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26 December 2005

Thought I'd update my site whilst my girlfriend and daughter are still asleep. Today is the first day of Chanukah, so happy Chanukah to anyone celebrating it. I'm looking forward to some potato latkes with jelly baby syrup, yummy yum yum.

Well they say fame has its price and I found that one out the hard way. My good lady Tea read in the article in the Borehamwood Times that we have an open relationship. This was the first she knew of it and she was distraught to find out by its having been made public in print. It said in the local rag that we are married, that was a mistake, Tea is my girlfriend, I am not married.
Click the link to see the set of 66 photos taken for the article in the
Borehamwood Times It will take you to the photo sales page you can view or buy photos here from the paper then type in Bearsac in the search box.

Although our Christmas was marred by Tea's anger and distraught I think she will forgive me when I propose to her. The article made me realise I really should marry her and also play a fuller role in the life of my daughter Teasac. It will be a big step for a bear about town like me but they are worth it.

Despite the emotion of the last few days we had a reasonable Christmas Day yesterday. Quality time with daughter Teasac and time together with all Debra's teddies singing teddy bear Christmas carols. Christmas meal was served after the MP for teddy bears speech. (I was commended for my teddy bear campaigning work)

The teddy bear menu was as follows

Avocado stuffed with savory jelly baby puree and pickled herring

· Roasted salmon marinated in sap from the jelly baby tree Stuffed with jelly baby tree leaves · Honey coated roast potatoes · Wild asparagus from the woods on Bearsac's island · Pomegranate molasses gravy

Christmas pudding with hot marmalade sauce

Jelly baby wine



23 December 2005

Me and Debra in the Borehamwood Times

23 December 2005

Yippeeeeeee! I am in my local rag, the Borehamwood Times.
They emailed us as they wanted to interview us. I must say that I think it is about time too. In the 6 years we have lived in Borehamwood, I like to think I have become part of the community, even if I am a teddy bear.
I am sure there will be mixed feelings to my presence in the local rag, but whatever anyone else feels, I am a dead chuffed teddy bear. Thank you to Louisa who did the article and Peter who took the photograph.

Newspaper articles can only say so much so I thought we could use my bit of cyber space to say a bit more.
One thing that Debra gets asked is "Why do you do it"? I will pass over to her to explain.

I feel that I was destined to get Bearsac.
For August bank holiday weekend in 1997 a friend and myself had planned to go to Paris but there was no accommodation in our price range. We then decided to go to Brussels, same problem. We ended up elsewhere in Belgium and on our return day I spotted Bearsac and just had to buy him. He is the best thing I have ever bought even if not the most expensive. I realise now that I was meant to go to that part of Belgium and not Paris, I was meant to find Bearsac.

Bearsac took a while to find his voice after I brought him back to England; but it was as a result of so many people spotting him with me in public and their asking me 'Does he speak' that he found it.
I found it entertaining, and still do, to see the reactions we get from people. I am interested in human behavior and Bearsac comes in very handy for producing material for my research. Who knows, maybe I'll write a book on human behavior one day - You have been warned! I did start writing stories about Bearsac, with the intention of doing a book of short stories. (Don't know if I will ever get around to it). Part of writing is building characters, and animating Bearsac as I do, helps in building him, as do the reactions we get.
I'm quite a cheery person and like to share this with people. I like to see people smile rather than look miserable and it's great when someone gets on the bus or train miserable and get off smiling because of Bearsac. It's my way of spreading a little happiness. Of course it doesn't help all people and some get quite annoyed! If people ask me politely to stop talking to them, then we do, but if they are rude we do it all the more. Eccentric people deserve respect too and I give as I receive.
I am not really crazy, as some people assume. It takes some intelligence to look further than the surface, so be honest with yourself if you are one of the people that assume, without consideration, that I'm crazy. Ask yourself 'Have I looked deeply enough before I judge, and ask what is it about yourself that you might be insecure about that you need to look down on someone else to feel better about yourself'?

It always makes me laugh when people feign indifference to the Bearsac thing but then go out of their way to tell me what their negative thoughts are. If they are genuinely not interested they why bother, why not just ignore me and get on with their lives!

I do think insecurity is behind a lot of these peoples motives so I often send out positive energy in thought form to them, even where I have had a go back at them and then feel nasty for doing so.

What may be another reason for the thing with Bearsac is that it is connected to my having Aspergers syndrome. Earlier in the year Bearsac mentioned that we thought I had AS. I have since been officially diagnosed.
To read a bit more about Asperger's syndrome click the link, but I will say here enough to make the connection to Bearsac.

Aspegians, or people with Aspergers syndrome often have hobbies or behavior's other people find odd. I get bored of conventional hobbies and Bearsac has developed into a self made hobby that I spend a lot of time doing. It is more than just entertaining myself and others by having him talk to people; if you have seen this website for the first time you will see that.
As I said, I started writing stories about Bearsac, with the intention of doing a book of short stories. My boyfriend suggested I have a website and I thought it was a great idea as it could be a good marketing tool for the book. I designed on paper how I wanted it to look and did all the files and Alan turned it into a website under my design. He was a little upset to have his skills go to waste in the simplicity of the design, but I wanted it that way and didn't want it moving about as it is so distracting. I know now that the distraction I suffer from animation is sensory overload which can often be part of Aspergers syndrome.

I have since learnt how to use Dreamweaver and now do the website myself. The whole Bearsac thing has become a preoccupation which is a common thing to have with AS.

I love my self made hobby and as yet, have no intention of giving it up. If you are annoyed by it then please be DIRECT but POLITE and let me know.
As part of Aspergers I have difficulty recognising people by their face, so this can mean that where people have previously asked me to stop and they have claimed 'Politely so', and I have done it another time; that I don't remember them doing so as I don't recognise them. Some people think that people that are different don't deserve equal respect. This means that when they think they are being polite to me that really they are only being polite in a small way that they think is enough for someone like me. They would know it is not appropriately polite enough for other people but think it is appropriate for me. If this is how I feel they are being, then I won't accept it on principle.

Often Bearsac asks if people have seen him, spoken to him or been on his website before. People might be upset that we don't remember them. This is due to the problem I speak of and not because they are not important enough to remember. It is often that I only recognise people when they do something, say something or make a facial expression that is distinctive of them that I recognise them; so if it seems as if I have forgotten you that will be why.
I recognise clothing and accessories that people wear often and I recognise people by the way they hold themselves and move. It is just that the part of the brain that deals with face recognition is not too developed in me. If I see you out of context and I might not recognise you even where I usually do in context. I recognise couples more easily and can fail to recognise a person from a couple or group if they are alone. So If I seem to be staring or looking puzzled I am just trying to work who you are or if you are friend or foe of Bearsac.

We would both like to wish everyone celebrating them, a happy Christmas and Chunukah. Have fun. x x x x x



Paddy's Wigwam

Ferry cross the Mersey


11 December 2005

Friday / Saturday was spent in Liverpool as I had to attend the AGM of the Mersey Bears. The meeting went well but I cannot tell humans about it. My 2nd trip to Liverpool was not all work though, I got a chance to look around the city and had a freezing cold ride across the Mersey on a famous Mersey ferry. I also paid a visit to a Roman Catholic Cathedral which is known by the locals as Paddy's Wigwam. Constructed between 1962 & 1967, it looks like a wigwam from outside. Inside it's beautiful and very quiet, spent quite a while just chilling. Talking to an Irish man that is a regular there, I found that most of the Irish that attend do not take offense by the nickname.


8 December 2005

Debra and I were sitting on a bench day dreaming when we were distracted by a whooshing sound. We looked up to see a man speed past behind us in his electric wheelchair. We realised it was Paul Henshall from Holby City who plays Dean, a Student Doctor. He came back past a few mins later and we got him to stop. He seems very nice and a photo of him holding me is in the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks Paul.



Me with my Westminster sticker for meeting in House of Lords

6 December 2005

Debra was to attend a meeting to do with disability for her work today in one of the House of Lords committee rooms. By some amazingly huge coincidence I also had to attend a meeting there too about the rights of teddy bears to have state financed teddy bears picnics once a year. We arrived early for our meetings and were allowed into the committee room where the meeting Debra was to attend hers early. There was another meeting still in progress which the doorman assumed we were waiting to attend. This meeting was about Plant Breeders Rights and we learnt that King Edward, Maris Piper and Desiree potatoes are not covered by Plant Breeders Rights. I say that's just not fair, surely all potoatoes should have rights not just the newer variety of spud. However, It gave me a few ideas about rights for jelly baby tree breeders and their rights, so I will fill in my Management Committee at our next meeting. The meeting Debra was to attend with her colleagues was canceled so she just took notes for me in my meeting.



27 November 2005

Been busy the last few days. Debra had to stay at the Hammersmith Novatel Hotel for a conference over 3 days; so, unable to sleep without a cuddle size teddy she took Hugo as Choc-Ice thought it would be nice for Hugo to go for a change. Of course I went too but was confined to the bedroom as it was not appropriate for me to be at the conference (I call that anti-teddy bear). Debra did sneak us up an oyster and a langoustine and some other bits from the the buffet lunch, which she said was very good for a chain hotel.

From Hammersmith we traveled to Sunderland for the wedding of friends Ellen and Kevin the next day. Our B&B room had a sea view even if it did not have the luxury of the hotel we had come from.

Cold on the beach in Roker, Sunderland


Me and Hugo outside Spotty's cave by Roker Park


On Saturday morning we paid a visit to Roker Park (Not the old football ground). There were barred off entrances to cave once lived in by a tramp called spotty; us two bears had our photo taken outside it and by the sea too. It was cold and fresh and we had a short rainfree spell with sunshine.

The happy couple Kevin & Ellen (Kevin with eyes closed!)

The wedding and reception were at The National Glass Centre which has a pod for ceremonies, but it only big enough for families so the rest of us had a look around the centre which is free to visit. The wedding dinner had a northern theme of northsea fish, chips and mushy peas and the dress code for the wedding was Moulin Rouge. Both bride and groom looked very nice, Ellen's brides dress was the nicest we had seen; she arrived in a lorry with ribbons on it.

The dancing was fun and Debra's boss (Also Ellen and Kevin's) almost stripped on the dance floor! It was nice to see him let his hair down and I had a little boogie with him.

We both met a few new people and saw again others previously met. Some of the people at the wedding are on my Bearsac Meets The Public page.



18 November 2005

Can you spot me having fun at INTECH

Debra had to attend a conference in Winchester today. The venue for the conference was INTECH The Family Science Centre; it is a fun place for conference if ever you need to hold one in Winchester and is a great for kids of all ages. At lunch time we had a look around the centre and both found out how things work by playing around and having a jolly good time. I met lots of people here and on the train too. I met a nice young man called Alan and a teddy bear he had bought for his mum; he did not have a name yet so is currently going by Canada Bear until he gets a proper name from his owner to be. You will find them both in my
Bearsac Meets The Public Page and the Guest Bear page.
We also met a nice lady with another teddy bear but only the teddy, called Flut wanted to be in the photo so it is in the Guest Bear page too along with Canada Bear.




13 November 2005



5 November 2005

This evening I went to a teddy bear Guy Fawlks night, and No, that doesn't mean a teddy bear was used as a Guy and placed on the bonfire! The fireworks were really cool, apart from the bangers which nearly scared the stuffing out of my fur. I had to eat lots of toffee apples to calm myself down but all it's done is make me feel as sick as a parrot and I had to come home early.

