express and he grew in popularity under her successor Arther Bestall and more lately a team of artists. Although he's a Teddy Bear he has human hands and feet and he dresses rather untastefully in a red jumper and yellow checked trousers and a matching scarf. He resides in the village of Nutwood where he has lots of fun and adventure with his friends. I personally think he's a bit of a goody goody.


Rupert The Bear




Paddington Bear was named after the London railway station. where he arrived as a stowaway from Peru. He went on to live in Notting Gate. That of course is fiction as written by his creator Michael Bond, and published in 1958. Michael Bond bought the bear that inspired the charter of Paddington, from Selfridges, where he got him as a Christmas present for his wife. The illustrations in the book were done by Peggy Fortnum who established Paddington's shabby appearance in bush hat and duffel coat. He later was given some wellington boots. He is produced in the US by Eden and in the UK by Shirley Clarkson of Gabrielle designs. I love the way his mussel twitches when he eats his marmalade sandwiches.

In 1948 entertainer Harry Corbet bought a yellow and black teddy glove puppet from a novelty shop on the North Pier at Blackpool. He was looking for a present for Matthew, his son. However, he would play with it himself performing magic acts. Within 4 years they were starring together on TV. Replicas of the hand puppet were designed and manufactured by Chad Valley, who now make Teddy Bear ornaments too.


Little Bear

Little Bear was created by Maurice Sendak. He has been about for 40 years in written form, but as far as TV goes he is quite a new bear on the block compared with these other guys. He is a charming little thing and is so cute. He lives with his mummy and Daddy in Bear Wood and likes to explore and play make believes games with his pals. He adores chocolate cake and his mum makes him lots of it.






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