Today would have been the wedding anniversary of Debra's parents had they still been alive, and is also the anniversary of when both thier ashes were scattered; so please have Debra and her brother David in your thoughts.

Yeahhhhhh, Arsenal are higher than spurs! it's been shameful and degrading being below them.

There is a 14th problem in my teddy bear problem page.


1 November 2005

Wishing all the best to Hindus and Sikhs celebrating Divali today, Happy New Year to you. All the best too to Christians celebrating All Saints Day. Also good luck to any Rastafarians celebrating the anniversary of the crowning of Selassie tomorrow.

There is a 13th problem in my teddy bear problem page.


27 October 2005

I met Actress Linda Hayden tonight, she was lovely and is the latest in my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Also tonight I met two men at Kentish Town Stn who are photographed with me in my Bearsac Meets The Public page.

I want to say lots and lots of hellos to lots of people that I met today around London and on the Thameslink and at Borehamwood stn tonight. Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello. Especially to everyone that photographed and filmed me today. x x x x x x




19 October 2005

I just got word that Gary Numan has just had baby number 2, well not literally him himself but his wife Gemma. Persia was born yesterday morning at 6.24 weighing 8lbs 7ozs ouch!

I'd like to wish Persia, Gemma, Gary and their other daughter Raven all the best.
I'm sure Gary is busy running round doing all the Daddy stuff at the mo and too busy to put a photo on his site just yet but check his site soon if you want to see as I'm sure he will have one up there soon.


18 October 2005

I am a teddy bear with a very naughty fan out there somewhere who has both flattered and angered me. This someone has stolen a Bearsac T-shirt from off someone's washing line. It is flattering that they considered a Bearsac T-shirt a worthy steal but I am also angry that someone would do such a thing. NAUGHTY HUMAN. The person that had the said Bearsac T-shirt stolen has just bought another today, so thanks to him (I won't embarrass him by saying who).

If you want to buy a Bearsac T-shirt go to the shop.



Me by the Radio City Tower - Liverpool

15 October 2005

Today we were up in Liverpool as Debra had to go up there with her work. She had free time and we spent it by taking a trip over to Birkenhead to take photos of her Grans old house which held memories for her. We chatted to a lovely lady called Ella who lived opposite and was friendly with Debra's Gran (who is dead now). The owners of the house soon turned up and Debra said who she was and asked if we could have a look inside. The nice lady of the house said yes. It had been modernised but was very nice, it still had the Aga in the kitchen but the outside toilets had been knocked down; there was an inside toilet in her Grans day but also outside too. Deb said how all the rooms seemed so much smaller than when she was a kid, I guess as I will never grow any bigger I will only be able to have the perception of room size I currently have so won't see the difference. It was very nice of the lady to let us in, thank you. Thank you to Ella too and the two men at Birkenhead Park stn for their assistance in finding the road from the station.

Hi to the cool kids at Pier Head in Liverpool, Everyone I met at the Derby Lodge, everyone I met today on trains in Birkenhead, Liverpool and London - Hertfordshire. There is a new photo in my Bearsac meets the public page.


9 October 2005

Thank you very much Tony for alerting me by email to the fact that newscaster Rizla Teeth is actually called Riz Lateef. I can't help being a tiny bit disappointed by this as when I thought she was called Rizla I always thought of my teddy mate called Rizla when I heard her name on the news. I still love her though and want to meet her and give her a bear hug. At least now I have the right name and spelling I have found photos of her on the net; but as they are all copyrighted I will not be putting one up on this site unless I get to meet her one day....Oh happy day.

There is now a 12th problem on my Teddy Bear Problem page.

There is also another teddy bear looking for a dating partner on the
Teddy Bear Dating page.

7 October 2005

I have now entered beautiful Polly, younger sister of beautiful Ellen, on my Bearsac Meets The Public page. The photo was taken on 24th September so it is not at the top as I am keeping them in date order.

Can anyone tell me - Is the BBC1 newscaster that sounds as though she is called Rizla Teeth actually called that and is that the right spelling? I am madly in love with her so hope I am getting her name right. I wonder if she likes teddy bears. Rizla Teeth even looks like my old teddy bear mate called Rizla. Rizla Teeth has the same soft brown eyes and soft face as Rizla the teddy and the area around her eyes echos the shape of Rizla's, it's uncanny. Rizla (named years ago and not in connection to my love of Rizla Teeth) belonged to Alan until Debra took him to Italy to photograph him as a surprise for Alan but lost him. I miss Rizla but I like to think he is well and happy in Sorrento and speaking fluent Italian by now.

I know the BBC sometimes come on my website so if anyone at the BBC read this and know about Rizla Teeth then let her know that I would really like to be photographed with her for my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Sorry if I have got her name or spelling of her name wrong.


5 October 2005

There is another person on my Bearsac Meets The Public page. I met the Lovely Kelly in Borehamwood this afternoon, she said her friend angela met me coming back from Amsterdam, what a small world. Hello to both of you and Angela if you see me again you are welcome to be photographed with me.



4 October 2005

Today is a very holy day, as there are at least 3 religions which have something going on or starting today and I'd like to wish my best regards for them all and any others I'm unaware of.

The Hindu festival of Navaratri symbolises the triumph of good over evil.

For Muslims it is the start of Ramadan and the Fast of Ramadan which lasts the whole month (from dawn to sunset). Ramadan is a time of worship and contemplation.

It is also the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah is a time to begin introspection, looking back at the naughty things we have done over the past year and planning good changes to make in the new year. As a nice Jewish teddy bear I have just had some apple dipped in honey for a sweet and good new year. Rosh Hashanah commemorates the anniversary of Creation it is when G-d is said open the Book of Life and observe his creatures, deciding their fate for the coming year. (I wonder if that includes teddy bears, but I rather like to think my fate is in my own paws - or at the very least in Debra's hands).

My latest news is last night I met some actors at The Old Vic Theater who took part on Richard The II.
I met Kevin Spacey who played King Richard.
I also met Sidney Livingstone and Ben Miles who were both nice despite being very tired and no doubt stressed. See them all in my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.



30 September 2005

If you shop in Borehamwood's branch of Tesco and will be there by 6pm today be sure to have a free nibble of some McLalland "Seriously Strong Cheddar" cheese, it's Seriously Yummy Yum Yum. Debra and I eat this cheese quite a lot, so go buy some. There was a lovely lady and three lovely young men at the stand outside Tesco and I borrowed thier loud hailer to give my website and their cheese a bit of a plug. Hi to you all especially Jason who is the latest person on my Bearsac Meets The Public page. See the Seriously Strong Cheddar website


Campaign News Update

My teddy bear campaigning organisation has just had its AGM, but don't believe any rumors you hear about an incident at the dinner dance that took place afterwards, it wasn't me.
I can now feedback to you on the campaigns we have been running and their status.

Campaign For Honey For All Teddy Bears has gone well in other countries but has not fared well in the UK. This is because of the Bee Keepers strike that continues since their union won the right to strike if a keeper gets stung.
The Government have further stung this campaign by their refusal to fund importing of honey from outside the UK to meet the needs of teddy bears in the UK.

Campaign Free Your Teddy has done very well; I have been inundated with emails and texts from freed teddies and also from owners who have refound their childhood teddies in response to this campaign.

Campaign Name Your Teddy has had success too; however, there has been a sharp rise to the already popular use of the names Teddy and Ted.

Campaign To Go Bare Eared This has been a success with girl teddies already in existence, they have dumped the unwanted bows and ribbons that they were made with and feel liberated. However, the campaign has not gone so well with newly made girl teddy bears. The previously stated objection from teddy bear manufactures still exists; they say because of the pressure to make more girl teddy bears they have to put bows on their ears to distinguish them as girl teddy bears in order that the authorities do not take them as boys and issue fines for not meeting quota requirements for girl teddy bears.

The Campaign for More Girl Teddy Bears may have meant trouble for Campaign To Go Bare Eared but it has also found trouble itself. The campaign, which has resulted in the increase of girl teddy bears from just 5% of the teddy bear population to the current 23%, is slowing down at great speed.
Teddy bears of both genders have voiced and demonstrated concern over the worry that in order to raise the amount of girl teddy bears for reasons of equality, 90% of new teddy bears being made are now girls.
Realisation has struck the teddy bear community that this will result in a lot of issues in the near future and that in some cases it already has.
The main concern is that there will a generation where there is a shortage of boy teddy bears (just as there has in history of girl teddy bears), but because girl teddy bears prefer their male teddy to be older than they are this will have a deep effect for the boy teddy bears that are being made within this generation. They will have a lot of girl teddy bears their age that are not interested in them and of course the older girl teddies will have even less interest in them too.
The lack of boy teddy bears and overmass of girl teddies of the new generation will also cause a lot of other problems too many to mention. So it's back to the drawing board on this campaign as we still need to have gender equality within the teddy bear community but do not want to over compensate and stab ourselves in the foot paw.

If you are not familiar with these campaigns nor of teddy bears self advocacy, then please see my Teddy Bear Self Advocay and Camapigning Page




25 September 2005

We just got in from a hen party. Debra's friend Ellen - who is marrying Kevin in November - had her hen night and I was invited too even though I'm a boy. The only catch was that I had to dress as a bride. I'm not normally a cross dressing teddy bear but it was the dress code for the party. Ellen is the one being carried in the photo and if you look toward the right side you will see me and Debra also dressed as brides.

We pub crawled around East Croydon where Debra won the competition to see who could hold the most marshmallows in their mouth, she got 12 in. My favorite part of the evening was when Ellen was presented with a bra which had fruit polos sewn onto it; she had to get different men to eat the polos off of it.

I met a rather nice inflatable sheep in a bar/club and we made ourselves acquainted. Hi to the people with the sheep. Hi also to the people on the trains on the way home. I was spotted on the train by a couple who were standing on the platform at Clapham Jnt stn soon after I had told the passengers I am famous, so that cleared up any doubt in their mind, so thanks to the couple.

Wednesday and Thursday was spent in Telford like the same time last month, as Debra had to work there again at a forum in the Holiday Inn. Dinner there was nice as it was last time but lunch on the Thursday was disappointing and more in line to chain hotel average cooking, there was most likely a different set of chefs. The staff is nice and helpful though.

I was spoilt by a visit to Telford's chain of The Bear Factory where Debra bought me 2 shirts, a hoody sweatshirt and a minidisc. We then had a walk around Town Park where we both had a go on the large twirly tunnel slide.

Once back in London we had a stroll around and came by the new statue in Trafalgar Square of artist Alison Lapper by artist Marc Quinn. The statue is 12ft and made from marble but looked more like it was made from moulded plastic. I can understand why Alison Lapper called it a "modern tribute to femininity, disability and motherhood". I feel that in current times human society still needs to make an effort to include disabled humans equally and also to see their beauty and that of pregnant woman and to see woman on the whole as powerful. However, I think human society has some way to go before they evolve to the same level as teddy bears that feel no need to make an issue of diversity, as there is no discrimination or prejudice within the teddy bear society. We love diversity but it is not an issue.

Now I have seen it in the flesh I think the statue is artistically quite plain, not because of the subject but because of the too perfect white plastic look. The stone plinth on which it stands is more beautiful because it is not perfect and unblemished. I think if the statue were to be left in place for a decade or two it would maybe become artistically beautiful by being weathered and that maybe by that time it will be simply seen as a work of art and not a statement which should not be needed to be stated as diversity, by then, might be accepted without effort.


18 September 2005

Happy 35th birthday to Debra's brother David who is 35 today.

I have have an 11th problem on my teddy bear problem page which can be reached via the link or by clicking on the trees then Agony Uncle on the sign post.
You may need to click refresh if you don't see problem 11.

I now have links to the websites of some other cool teddy bears at the bottom of my Guest Bear page


15 September 2005

Just updated my Bearsac meets the public page with 2 lovely ladies I met on the Thameslink. Hi ladies x x


14 September 2005

We have just updated my Amsterdam page. If you have not read my Amsterdam page before click Amsterdam

If you have and want to read about my recent 3rd trip click here
3rd trip to Amsterdam
which is roughly 1/2 way down the Amsterdam page.



13 September 2005

Got back about an hour ago from my 3rd trip to Amsterdam. The reason we went a 3rd time is because Alan is scared of flying and needs short flights to practice so he can slowly get over his fear. However, when we got to Borehamwood station he chickened out. There was no way Debra and I were going to miss out so just the two of us went.
We had a better time this time without Alan than the last two times with him.

I will update my Amsterdam page in next few days. Meanwhile, in my Bearsac Meets The Public page there are two of the people I met.




8 September 2005

I need some tea and sympathy. I have been near ostracized by a group of teddies I considered my friends. They are angry that I did not use my Capital Radio interview with Tim Lichfield to promote the campaign for more girl teddy bears. Had there been time, then I'm quite sure I could have given it a bit of a plugging, but I was on just a few minuets and was not asked about the teddy bear campaigns that we are running.
However, what my interview did was produce more awareness of my website, and no doubt more humans will have come across the campaigning page and the campaign for more girl teddy bears. I'm sure that humans will help us in our campaign by contacting teddy bear manufacturers and demanding more girl teddies be made, WON'T YOU HUMANS.


6 September 2005

I'm an upset teddy bear today as I lost my mobile phone. It had loadsa of digits in it of lots of girl teddies that fancy me, what am I to do? Sill there's always a silver lining to the darkest cloud. I can get something better. I'm thinking of getting a Free Sony Ericsson K750i. Has anyone got it, is it worth getting, let me know. I will have to share it with Debra though, she never lets me have things to myself.

10.50pm-ish --- I have just been on Capital FM speaking to Tim Lichfield who was told about me by Neil from Borehamwood, thanks to both of you.x x x


5 September 2005

Yippeeeeeeeeee, I kissed Letitia Dean! (Sharon in Eastenders). I met her this evening and also met Ross Kemp who plays Grant. They are both very nice and are the lastest addition to my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks to both of you.



My cool new suit

4 September 2005

Today's the first day I have worn my cool new suit (Alan thinks it makes me look like Luke Skywalker). Debra hand made it for me from a pair of her old trousers for my 8th birthday and Bearmitzvah which was just over a week ago.
Thank you everyone that has e-mailed me over the last week to send their kind thoughts for both my birthday and Bearmitzvah, I can't believe it is over a week already since my big day.

Well done England FC in getting three World Cup qualifying points with their 1-0 win against Wales yesterday.

Debra gave blood this morning. whilst we were waiting we were chatting to a few people, Hi. I am even saying hi to Adam, a little boy there with his mum. He was horrid to me, but I know it's because he is jelous that I'm cuter than is puppet he was telling about, so I will make allowances for his nastiness to me. He is a very bright boy, so I'm sure he realises how cool I am.

Blood donations are always needed and are always in short supply. If you think you are suitable to give blood then please consider it. There is a mobile donation unit outside Tesco carpark in Borehamwood today, comes for a day about every 4 months. Alternatively, when that has gone, try other places. See this link to find out more.




2 September 2005

The good news is I met one of the Arsenal Goalkeeper Manuel Almunia - see him in the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. I also met Robert Pires again today (as above). He is already in the Celebrities page so thought I'd put him in the diary instead today. It was great meeting you again Robert, and also great meeting you too Manuel.

The bad news is that I am not in the Borehamwood Times yet. There seems to be so much going down, good and very bad in the Wood and stories that are time related have priority over a little teddy bear. However, maybe next week.
I did enjoy having my photo shoot with the Borehamwood Times photographer the other week though and the interview last week, even Debra looked good in the photos; you can see them on The Borehamwood Times website photo sales page

then search on Bearsac. There are 66 photos.



Singing and music in the main tent

29 August 2005

I had a nice day yesterday, 28th August. Debra and I went to Letchmore Heath to attend the event of the Janmashtami festival.

Janmashtami is a Hindu festival that celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna is said to have been born on the eighth day (ashtami) of the Rohini nakshatra. The Hindu calendar being luni-solar, these two days may not coincide, and therefore there is some ambiguity about which day is celebrated as Krishna Janmashtami. Different sects may possibly celebrate it on different days. Krishna Janmashtami occurs in August or September of the Gregorian calendar. This year his birthday falls on 26th August, the same as mine! He is the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu who is thought of as the preserver of the universe and a major god to Hindus. The name Vishnu means 'one who pervades'; 'one who has entered into everything.'

The Hare Krishna's of Bhaktivedanta Manor - which was donated to the Hare Krishna's by Beatles member George Harrison - host the Janmashtami festival in the grounds of Bhaktivedanta Manor in Letchmore Heath, between Borehamwood and Watford. It is the biggest Janmashtami festival in the world outside India. About 50,000 pilgrims visit over a period of 2 days. Some fast up until mid night but many more queue up, as we did, for the free Prasad (food that is blessed by it having been offered to Krishna). There were also tents selling various foods, we tried Khichi which is a savoury doughy thing made from rice flour, it is yummy yum yum sprinkled with chilli powder.

Having eaten we went to the main tent and watched some dancing and later listened to some beautiful singing. We also learnt a little about Hinduism in a small exhibit called Seven days. There was a youth project in a small tent who were showing people to do some dance moves and we also enjoyed watching "Veggie Steady Cook" in another tent, where shown how to make a simple sun-dried tomato pesto sauce for pasta and eggless pancakes. We were all given some afterwards and shown how to offer it to Krisna before you eat it.

We had spent about 6 hours there and even got to go into the house, but we thought it best to leave at 6.30pm as it took 1 hour and 15 mins to walk there and we wanted to get back before it was dark as we had to walk down country lanes with no street lamps. We walked part way with a Hare Krishna who was on his way to Radlett. We had a great day but were both tired out by the time we got home at 8.50pm and were in bed by 9.30. Hell to everyone we met at the festival.

To find out more visit the Bhaktivedanta Manor website




26 August 2005

Mazel Tov to me! I was Bear-Mitzvah (Bear of the Commandment) this morning. Before Debra and all the other teddies I confirmed myself a grown teddy bear. I am 8 today. Because teddy bears are more mature than humans we become Bear-Mitzvah younger than humans become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. I got my final pot of honey as payment for any work I do. Now as a grown up teddy I get paid in cash for any work I do.

I'm off now to party. x x x x x x x x x x x x x





24 August 2005

I have been in Telford in Shropshire for the last three days as Debra was at a conference to do with her job. Choc-Ice came too but stayed in the bedroom all the time. He got looked after by whoever made the bed and they tucked him in just as he likes it as you can see in the photo. The staff at the the International and Holiday Inn in Telford are very nice and go out of their way to help you. The food was good too, I'm usually not impressed by food in chain hotels. Thanks to any staff reading this.

Hi to everyone I met over the last three days. Janusz, who we met on the train going up is in the Bearsac Meets The Public page in the photo album.

Make sure you check back here in a by Friday night as I should have a photo of me having my Bear-Mitzvah on Friday which is my 8th Birthday.

Make sure if you live or work in Borehamwood to read the Borehamwood Times this week (comes out Thurs/Friday) you might find someone in there you know well.


3 August 2005

Debra had a surprise day off work today so as the weather was nice we went to the Arsenal training ground to wait outside for training to finish. I had my photo taken with Robert Pires and Francesc Fabregas. They are in my
Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks boys, keep up the good work for the Gunners this season.


2 August 2005

Well, I've been a busy little teddy bear of late studying hard, learning Hebearew for my Bearmitzvah on my 8th birthday on 26th August. It's not been all studying for me though, I've been working hard too. I met with Rosebeary Roberts, MP for Teddy bears today to feedback on our campaigns, she is really becoming the ironbear lady of teddy bear politics; I needed plenty of honey afterwards to recover.

I met a nice young lady on the train this morning, she was going to Brighton. Hi to you and the nutty boys with you, hope you all had a nice time. Hi also to the nice lady Debra and I were speaking to on the train home this afternoon.

I have been busy most evenigs of late, reading to Debra, and we have posted a new book recommendation on my Bookworms page, entitled Songs of the Gorilla Nation.


23 July 2005

There is a new campaign in the Self Advocacy page, it is called
Name Your Teddy Bear.

To bring you up to date on other campaigns since the election of Rosebeary Roberts as MP for Teddy Bears, I inform you of the following:

Campaign For More Girl Teddy Bears
We have now got the amount of girl teddy bears up to 22% with our hard work. We have a long way to go get to 50% so we need all the help we can get, and support from humans to target teddy bear manufactures to make more girl teddies is warmly welcome.

Campaign To Go Bear Eared
We are not getting through to most teddy bear manufactures on this one, they are saying because of the pressure to adhere to political correctness in the making of more girl teddy bears, they feel in order to make it clear the teddy bears are girls, they have to put bows on their ears to make it clear.

However, we are having better luck with girl teddy bears who already exist. A lot of you who hated your bows have had them removed either by your teddy friends or your newly understanding humans. Keep up the good work.

Campaign For Honey
This, it seems, is never going to bear any fruit, despite us being as busy as bees.

Other news is that I sadly did not get in the Borehamwood Times this week. I was hoping the photo of the Mayor opening the skate park in Aberford Park would be printed, but it was not. I was hovering over his right shoulder when photos of him cutting the ribbon were taken; but there is instead a photo of two boys frozen in mid air with their skate boards close at foot.
I know there will some of you disappointed not to see me in the local rag, but just think how happy the two boys are to be in it instead, good luck to them.


18 July 2005

I sat outside the BBC studios for a while this lunchtime hoping to catch some of the Eastenders and Holby City cast to be on my Bearsac Meets Celebrity page. No luck today but I did meet a couple of nice young ladies who I think fancy me, they are in my Bearsac Meets The Public page, a special hello to you both Erica and Kimbo x x x x x x x x x x x x x.

I was asked by another lady why I wait outside, am I hoping to be spotted for TV!
well in answer to her and no doubt other people thinking the same thing, No, I am not waiting to be spotted. I am simply hoping to get to meet some of the actors for photographs for my website. If in the process I get spotted for TV, then so be it!
Debra's balcony only has the sun until about 8.30am so taking her folding chair and sitting outside the studio gates is sunnier than sitting on her balcony, so its not really a waste of time if we have nothing else to do on her day off. Even if we don't meet any of the actors, we meet lots of nice people coming in and out, hi to everyone we met today.

Debra does not work on Mondays, so if any of you at the studios want to be on the site either celebs or public, then look out for us on Mondays at lunch or going home times when the weather is OK. Not that we will be there every Monday, just when we feel up to it. You could also email us. (Email addys will be treated confidentially).

Please note that we think both myself and Debra have very mild Prosopagnosia (face blindness), so it is sometimes hard for us to recognise people or remember their faces. So if we don't recognise you or don't remember meeting you before, then don't be offended.
We also think Debra has mild Asperger's syndrome so this might explain why she is so eccentric! We'd like to think she'd be the way she is whatever though.


16 July 2005



Love or loathe the idea, the sk8 park in Borehamwood was officially opened today. A lot of people turned out in the sun to take part or to spectate and the sk8ers I spoke to are happy with it. There were sk8ing competitions; the under 16s had a little boy compete who looked about 6 years old, he did very well, not sure if he won as we had left before the winners were announced. Well done everyone that was having a go. Hi to everyone I met today.



14 July 2005

I went with Debra and two of her colleagues to attend the noontime 2 minuet silence in the VIP enclosure at Trafalgar Square. The place where Debra works was invited to attend and Debra was a little worried about going as she thought it would a prime target event for further bombings. No worries though, it went by unscaved and people of all nationalities, religions and cultures stood together against the terrorists and for the people affected by last Thursday.

After the 2 min silence Ken Livingstone was speaking to the BBC News cameras, when we got back to the office Debra's colleagues all said they'd seen us on the TV walking behind Ken livingstone. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on the news later to see if it is repeated. So if you think you imagined seeing me on the news, then you actually did see me.
There is a photo of me almost meeting Ken Livingstone on the
Bearsac Meets Celebrities page

Thought I should put a link to a letter on the News24 website that people should see. It is from an Iraqi person.


13 July 2005

There is a 10th problem on my teddy bear problem page, so check it out.

I'd like to say hi again to Neil, an old acquaintance of Debras before she got me. She knew him from the Numanoid scene (Gary Numan fans are called Numanoiods). Hope you like the website Neil.
Also a special hi to Layla and Kamron who are now in my Bearsac Meets The Public Page.


12 July 2005

Hope you all have been enjoying the weather, I'm hoping it will stay nice at the weekend as I might have a small teddy bears picnic with some of Debras other teddies. If anyone has word of any big teddy bears picnics then let me know.

Special hellos to the man on the train who's caller I spoke to on his mobile on the Thameslink. Also special hello to Craig and Stephanie who are the latest addition to my Bearsac Meets The Public page.



11 July 2005

Just a quick note before I go to sleep, my "Bearsac meets the Public" page has 3 more people in it.
Have a good sleep all x x x x x x



7 July 2005




4 July 2005

First of all, those of you that celebrated American Independence today, hope you had a great day.
Hi to many people I met today especially Scott and Rifkhan who are the lastest people in my Bearsac Meets The Public page.
Hi also to the nice lady on the Northern Line tonight who spoke to me til I got off at Kentish Town. x x x x x x
I almost met actor David Swimmer tonight after the he was in called Some Women at the Gielgud Theatre in the West End. Debra managed to get a photo of me in front of the side of of his face, its hard to tell it's him in his baseball cap.

Click to see either the Bearsac Meets Public or Celebrities photos


2 July 2005

After popular demand I now have a Teddy Bear Dating Agency on the website. So teddies of the world, no need to be lonsome any more, email me a photo and a little about yourself and you can become a a member for free. See if any teddy takes your fancy. The page is via the woods on island or click the link above.


30 June 2005

This is just to wish James Happy Birthday for tomorrow on his 17th birthday.
James is the latest person to be added to my Bearsac meets the public page,his dad is also in it, see if you can spot his dad folks.


29 June 2005

There is another problem on the teddy bear problem page. I am still waiting for more book recommendations for my new page, so get them in folks.

I met lots of miserable people today at Borehamwood station, what is up with you humans, glad us teddies aren't such miseries. CHEER UP HUMANS!


27 June 2005

I have been a busy bear building a bookcase; it is next to my sofa. click on the bookcase or the link here and take a look at my new page called Bookworms. You can find book recommendations (only 2 so far). You can also email your own recommendations to me for inclusion on the page.

You can now buy a Bearsac T-shirt in the shop which links from the small island northwest of my home island. They are limited edition as only 50 were made and 1/2 have gone.



18 June 2005

Hare Hare, Krishna Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare.

Well then, how many of of you spotted me at theBorehamwood Parade this afternoon? I was walking and singing with the Hare Krishna Float which won two 1st prizes, Best Walking Float and Best Over all Float. Well Done. The Mayor Tony Scott Norman, gave out the prizes and he was honored to meet me and have his photo taken with me. (it's in bearsac meets public page)
Hare Krishna float had a huge 1/2 man 1/2 lion mascot with teddy bear fur for its mane. Its human style legs were on wheels so it looked like he was cycling down the road, it looked well cool. The Lionman had to limbo to get under telegraph wires down Theobald Street and Aycliffe Road and he also took part of a tree with him in his mane! It was nice to see people come out to watch, but shame there wasn't more floats.


4 June 2005

Don't I look cool and sexy in my dungarees. Of course I'm wearing them the fashionable way with one strap down. Debra got them for me at a fete in Borehamwood today, they were on a toy dog but rather than buy the dog with the clothes for £1 she said to the woman she'd give £1 just for the T-shirt and dungarees so the woman could sell the dog and Debra wouldn't have to feel bad about having a dog to get rid of, and it will be looked after someone who will love him more! It's what's known as a win win win situation.

The other photo is me with Dick Whittingtons cat in Highgate. The statue of the cat turning around is said to landmark the spot at which Dick Whittington "turned again", returning to the City of London to be made Lord Mayor.
Debra used to stroke the statue through the bars as a kid and just had to do so again after all these years. The side of the cats face is smooth from where other people have done the same over the years.


29 May 2005

If you want to stand out in the crowd then look no further …..
be a real cool dude human and wear a Bearsac T-Shirt as sported by my mate Shortbread.

The Bearsac T-shirt is white with a brown picture of me bare.

I do not have e-commerce on the site so email or come and tell us if you see me or nutty Debra if you want one and I can arrange a sale.

£4 childrens size
3-4 years old - sold out
7- 8
12 - 13

£5 adults sizes
ladies fitted - sold out



15 May 2005

I had a great day treading jelly babies today to make jelly baby wine and teaching my daughter Teasac the art. Teasac is worn out asleep on the sofa as I write and my girlfriend Tea is having a girly day out with friends.

There is an 8th problem in the problem page which can be got to via the trees or by clicking the link.


11 May 2005

Today I had a meeting with Rosebeary Ruperts the new MP for teddy bears. Things are looking very promising on the teddy bear rights front with Rosebeary in the seat. I will updatethe campigning page as soon as I can. The only update to the site other that this diary updateis that there is a new human with me in the "Bearsac Meets The Public" page via the photo album.


6 May 2005

Labour may still be running the country but there has been a change of Teddy Bear MP. Beary Growl lost out his role to Rosebeary Ruperts. Rosebeary is the first female to be MP for Teddy Bears so I think she will have a hard time of it in the world of politics as she will no doubt face double discrimination because she is a teddy bear and a female. However, I am personally aquatinted with Rosebeary and know she is an iron lady of the teddy bear world and will take it like a true bear. Well done Rosebeary.


4 May 2005

Have you all decided who you are going to vote tomorrow? Not that it makes much difference which of the idiots is voted in.

There are 2 more people in the "Bearsac Meets The Public" page in the photo album and one previous person has asked me to take off his photo as he don't like it, but said it's ok to take another on a good day. I wouldn't have that problem seeing as I'm so photogenic all the time the stylish teddy I am.


29 April 2005

Sorry if anyone one missed me today, but I stayed at home to spend a bit of quality time with my girlfriend and daughter.

Just a quick update to let you know there is a 7th problem in the teddy bear problem page which can be accessed via the woods and then sign post, or by clicking here Uncle Bearsac


24 April 2005

I had a few glasses of Jelly Baby wine in celebration of St. George's Day yesterday, hope any of you celebrating it had a swell time too. St. George's Day is England's national day and falls on 23rd April it is the custom to wear the national flower, a red rose, in ones button hole. For some reasons not many people were celebrating the day, Debra didn't care, so me and a few teddies celebrated without any human presence.
St. George is believed to be a brave hearted dragon slayer who has slayed many a dragon. However, it is just so that he has never laid eyes on any such creature and neither has he even set foot in England!

Not much else to tell you other than to say that there is another person in the "Bearsac Meets The Public" page and a photo replaced of someone that didn't like her 1st photo as she thought she looked like she didn't like me in the 1st one. She loves me though, and I can't say I blame her.


18 April 2005

Tonight for Debra's 38th birthday (old woman), we went to see "Kings of Swing" in Epsom. When Debra learnt from Tony Benedict last week it was not his "THE Kings of Swing" she was disappointed, still have ticket will go; so we did. We were luckily not to be disappointed though, Kings of Swing were good. One of the singers, Andy Leigh, is only 24 years old and he had a very powerful voice which was great, although maybe a bit too powerful for singing "Mr. Bojangles" to which I was jumped so high and lightly touched down to during that part of the lyric where Bojangles jumps so high and lightly touches down. They even sang a song from Junglebook which had me dancing like Baloo the bear and King Louie the ape. We met the guys - Andy, Neil Gordon and Nik Stoter afterwards and they signed the program to both Debra and myself and said that they saw me in the crowd, bet they thought I was the cutest most cool dude teddy bear on the planet! Hi guys if you see this and hi to the people in the audience I met there and the folk on public transport today. Anyway I'm off to bed now - bye all x x x


17 April 2005

I have been too busy this year to train for the Teddy Bear Marathon, so as I have not taken part it has given the other teddies a chance, they would stand no chance of winning if I had! The really good news is that my home bear Choc-Ice won it. I’m really proud of him, he was only 2 mins and 22 seconds slower than the record set by me 2 years ago. Hope you like the photo of Choc-Ice with his winners medal.

The human Marathon also took place today, I’d like to say well done to Paula Radcliffe for winning the women's race (2h 17mins 41secs) and everyone that took part in the London Marathon today, especially to Dame Tanni Grey Thompson whom I have met. By way of supporting Tanni I had her photo with me up on the laptop and was sending it positive thoughts willing her on. If you have not seen it yet it is in the "Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page in the photo album.



13 April 2005

It's just not fair. The Thrisha Goddard show which I was filmed on in the audience had me edited out, it had Debra in speaking but not me, what a sham! There was a bit where you could see Debra sitting with me on her knee but freezing frame on the video did not bear a good enough image to photograph and Alan had recorded the wrong channel on his PC which would have captured a far better image. So unless you were very eagle eyed you would have missed me.


12 April 2005

Just got back from a cool concert in Dartford. Tony Benedict - whom we had seen as part of "The Kings of Swing" - was tonight starting a tour singing Bobby Darin songs. Some of the songs you may know are "Mack The Knife", "Splish Splash", "Lazy River", which he sang and Teenager In Love which he didn't. He was real great, very versatile and Debra is quite taken with him! Tony also sang a beautiful rendition of a political song "Blowing In The Wind" by Bob Dylan which created the feeling that me and the people in that theater - a very small speck on this enormous planet - were the only beings in existence in an otherwise silent universe. It was a shared intimacy privileged only to those there and it made my fur go all fuzzy!
Through most songs I was boogying away on Debras lap and singing along and everything.
The Nelson Riddle Tribute Band were great too and did a couple of numbers whilst Tony was off stage. Tony sang a couple of gentle songs accompanied by beautiful guitar playing by a young man both sitting on bar stools, the young man was very good but I don't remember his name (maybe if any of the band or Tony reads this they can email the name so I can put it here).

After the show we met Tony and I had my photo taken with him which is in my "Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page via the photo album. or click the link. We also met some of the band after who were traveling back to Blackpool, so they must worn out poor souls. Hi to you all and best of luck.


11 April 2004

Just letting you know of a change of time for the Trisha Goddard Show. It will now be on at 10.30am on channel 5. I was not on todays show so maybe it will be tomorrow; it should be someday this week though and is the one about age gap relationships. You may also see Debra on another Thrisha episode about men that think they are lady killers.


1 April 2005

I had a great day today, it was the first day of the jelly baby wine making season and i trod the most weight of jelly babies in my size group out of hundreds of teddy bears. As my prize I get to be one of the first teddy bears to taste the wine when it is ready, I can't bear to wait!

Hello to everyone I met today especially Alex and Tom who are in my "Bearsac Meets The Public" page in the photo album.


31 March 2005

Making use of Debras time off work we went to the Arsenal training ground hoping to get me photographed with some of the players. No luck in the early afternoon but we came back after a couple of hours and got 2 players and a coach, we just missed Pat Rice as Debra was chatting to someone, but I'm sure we will get him another time. You will have to check the "Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page to see who I met.

I also met some friendly gunners fans who are in the "Bearsac Meets The Public" page.

Both page can be accessed via the photo album



25 March 2005

Hey, check my cool new duds! Meet my friend Gorbert, dont you think he sets off my rapper look!

I'd like to wish everyone who is celebrating Good Friday and Easter all the best and also a Happy Purim to those of you celebrating that.


23 March 2005

Last night Debra was phoned by channel 5 and asked if she wanted to come and see the Trisha Goddard show again (We went about a month ago). It was to be filmed today and as she was off work she said yes.

The show was about age gap relationships and ageism, there was a 71 year old kissagram as a guest who was cool and Debra asked he a question. As I was sitting on Debras lap I should get on the telly. It is on channel 5 at 9.25am the week of 11th April, but we don't know which day yet, so be sure to set your vids each day of that week folks.

In the queue I met a nice young man called Shaq and a nice young lady called Rachel, they are the latest addition to my "Bearsac Meets The Public" page in the photo album. Hi to you and everyone else I met, even the girls that were horrid, I'm sure you had your reason, and I'm sure given time you'll get over them.


21 March 2005

Today I met Amanda Mealing who plays Connie in Holby City, she is real nice and looks younger off screen. See me photographed with Amanda in the "Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page.

There are also 2 more people in my "Bearsac Meets The Public" page. Both pages can be got to via the photo album.


17 March 2005

I would like to wish everyone celebrating it, Happy St Patricks Day.
My Irish friend in the photo will be having a few pints of Guinness in the Teddy Bears Head, so why not join him in his celebrations.

St Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland was originally called Magonus Sucatus or Maewyn Succat. His name was changed to Patricius (Patrick) either after he was baptised or after he became a priest.
When he was 16, Patrick was kidnapped and was sold into slavery in Ireland. He remained captive for 6 years during which time he worked as a shepherd and began to have religious visions. During one of the visions, he became aware of a rescue ship and he escaped to France. He is believed to have died on March 17, around 460 A.D.


12 March 2005

My email is working again but the guest book is still not working. There are 4 more people in my "Bearsac Meets The Public" page and there is also a 6th problem in the teddy bear problem page so check it out either by clicking the link or clicking via the woods and the sign post forAgony Uncle.



5 March 2005

Had a great day today. Debra had to go to the Capital Woman's Conference for her work, so wanting to make good use of the event, I did a bit of networking and promoted the campaign for more girl teddy bears to be manufactured. I got a lot of good tips from the ladies and they all thought me really cute.

The highlight of the day for me was meeting Tanni Grey-Thompson, the athlete of the Marathon and the Paralympics. She got mobbed by lots of people but she took it in her stride. I sat on her knee for a photo with her and it is in my "Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page in the photo album. Tanni gave a great speech and i think she is really funny and cool.

On the tube on way home a young man gave me a new medal (as in the photo), he said I'm a winner as I make people smile. Hello to you.
If the lady with the fake fur bag on the same tube is reading this then sorry that I made you frown rather than smile, I was only having a joke with you about your fur bag, I know its not really made of fur obtained from a teddy bear that was killed for that purpose, I was only joking x x x x

my guestbook and email are not working


2 March 2005

Hope you are enjoying the snow we've had the few days, I looked like a polar bear by the time I got home today!

Our video recorder is not working, so I don't know if I have been on the new Thrisha Goddard show on channel 5 yet this week or if I will be on at all. It was only sitting in the audience but Debra asked one of the guests a question so don't worry too much if you miss it.

There are 3 more people in my "Bearsac Meets The Public" page via the house and photo album, be sure to check it out.


19 February 2005

Last Saturday night Debra won the rollover quiz on Colin Berry’s show "The Club" on BBC Three Counties Radio, she got 9 out of 10. The prize was a pair of tickets to see "The Kings of Swing" at The Corn Exchange in Bedford. The concert was last night and it was really really great and exciting, I was dancing on Debra’s lap all through it. They played songs made famous by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Nat K C and the like, and pipped in the odd gag here and there. One of the singers, Tony Benedict, showed off his fancy footwork, Debra thinks he’s cute but I think he’s a bit of a show off! Really though he is great as too are Jonny Prima and Tony Martin who also starred. Their special guest was great too a lovely lady called Lynn Kennedy who sang 3 or 4 songs. The singers were backed by The Kings of Swing Orchestra who were real brill and did a couple of tunes without the singers. If you like Swing you must go see this show if you can still get tickets, Debra has phoned up a venue in Hornchurch to see if there are tickets still, as she wants to go again, but is fully booked and that is our nearest venue left so looks like we will have to cherish our lucky night last night.

for details of the concert click this link - but be aware the dates given on this page were last year and im not sure if they are going to update the site

Please dont let the information that Robbie Williams has made Swing popluar with a young audiance put you off! Robbie has done a real hacked up live version of "Lady Is A Tramp" for which he should have been shot.


17 February 2005

I went with Debra to see the "Trisha" show, todays was about Toxic Relationships. Debra spoke in the show and as I was sitting on her knee I may be on, so watch out for it, it will be screened on the week of the 27th Feb but we are not sure of the actual date yet.

There was a celebrity guest on the show, Lindsay Coulson who played Carol Jackson in Eastenders. Lindsay bravely spoke of her bad experience and gave her insight to one of the other guests on the show. Debra quietly introduced me to her during a break and gave her one of my card, so I hope she will contact us to be on my website, or at least have a look at the photos of her old mates holding me in the "Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page.

In case the guests on the show get to hear of my site and read this, I wish you ALL the best of luck to sort out your issues.



9 February 2005

Today is the Chinese New Year and I would like to wish anyone celebrating it all the best for the year of the Rooster.

Tomorrow is the Islamic New Year and I also wish to wish anyone celebrating it all the best too.

I am in "Community Care" for the reason mentioned in my 3rd Feb entry. Also look out for this weeks "Big Issue" as I may also be in there for the same reason.


7 February 2005

Hi to GLP who I met today in Camden (they are in the "Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page as they will be celebrities soon, or so they tell me). Hi Also to everyone else I met today, the French people with the giant Tigger rucksack, The young boys at Kensal Rise Stn that filmed me on their phones and others at Camden Road stn (even the one that wouldn't let me have a mince pie). Hi also to everyone I spoke to in Tesco B/wood and Jamie on the 292, Hi also to Lucy, hope you found the site. To those of you that ignored me or think me or Debra insane,


3 February 2005

This is the front cover of a magazine called "Disability Now", the scanned image is bad quality but if you look carefully down the left handside you will see me (well part of me any way). This was taken outside the Houses of Parliament on 19th January 2005, (see my 21 Jan diary entry for what happened that day). I might also be in the magazine "Big Issue" soon.


24 January 2005

Yo Yo Yo, Im a model now folks, always knew I had it in me! A lovely young lady photographer called Jo was so taken with me that she had to have some of me. She is doing a porfolio project on relationships and was interested in the realtionship with me and Debra. She came to our gaff and had me on the bed and everything! Also had me on the sofa, stairs and outside. For those of you with less than clean minds I should add that what I mean is she had me posed for photos, I will put one in here when she emails some, but it will be a couple of weeks before she can get round to scanning them, but whatch this space.

I am spending the rest of the day with my girlfriend Tea and daughter Teasac as I have not paid them the attention they deserve for a while.


21 January 2005

As a cosmopolitan teddy bear I like to celebrate festivals of all religions and cultures. It is Eid today, a Muslim festival in which amongst many of its happenings, one gets new clothes. I got this new jacket, I think it’s well cool, what do you think?

Eid is a day of thanksgiving and also of sacrifice where a livestock animal is offered in sacrifice. Forbidden from fasting on Eid, Muslims are encouraged to enjoy a sweet snack such as dates. Other practices on this special day include bathing before adorning oneself in new or one’s best clothes. Muslims celebrate Eid by expressing thanks to Allah by means of giving to the poor and saying special prayers. When Eid falls is dependent on the first sighting of the new moon, which happens so many days before. In most countries it is not possible to see the new moon on 10th January this year but its may have been possible in Chile. People are split between the new moon being first visible on 10th and 11th on January this year. The debate is about if that means that Eid starts on 20th or 21st January this year. Because of this debate I will celebrate Eid by showing off my new jacket today 21st as whether it started yesterday or today, as Eid is for more than one day, it is Eid today whatever happened with the moon the other week!

May I wish Muslims greetings for Eid.

Also in the photograph I wear another item of clothing which I wore alone on Wednesday to Westminster. The organisation Debra works for was attending a meeting in the House of Lords. Before the meeting one of her colleagues, Ray, was tied up with rope and gagged. He was being tugged by 4 other colleagues, each whom were playing the role model of a key person in the life of the person with learning difficulties tied up. Debra played the parent and I the baby! The demo was to show how adults with learning difficulties are controlled by the key people in their lives such as parents, Doctors, Social Workers etc and that they, and their own feelings and ideas about what is best for them are not heard and the key people all think they each know best. There were lots of photos taken and if get hold of a copy I will put it in here.

Anyway, about the other item of clothing. When were went in through security into the Houses of Parliament a policeman confiscated my clothing because it said on it "Rights for Teddies Now"! I had to go in naked! Not many can say they have attended the House of Lords naked! I got it back afterwards but how petty is that, that a teddy bear cannot wear something as is demands rights for teddies!


13 January 2005

I am going into semi hibernation for a week as i need a break. I will be out and about again when its Eid as it is customary to get new clothes on Eid and I have a new jacket witing to be worn, I will model it in here in about a week so watch this space.

I met had my photo taken with two people today on the Thameslink, a nice young lady called Natalie and a nice man called Rocky. Silly Debra forgot to save the photo of me with Rocky so we cant put it in the photo album. However, Natalie is in their so take a look.


3 January 2005

Further to the mention in last update of the the Tsunami, I have found out that there is relief aid set up for the shanty villagers in the Mount Lavina area I spoke of on Jan 1st.
This is a section taken from


Our community center in Mount Lavinia is about 100 yards from the beach. The center weathered the storm but at one point was under two feet of water. That's where 1,100 kids and about 500 moms come every day for food, medical services, schooling, vocational training and other help. Most of these people lost their small shanty huts and all of their possessions to the water. I'm sending some photos of the village just after the storm passed. It's hard to take a picture of what's not there. This week has been declared a week of mourning islandwide. Everyone has been looking for ways to help out. Normally, we don't believe it's right to solicit for money, but because several people have asked how they could contribute to the obvious needs of these folks, I am sending the account number of The Tsunami Relief Fund that has been set up. I can assure any contributors that 100 percent of donations will go directly to the greatest needs. Right now, the short-term needs appear to be medication, food, clothing, toiletries, basic supplies and back-to-school supplies for the kids. Longer term needs will be addressing the housing issue. We have been encouraged by the willingness of so many to help out. Thanks again for your love and prayers on our behalf.

How to help To donate to the The Tsunami Relief Fund,

send checks to:

24 Baron Jayatilaka Mawatte
Colombo 1
Sri Lanka

In favor of: Community Concern Society
Account No: 001311380040

1 January 2005

Rather than celebrate the new year last night I remembered those that have died or are otherwise affected by the Tsunami in SE Asian, we especially remembered those in Sri Lanka as we were there this time last year. The children in the photo are from a shanty style village in the parts the tourists dont normally see. The village as we hear was affected by the waves. I only hope they are still alive and are not affected or too badly affected if , which is likely, they are. I didn't meet any nasty, unfriendly, or negative Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka. They mostly have so much less than us such as money, standard of living, facilities and lots of other things, but they have more heart and soul than we in the west could ever evolve to gain, we are poorer than them in that way.

Please help in what ever way you can even if it is just sending positive energy by thoughts.

May 2005 be the start of a better world to live in. It will take time but it can get better if we all play our part. We cannot stop nature but we can support those that need and want it in whicnever way we can.



25 December 2004

I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas, I wish you a merry Christmas, and do you like my sunglasses! They were my Chrismas present as I lost my 2nd pair.

Unknown to Debra, have a stash of sweets given to me by some of my adoring fans, I've been saving them to eat today, its been very hard not eating them before today. I hope you all like your presents and are having a good time, if you are alone then I am thinking if you.

Bye all, must get back to Debra and Alan now and pretending im not bored!


24 December 2004

I met Santa, I met Santa, I met Santa!

Santa was collecting money in Tesco for a local hospice.



23 December 2004

I want to say im proud of Debra as she gave blood today, she had a needle in her arm for ages and i got to see the blood coming out and into a plastic bag and everything. Do you like the sticker I got, it think its cool.

In you are in Borehamwood there is a mobile blood donation unit in the Venue carpark, go donate some blood for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all who will be celebrating it or simply Happy Holiday, hope you all have fun.

Love Bearsac


21 December 2004

I went to see Mother Goose last night at the Palace Theatre in Watford, it was brill, I was singing and booing and shouting and even met another teddy bear a couple of rows in front of me, she was called sweetpea. Debras colleauge Debbee is married to Mother Goose! so thats why we went to see it with some others from work. Really though Mother Goose was played by Rod Debbees husband.

AS we are near Christmas time let me make a public warning appeal to teddy bears about humans.

A human is for life, not just for Christmas


11 December 2004

I want to wish a Happy Chanukah, a belated Happy Diwali and a early Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating the festivals of light. May the light within you all shine clear and show you the way to happiness and fulfilment.


9 December 2004

The guestbook has gone down again, if anyone knows of a good one that updates from the top and can be edited, then please let us know.

Hello to the people I met today in Tesco, the lady and the two young men at Tesco bus stop, hope you all, now if you have seen my site, you have seen what a cool dude teddy I am.


29 November 2004

Just got back from Liverpool. I traveled up yesterday with Debra, Choc-Ice, and Debras colleagues. We stayed over night in a hotel by the docks. We thought, being in the European City of Culture, that we'd find somewhere decent to eat around the docks. Everywhere stops serving at 10pm and we ended up having a bland meal in the Ibis hotel which was a letdown, still at least we slept well. Before Debras conference I had a meeting to go to in the Liver building, it was to hear the progress made by The Mersey Bears (a teddy bear Self Advocacy Group based in Merseyside), in their part of the campaign for more girl teddy bears. Mersey Bears have exceeded expectations in their campaigning but the overall countrywide campaigning has not been as much of a success as we had hoped for in time for Christmas shopping.

Never mind, here is a photo of me outside the Liver Building to cheer you all up!


The virgin train journey back to London was great, the ticket man announced over the PA "We have Mr Bear traveling with us today" and he put up on the indicator "Hello Mr Bear, have a nice journey"! Shame he got my name wrong, but it was the thought that counts! Hi if you are reading this.




26 November 2004

At long last Debra and I have finished, and uploaded my account of our travels round Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia! in September. Click the link or see my travel page via clicking on the travel centre.


13 November 2004

I have just been on 3 Counties Radio in the last 15 mins. I met Colin Berry for the second time on the Thameslink and he thought we should phone into his show "The Club" 10pm to 1am Saturday nights. Debra was very nervous but I took it in my stride. Any listeners that have called in as a responce WELCOME.

check out the 3 Counties Radio website


12 November

Got a lot more time on my paws now Debra is only working part-time, so we are spending more quality time dedicated to me. Today we went to the BBC studios in Borehamwood and I met Kelly Adams who plays Mickie and Jaye Jacobs who plays Donna in Holby City, they were both lovely ladies and I rather think they fancied me! I also met Joe Swash who plays Mickey in Eastenders, he was real nice too. Thank you all for your time. See them on my
"Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page. Click the link or see the photo album.


8 November 2004

Today I traveled to the pretty city of York to to take part on the panel of judges of the "Cutest Yorkshire Teddy Bear Contest". It was a hard contest to judge as there were so many teddy bears of equal cuteness, but we found winners, both female and male. I'm not sure what I will do if asked to judge the UK or worlds cutest teddy bear contests, as I am the worlds cutest teddy bear and I cannot vote for myself, what a dilemma!
By some amazing coincidence Debra had to work in York today aswell, at a conference, and it was held in the very same building as the Cutest Yorkshire Teddy Bear Contest! It's such a small world.

On the way up to York by train I met a nice young lady called Monica (who's water I drank) and a nice young man called Rob who looked at my cool website on his laptop via his mobile. Hi to both these people, it was a pleasure making your acquaintances. Also hi to the other people on the train including the young lady in the pink top. Regards also to James and Colin whom I conversed with this evening on the Thameslink


5 November 2004

Been very busy lately campaigning for the manufacture of lots of girl teddy bears, ready for Christmas, so hopefully those of you getting teddies for Christmas will have girl ones, let me know.

Yesterday I spent most of the day nursing Debra. She became ill about 4am and got progressively worse so phoned NHS Direct for advice. She had severe abdominal pains and was a little clammy, they said she needed and ambulance and was taken to hospital, of course I went with her. The blood and urine tests showed all was fine and she was free to go after about 4 or 5 hours. Still in pain the rest of the night I had to force feed her so she was able to take her medication, but she only managed 1 cheese toasty which she brought back up, and later managed to hold down the 3 mouthfuls of yogurt she took 10 mins to eat! Now if Debra is off her food She really ill! Lucky she did not bring up the yogurt and the medication on that occasion else I doubt she would be well enough to be out of bed today like she is. She has had 2 small pots of yogurt this morning and feels she can be weaned off soft food onto solids by later this afternoon! So if you are reading this please send out positive thoughts for her full recovery. Thank you.

Sorry we have not yet got my account of our trip to Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia up yet, but we are typing it up when we ge the time and will put it up when we have finished, so please bear with us, get it BEAR with us!

Have fun tonight folks - and remember NEVER GO BACK TO A FIREWORK.


7 October 2004

Well you know I'm not one for boasting or hogging the limelight, but today I was crowned King.
I am now "King of Teddy Bears"but will only wear my crown on special occasions, after all,it is very heavy and worth lots of honey and I wouldn't want to make people feel inferior to me.


28 September 2004

Sorry I've not updated the diary in a while, I've been away on my hols with Debra in Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. I had a great time and will write about it on my travel page soonish.

For those of you that havn't seen it, I have a Bearsac Meets The Public page now with new people updated just tonight. It's in the photo album.




7 September 2004

Oops, I did it again, I got on TV, yes it's really me who else could it be, well did you see me? Oops, I did it again!
Sorry Britney!!

"Ready Steady Cook" was the program this time, today, near the beginning of the show, in the audiance, when one of the contestants came down the stairs!

I might also be on another episode on the 15th Sept, when the voting cards are held up, so look out.





29 August 2004

For those of you who have been waiting for it, the "Bearsac Meets The Public" page is up now. It is in the photo album in the sitting room. Or click here


26 August 2004

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Bearsac, happy birthday to me!

For those of you that don't know, I'm 7 today.

I'm renown in the Wood and on the Thameslink for asking people for sweeties.

Today, I thought, in celebration of my birthday, I would give out sweeties to you all instead, hope you liked them if you had one. Thanks for all your birthday greetings.

I was informed by one of the ticket blokes at B/wood stn today, on my birthday, that there was a poster about me on the outside wall of the station. On investigation there was an A4 sheet of paper with my photo on and a message that was written to sound as though it was from me! I must make it clear it was not done by me; I love Debra and could not do without her. I think the culprit would hope that Debra would be upset or offended by its presence on the wall in public, but we both think it's cool! We are flattered that the person has spent time and effort in pursuit of insulting us and trying to make us look a fool, it may have been done a joke and they mean no harm, but thanks either way for making us laugh, hope you don't mind me displaying it on my site. X X X


23 August 2004

I am constructing a "Bearsac Meets The Public" page to go with my Bearsac Meets Celebrities" page. I will let you know when it is up. If you would like to be on it, posing with me, then ask me or Debra if you see us. We will only put 1st names on it.

I have another guest bear on my "Guest Bear" page, he's called Coop, take a look.


22 August 2004

The Human Olympics are upon us and are on TV endlessly, why didn't they televise the Teddy Bear Olympics, the Teddy Bear Olympics knocks spots off the human one.

A few of you spotted me on the TV in recent weeks, didn't I look the cool dude teddy bear!

Going off jelly baby treading now to make some jelly baby Champaign, before I sign off let me inform you that there is a 5th problem on the teddy bear problem page.


13 August 2004

Had a groovy night out with the girls last night, Debra, Simone and Ellen. Debra and I'd been invited, via my guestbook, to go see a band called The Poppy Seeds play in Camden Town. Their set was too short a one, but was enough to get a taste of their sound which was quite mixed. They describe their sound as "A bit Rock, a bit Indie and a bit Retro", which I think is about right. I enjoyed their performance and loved that the singing was shared by the 2 guitarists and bass player but would have loved the drummer to have got in on the singing too! I was s sorry the set was so short as I was getting into it and having a bit of a teddy bear boogie. Thanks to Richard we are glad we came. See their website.


The band next / last on stage was a 10 or 11piece (it was hard to tell on tiny stage) called "This is Seb Clarke". They were uniformed in pale orangy brown suit with sharp front creased slim leg trouser that could slice your tongue off if you were too close to the stage in the shoe box back of pub venue. There were 3 sax players and trumpeter brassing it up and an organist, along with the usual guitars and keyboard. They rocked the room and were very funny especially the insane singer that jumped into the crowd and near attacked them with his guitar! See rheir website.

Both bands are worth seeing and are very different. The downer to the night was that we had to wait over and hour for the Thameslink home,so what's new!


9 August 2004

Cool, I'm currently (but maybe not for long) on the "3 counties" website (which is section of the BBC website) dressed as Nadia at the Big Brother final. Check it out dudes.

Go about 1/2 way down the page. I was also recorded by phone for the radio (chiltern FM I think), but it would have been aired when we were in the queue, so I don't know if my bit was aired. I look lovely in the photo, which is more than i can say about Debra; she is beautiful but she just is not at all photogenic, especially when squinting in the sun.

There is a link back to my page from the BBC 3 counties website to this one, how cool is that! Look for the "Web Links" section on the yellow strip on the left.


7 August 2004

I got to go to the Big Brother Final last night with Debra, Alan and Ray (Debras colleague), it was fabby poos, Yeah Nadiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! We queued from 1.40 so it was pretty tiring for the human part of my party, I though, get carried everywhere, so know aching limbs for me.

I dressed up as Nadia, but was not as beautiful. I wanted Nadia to win because she is a real character, very funny, emotional, beautiful, genuine and stands her own ground. What was also great about Nadia's win was the fact that she won with the nation knowing her story and the nation still love her. I think it shows great acceptance of transgendred people whom have been misunderstood and so prejudiced and discriminated against and now the media know the truth of how the nation really think,so come on media paint a true picture. The media have seen the truth now let us have it how it really is. We don't have discrimination and unacceptance of teddies that are different in the teddy bear world, so why should humans have it in theirs.

Hello to the people I met yesterday both nice and not so. May the "not so" - and you know who you are - please not swear when saying horrid things about me and nutty Debra in the guest book, as children may see it. Say nasty things about us if it makes you feel better about yourself, but respect that children may read it.



30 July 2004

Went to see the filming of "Ready Steady Cook" today with Debra. They filmed 2 episodes whilst we were there, they are to be screened on Tuesday 7 September and Wednesday 15 September, so make sure you watch or record them as I might be on in the audience. Miles, the warm-up man, was funny and kept taking the mick out of Debra and me but we took it in our stride as per usual. For those of you wondering, yes the food is cooked in 20mins. I wanted to have my photo taken with the chefs at the end for my Bearsac Meets page but they'd gone off set before Debra got to ask the crew, so sorry folks.



27 July 2004

Debra had to attend a meeting at City Hall today which by some coincidence was on the same day as The latest Teddy Bear Steering Group meeting. Things are looking quite good on the teddy bear front at present I'm glad to say.

Lunchtime was spent outside in the mini ampi-theatre type thing watching a practice session of "Agamemnon",which starts on Thursday 29th July. We also viewed the upsetting but beautiful photographs of the open air exhibition called "Witness" depicting famine, 9/11, ethnic cleansing and other unthinkable occurrences.

Managed to both annoy and amuse a few people on the tubes and trains today, hi to you all if you are reading this, love all!

Just updated my Amsterdam page on my travel page, I didn't bother to do a separate page for this recent trip, just added it to the bottom of the first one.


25 July 2004

Went to Amsterdam for the day with Debra, Alan tagged along too and was all blisters and moans once we got back home.

I've given up being Rastabearian now as I miss jelly babies too much, so if you see me around FEED ME JELLY BABIES!



23 July 2004

Just been on Big Brothers Little Brother this evening, I was filmed in Borehamwood a couple of days ago.
I can't escape the cameras these days!




18 July 2004

Yesterday afternoon I went with Debra, Alan and lots of Debras workmates to "Respect", an anti-racist festival in Victoria Park, Hackney. The weather graced us with warm sunshine and Ken Livinstone - who was meant to give a speech - didn't grace us at all. Met lots of people there who of course found me most sweet. Alan managed to get himself lost, but we found him at the gate not looking too happy.

I later went to a BBQ party with Alan and Debra and were entertained by the cute fox cubs that appear at the same time every night to be fed, and fed this time they truly were; chicken then doughnuts, but it was the veggie burgers that set them off fighting and squabbling!

Yippee, I've been on the telly again, "Big Brothers LittleBrother" this afternoon. I got close up to the camera as we were going in but I was only on for a second, hands up if you saw me!


17 July 2004

Went to the Big Brother eviction last night with Debra and Alan. Security had been alerted that a teddy bear had snuck a camera in last week (not me) and they spotted me in the crowd and did a body search on me; wouldn't have minded if it had been a woman, I'd have rather enjoyed it then!

The evictee turned out - and with no surprise, or disappointment - to be Ahmed, the large majority of the crowd booing him. With respect to Ahmed, he took the jeering and booing in his stride and pretended to be a big scary monster lunging at the crowd who reeled back from the stage. During Ahmed's interview the showed him naked in the spa, all the girlies in the crowd erhhhed and yukked, turning their heads away from the screen in sheer disgust. Jason or Victor out next please everyone, so getting voting next week.


10 July 2004

As part of our "Making Stronger Links With Humans" project, teddy bears in the South East of England have been researching the difference and likeness of human religions and the teddy bear equivalents, I represented Rastabearianism and learnt more about the humans Rastafarianism. Teddies and humans both learnt a lot and had a great time.



15 June 2004

Had an interesting day today, did lunch at the Hilton as Debra had to support a colleague at a conference there. Debra had 2 large platefulls of the hot buffet of which she had trout, shedded cabbage & carrot and rice. She then had a large strawberry cake which made her feel guilty, so she had more healthy fish, veg and rice to make up for it! I just had some of her cake. Took a bit of a breather outside and met some nice policemen, Hi guys! Spoke to a few people on way home, Hi.

Back in the wood I met "Tigger", not Poohs mate, but a tiger printed furry car (covered in real fun fur). Tigger gets lots of hugs from the ladies, or so I'm informed by his owner "Ska-V-Goldsmith". Of course Debra just had to give Tigger a hug, what are you to do when a grown woman starts hugging cars!


12 June 2004

I'm not a happy teddy at the mo, went and lost my sunglasses & headphones yesterday morning didn't I. Has anyone by any chance found them, they have become my trademark and I miss them terribly. Anyone that finds then will be rewarded with jelly babies.

I have won another gold medal today, this time for the 100m sprint. Other than that folks there is not much else to tell.


6 June 2004

I was judge at the Teddy Bear Dance Championships today, it was a very hard competition to judge as all the contestants were as bad as each other. There is not the talent around these days, not like in my dance days when I ruled the dance floor supreme with my furry little feet. There were bears falling on their backs and spinning around flitting about like electric eels and there were other bears making obscene jestures with their paws whilst the last team line danced and trod on each others feet. What ever happed to the Beartrot and the Tedgo?

I just learnt to do links today and here is my first one. There is another problem on my problem / agony uncle page.


2 June 2004

Met another of the Eastenders cast today (June Brown) and one from Holby City (Sharon Maughan), so check the photo album. Hi to you both and thank you ladies for your time. Also hi to everyone I met outside the studio today, and to the boy who knows the most in the world about Eastenders, don't forget it was Gary Numan who both Sharon and Michelle were in love with when the were younger. Bye all x x x x x


29 May 2004

People in the street have been asking me what the medal is for around my neck, and I'm sure a lot of you want to know but are too shy to ask, so forgive me for boasting. The medal I sport is for the high jump in the Teddy Bear Olympics. I am not a bear for showing off, as well you may know, but Debra makes me wear it as she's so proud of me.

There is another problem in the "Uncle Bearsac" page, click on the trees and then the sign for Uncle Bearsac.



27 May 2004

Cute isn't he? His name is George, he is 7 months old. I met him in Brook Road in Borehamwood today and just had to have my photo taken on his little back. I recon he's a real teddy bear size pony. His owners are moving and need to find a field for him. I'm not sure if they want to keep him if they can find a nice field or if they are looking for new responsible owners, but if anyone can help i'm sure Georges human friend he was with will have a look at the site and a message could be left in the guestbook for them.


26 May 2004 Evening

After treading jelly babies, I wondered down to the BBC Studios and got my photo taken with 3 Eastenders actors, the photos are in the "Bearsac Meets" section in the photo album in the house. They were all nice especially Tracy-Ann Oberman who plays Chrissi (Dens wife), she seemed amazed she'd been recognised! Hello to all the people I met today especially Elaine.

26 May 2004 Morning

I'm up early today as I'm an excited little teddy. Today at last, I'm off jelly baby wine making. Yes I'm going to be stomping those jelly babies and making new friends into the bargain. Tea and Teasac are coming too but will sit on the grass and watch, Teasac is still a bit young yet.

A few changes to the website: I tidied my sitting room and put the photo album on a coffee table instead of it laying around on the floor. There are some random photos in it now, in no particular order, some of me and some taken by me. These are just a collection shoved in a folder a couple of years ago and Debra's boyfriend ended up putting the folder online. I'm keeping it there, as it is, until I get around to doing something more organised, so please bear with me! There is also a search bar on the home page (island) in the sea at the bottom, bottom of the screen that is, not at the bottom of the sea! Please, feel free to explore cyber space from my little bit of cybear space. Please come back now won't you!



21 May 2004

Debra and her colleague Tamanna attended a conference in Bournemouth yesterday. Having been to lots of teddy bear conferences I left them to it and beached it for the day. Things were going fine, sun, sea and seaweed milkshakes then Debra turned up at lunchtime. She well showed me up she did, kissing me like she'd not seen me in years. I have a rep to protect, can't the woman see that. On the train home I met a cute cuddly toy dog, which had not yet been given as name. I spoke to a few people including a nice man to whom I must apologise to for biting his finger. Sorry mate.



16 May 2004

We are the champions my friends! Yes, was down at Islington Town Hall today to see the best football club in the world show off their trophies. My big brother "Tiny", who is 4 feet tall, came along too. I had to play second fiddle to Tiny all day, but I took it like a real bear. We got filmed and was told in the street by a boy that we had been on Sky Sport whilst we were on our way to Arsenals ground to celebrate with the fans up there. We were also photgraphed for the Sun newspaper, (so hopefully we will be in tomorrow, but not definate) and photographed for a book by and Arenal fan called "All for one and one for all" which should be published in a couple of months, but it is not definate that we will be in it.

Hello to all the Gooners we met today and everyone else we met on the way home, especially the young man that gave me a chunky KitKat. Hope to see you Gooners at the same place next year. Arsenal fans check out my Bearsac Meets page, it is in the photo album on the floor of my house.


15 May 2004

Yesterday I took some timeout from teddy bear issues and went with Debra, and her friend Simone, for dinner before the fringe theatre. We ate at "L Artista" in Golders Green. The Italian restaurant is located under the bridge opposite the not often used exit of the underground station. The garlic pizza bread topped with tomato that we all shared as a starter, tickled my fancy for the "Gnocchi Verde alle something or other"! It was freshly made and soft and doey with fresh herbs, how we like it.

After dinner we walked up to Hampstead for the show at "New End Theatre"; it was called "Sleight of Mind". Jeff Salmon performed, with audience participation, including Debra who got bopped on the head with some scrunched up paper in order for Jeff to pick out an assistant. Fine, Debra got summoned to the floor, but why did she have to take me! There I was spotlight in face and audience laughing at me. Jeff asked Debra to throw the scrunched up paper at anyone, and of course she chucked it back at him hitting him on forehead and nose in sweet revenge. Other participants took part throughout the spectacular show, which is worth a see. Won't tell you what he does as it will spoil it if you go but it is a mix of mind games, memory and trickery maybe.

After the show I had a quick word with him and had my photo taken with him, I've put it in the "Bearsac Meets" page (off the photo album in house), but I'm sorry it is of poor quality due to Debra's phone camera not dealing with dim lighting.

Sleight of Mind shows until 22nd May and tickets are £17 or £13 concessions.

New End Theatre, 27 New End, Hampstead, NW3. Tel 020 7794 0022


12 May 2004

Another page up and running now, "Bearsac Meets" which is photos of me meeting famous people. You can get to it from the house, then photo album, then Bearsac Meets. Only 4 so far, but maybe more in the future.

Sorry to the man that got up and moved from me on the train this morning, and to the man opposite that I annoyed when he was trying to read the "Independent", would have thought an "Independent" reader would have been OK with a talking teddy, maybe he just picked it up from the seat when he sat down! But Sorry, hope you have checked out the site, maybe you could leave a message in the guest book.


11 May 2004

Did a spot of ticket inspecting at Borehamwood station this morning and it went quite well (apart from being bullied by 2 colleagues who hit me). I might be doing more in the future, so have your tickets ready for my inspection if you see me by the doors.

Whilst doing my duty of bidding everyone good morning at the station a rather highly-strung young man irately demanded from Debra "Why do you do it". He was almost standing on Debra's toes, but Debra took it in her stride and we bid him good day. But in answer to the young mans question:

It's fun
It's friendly
It makes people smile
It annoys those silly enough to be annoyed
It has healing powers
I'm an egotistic teddy bear
It promotes my website (even though it doesn't make dosh)
I'm just that sort of bear
I'm worth it

Next time the young man sees me maybe he'll partake in a natter.

The Guest Bear page is going up, hopefully tonight. We need other guest bears on it. You will find the guest bear page by clicking the trees and then the guest bears sign.


10 May 2004

Been a busy bear over the weekend learning how to update the website, so now there is a new addition on the travel session, "Amsterdam". There is a new problem on the "Uncle Bearsac" page (click the trees) and in light of the problem there is a new campaign on the self-advocacy page also from the trees. The recipe page (off the kitchen door in my house) has a couple of new recipes.

Please send in you own recipes, teddy bear problems and advice for our campaigns to add to the pages.


8th May 2004

The campaign for more girl teddy bears is going from strength to strength, the ratio has risen from just 6% a couple of months ago - which was a small improvement on the pre campaign ratio of 5% - to 11%. I have been on the frontline of most of the demos held and it has taken its toll on my health, so humans, if you see me around, I need sweets to get my strength back.

The jelly baby wine making season has not quite got into full swing yet, only a few threadings have taken place due to the dismal weather we have so far had this season, if the weather does not yield us sufficient crops this year we will have to consider greenhouse growth of jelly babies.

I have met some peculiar people of late but I shan't poke fun at them so they will go safely unmentioned. I have recently changed web hosts and the new host does not support the old guest book, so sadly the old messages cannot be shown.

The new guest book needs messages folks, so get leaving them. At last I am learning how to update the website myself, so it will be more under my control and updated more regularly. Amsterdam is now up and running on the travel page.


21st April 2004

I have had 2 weeks respite from Debra having my portraight painted in an Andy Warhol style. This was a present for Debra's 37th Birthday, which was on the 18th of April. The talented artist is a lovely lady called Ellen who fancies me something rotten.

Monday 19th stayed with Debra, Choc-Ice and Steve (Debra's colleague) in Telford for a meeting the next day. Early before breakfast on the Tuesday Debra and I walked to the famous "Iron Bridge". The Iron Bridge was built in 1779 and spans the River Severn. It was cast in Colebrook Dale.

After the meeting we went to Shrewsbury ready for another meeting the next day. We went to visit Shewsbury Castle, the military uniforms and other items were a bit boring, apart from some very old guns, but the building itself inside and out was interesting. In the grounds was a small tower which I name Bearsac castle as it was the right size as a castle for a teddy bear and I am King of teddies. Lots of nice buildings in Shewsbury including "Chambers" were we dined on Mushroom Stroganoff. The restaurant staff were very nice and I had a little chat with a lovely young lady also dining there. Hello!

On the way home on the train I got chatting to a nice lady and a little boy called Robert / Bobby with who must have been his Dad and Grandad. Bobby was playing with me and Choc-Ice and kept kissing us and was very lively and sweet. Hello to you all and any of the other people I have spoken to over the last few days, sorry if I have annoyed anyone, but how often do you get annoyed by a teddy, I bet it's not too often.


5th April 2004

Had a busy week having not long been out of hibernation, lots of teddy bear issues to catch on. Had a couple of meetings with Beary Growl MP (MP for Teddy Bears); the campaign for more girl teddy bears is progressing at a steady pace. I feel I must apologise for Debra's behaviour on the Thameslink train going home on Friday afternoon to the woman concerned.

I was sitting comfortably talking away to people when this woman sitting nearby got up and moved further down the carriage. As Debra and I were waiting to get off the train this woman stormed up and demanded that Debra not put her photo on the website. We stood by at first gobsmacked whilst the woman went on to accuse Debra of filming people with me saying that I am a camera and that Debra works for the media.

There was no need for Debra to say the woman that she must be madder than her or to say that if she did have a camera that she wouldn't want to crack the lens by photographing her. Normally Debra is a person that believes each to his or her own and that the world can accommodate all sorts, so I was ashamed to see Debra ridicule this poor woman for her misinterpretation of my communication.

To put the woman's mind at rest and any other people that have the same concern, we are not filming people for the media, our website or otherwise. Please look through the website and see If there are any candid photos of unsuspecting public. To the woman, please take us in the spirit we intend my communication to be and fear not, you have nothing to worry about where us filming you is concerned.

Sorry, honest.


25 March 2004

The bear is back in town! Hi, I'm out of hibernation. Went to Amsterdam on Saturday till Monday with Debra and Alan, oh and Choc-Ice. Had great time, will write about it soonish. Sorry that the Sri Lanka page is not up yet, have to sort out photos for it. I have some great news. I'm a daddy! Debra bought a girl teddy whilst at a tea factory in Sri Lanka and we have fallen in love. My lovely girlfriend is called "Tea". Tea used to be a tealeaf picker but now carries our baby girl "Teasac" around in her tea sack instead of real tealeaves.


6th March 2004

Debra had a meeting to attend on Thursday in Bognor Regis for work, which meant an overnight stay. Having never been to Bognor before I decided to come out of hibernation to go with her and her colleague Steve. The B&B was typical of a Belle Vue and was on the beach road.

After the meeting I joined Debra and Steve for dinner at "Mezzelli", a Mediterranean restaurant owned by two Turkish brothers. It was stylish for the impression I'd got of Bognor with nice décor and table settings but still unpretentious. The friendly helpful waitress looked after us well, there was pleasant music playing as we ate the yummy olives and waited for our food, which was great. Steve had salmon with rice but not being a salad man left the salad. I shared Debra's, which came out sizzling on a cast iron plate; we'd never had a veggie dish come out a sizzling before. It was very yummy, artichoke hearts with mixed peppers and onions sautéed with olive oil, served with Turkish rice and a fresh and zesty salad. On presentation of the bill we were given a complimentary glass of black current liquor I'm not sure if this is the usual case or if it was just a token of gratitude for me being my usual charming cheeky teddy bear self, I like to think it was down to my charm.

Mezzelli is at

4 Waterloo Square
Bognor Regis
PO21 1SU
Tel 01243 867824

Well worth a try if in Bognor.

I stayed out of hibernation another day to go to a Gary Numan concert with Debra at Shepherds Bush. As ever, the concert was brill even though for once we weren't at the front. Debra was pleased to see so many old faces amongst the crowd before and after the gig and had this woman come up to her saying that Debra was a legend and she was so pleased to meet her, she even asked for her autograph. You see Debra has been mentioned in Gary Numan's autobiography "Praying to the Aliens", but I won't go into detail, but she is one of the more way-out fans.

On the tube home it was my turn to get a fuss made of. I was talking to people on the tube saying how I was famous when these 3 girls got on and screamed "look it's bearsac" they were so pleased to see me and started kissing me photographing me and everything. We all got the Thameslinks together back to Boringwood, sorry to the passengers who we woke up or disturbed. If you are reading this Amanda, Kate (I think) and Sam, then thank you for making a little teddy bears evening. X X X.

I am now going back into hibernation until spring folks. See you all soon.

26 February 2004

For those of you concerned or curious about the where abouts of Bearsac, I can tell you he is safe and well. He is currently hibernating, well semi hibernating anyway. He sleeps most of the time and does not leave the flat even when awake. He has asked me to pass on his love and is looking forward to being back on the scene to tell of his good news, which I am not allowed to make pubic. He has been too busy or asleep to finish his account of his holiday in Sri Lanka but keep an eye out on the travel page over the next few weeks. Take care.

26 January 2004 Happy New Year folks.

I was with Debra in Sri Lanka for New Year for her Brothers wedding, which went well. Sri Lanka is beautiful and hopefully there will be an account of my trip on the travel page soonish. I got to ride an elephant. Yesterday we made a short video with Alan, Debra's boyfriend of her as Lara Croft saving me from the enemy in helicopters.

11 December 2003

Had a meeting with Beary Growl MP, who is MP for Teddy Bears. We are looking at the Draft Bill for the Campaign to Go Bare Eared. This campaign is a bid to rid girl teddy bears of those sill bows they sometimes have on their ears or forehead. If the bill is passed, then this will mean that girl teddies will have a choice to bare a bow or not. Outside my line of duty I have met a few nice people in the last few days. I went to the Theatre with Debra and I met some nice chatty ladies sitting by us. Think they were in love with me. Play was called The Secret Rapture and was very good. Met some more people on tube and train and had a lovely chat with a young lady at the bus-stop that lives near us. Hi to all the people I met. Debra is off on a hen night on Saturday, so I'm not allowed being a male; hope she will be OK without me. In case I don't get a chance nearer the time let me with you all a (please choose) MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. HAPPY CHANUKAH HAPPY DIWALI Either way, may your season be full of light!

1 December 2003

Had a great weekend. Went with Debra and her boyfriend to a friend's 40th fancy dress birthday party. I went as Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and Debra as Lara Croft for which she won a bottle of Chardonnay. I got snogged by the Crow (otherwise known as Kevin). It was his birthday party, so I could hardly refuse could I. My face still bares the evidence from his white makeup. Things hotted up back at the party hosts house after the pub party and a friend of Debra's "Simone", who fancies her self as a willy artist got her chance to tryout her skills. Sunday afternoon found Alan (Debra's boyfriend) with a hangover and Debra playing with Ellen (Tank Girl) and Kevin's rats Felix and Brandon. Brandon was a bit smelly and had to have a bath; Felix went in too but his swim was short-lived. I would have jumped in as well but I didn't want to loose the evidence of my snog of Kevin. I then had a little nap under Debra's coat and awoke to find myself next to a beautiful old lady bunny rabbit. I didn't ask her name but I feel that I know her well. We said our goodbyes as we left to return to Boringwood. Luckily Debra was back to her "normal" self rather than stealing all the limelight away from me as Lara.


23 November 2003

Well at last folks I have a diary. Sorry it's taken so long. I hope to keep it updated reasonbly often once Debra has learnt how to do the techy stuff.but don't expect it to be too soon!

Sorry if I have not got back to people that have left messages, it's not set up yet from Debras PC to reply from my email address. Thanks to people that have bought Bearsac tee-shirts, we still have some if anyone wants to buy.

So much has happened since the site started, but it is so long now that to mention anything would be old hat. But I have been on the telly this year 2 or 3 times or though short clips. I was forbidden from Graham Norton which I think does my cred the world of good, not that I need the help as I am such a cool dude teddy bear anyway!