25th December 2006

Merry Christmas

12th December 2006

There are 2 new people on my Bearsac Meets Public page. Hello to Gary and Natasha and everyone else onthe train, even the middle aged man in the suit that stuck his 2 fingers up at me.


Me at tonights Gary Numan gig

9th December 2006

Had a great night out with Debra tonight, we saw Gary Numan at the Forum in Kentish Town. Gary smiled at me, he must think me really cute. Didn't hang around long at the end, so sorry if we missed saying hi to anyone.

Hello to everyone on the train on our way home, hope you like the website. I'm off to bed now, I'm a tired little teddy bear.



5th December 2006


If anyone has ordered a T-Shirt via the e-commerce since 29th November could you please e-mail me bearsac@bearsac.com forwarding your PayPal Reference number and what size T-shirt/s you ordered. I have had to take the shop off-line until further notice.

T-Shirts can still be bought by cheque (on clearing) and by cash in person if in Borehamwood or London. You will have to email bearsac@bearsac.com

£4 childrens sizes ages 7 - 8 years 9 - 11years 12 - 13 years
£5 adults sizes S, L, XXL
p&p £1 for 1 T-Shirt. I will have to weigh and quote for more than 1

*teddy bear not included

The shop will hopefully be re-open soon.


3rd December 2006

I have a 17th problem on my Teddy Bear Problem page.

Anyone looking for free 17 inch LCD TV or free X box 360 or free Sony PSP, or 30 gig video i-pod on purchase of cool mobile phone check this link. http://www.mobilephones.co.nr/

25th November 2006

I know I have not updated my site for 3 weeks, and I apologise for being a bad tedy bear webhost. There are now new people on my Bearsac Meets Public page.

There was a good article on Asperger's syndrome for a change, it was in the Guardian. The following is a link to it on the net. http://money.guardian.co.uk/workweekly/story/0,,1950703,00.html

4th November 2006

Debra and I were in the village on our way home for some brunch when we bumped into her mate Punky who made us come to the pub. There I was photographed with a few people who are now on my Bearsac Meets Public page.

After being there a few hours all the noise, smoke and general bussle of a pub all got too much for Debra and her sensory overload even with her earplugs in. Having a near panic attack when the hand dryer went off as she walked past it in the lavatory, she decided it was time to escape and get home. The fireworks are driving her mad too so she has her music in full blast with her earplugs in to block out the banging of the fireworks. Alan is on his way over so I will look after her until he arrives.

1st November 2006

I forgot to put Graham on my Bearsac Meets Public page, sorry Graham, but you're there now.

My homepage was down yesterday for a while due to technical problems, but I sorted it out now, I blame Bill Gates!

I must go as my daughter is ill with teddyitus and I have to do the daddy bit.

18th October 2006

Today I met 2 more actors from Eastenders for my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks, hope you like the photo of yourselves if you see the site.

I also have another person on the Bearsac Meets Public page. Hello Karl, it was a real pleasure meeting you today, you are great to talk to and loved your raps about the Eastenders actors and characters.

15th October 2006

I am took my wife Tea and daughter Teasac to an opera tonight. The opera was 'Madame Teddy Bear' by Tedseppe Bearccini and is the first teddy bear opera in the UK. By nature of the limited teddy bear vocal, all the vocals were soprano or mezzo-soprano, which was really quite grating so we didn't stay too long. Instead we went bowling and Teasac forgot to let go of the bowl and followed her throw down the alley hitting the tenpins head on and knocking them al down in one, that's my girl!

1 October 2006

Choc-Ice and I attended a teddy bear conference in Debra's hotel room over the weekend whilst she was attending her work related conference. Choc-Ice was rather hung-over on Saturday morning so he did not accompany Debra and myself on our trip into Loughborough town to see the Carillon Bell and Museum. There is a photo of me at the Carillon on my UK page.

There is also another human in my Bearsac Meets Public ello Angela.

26 September 2006

Got caught up with some very happy Gooners on way home tonight. A group of Irish Gooners - as they wanted to be known - donned me in an Arsenal scarf and had their photo taken with me for my Bearsac Meets Public page. Arsenal beat Porto 2 - 0 in the Champions Leauge. Yeah Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrssnal!

13 September 2006

There is another human in my Bearsac Meets Public page, Richard who I met on the tube yesterday. There is also another photo on my Guest Bear page, Harvey and Harry.

4 September 2006

As it was nice day we took a walk down to the Arsenal training ground. We managed to get my photo with two more Arsenal players for my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks boys, hope you like the photo of yourselves if you see the site, make sure you tell the other players, Arsène Wenger, Liam Brady and Pat Rice to stop for me if they see me so they too can be on my website with me!

Get your free stickers by giving blood

3 September 2006

Debra gave blood today and I got a My Mum Gave Blood sticker. There is a shortage of blood so please if you can, do so. If you live in Borehamwood then the mobile unit is in Tesco carpark today until 4.30pm. Otherwise there are other places you can go at other times. If teddy bears had blood I would donate myself.

I would like to wish Debra's friend Jayne Happy Birthday.

There is now a photo of me outside Arsenals new ground in the UK page in the travel centre section of the website.

Freeslave warming up at City Hall for Saturday's Liberty Festival

29 August 2006

It's cool going to work with Debra as she gets to go to lots of cools events within disability campaigning such as the launch for the Liberty Festival which takes place on Saturday in Trafalgar Sq. This evening we did a bit of networking and saw 3 great bands, one of which is pictured above. Despite Debra getting a bit of sensory overload from some of the long notes and high pitches she enjoyed it as much as I did. She had toilet paper stuck in her ears as she had left hear earplugs in the office, so she looked as daft as she is. Booze and sensory overload can sometimes make her trip out, so she was on a bit of a buzz. Her buzzing seems to have the effect of making me buzz so I was a bit hyper on the train from West Hampstead to the Wood, but I think people enjoyed my buzzy teddy bear self tonight (apart from the man opposite me hiding behind his newspaper -- Booooo)

Thanks for all the emails of birthday greetings, it's very nice to know so many people love me.

Me and the gang taking a break from partying for a photo and cake on my 9th birthday

26 August 2006

Today is my 9th birthday. I've taken a little break from the party to update the diary with the photo before I'm in no fit state.

Thanks for the birthday greetings I received by email and thanks to Tim on the fruit and veg stall at Borehamwood market for the delious dough-nut he gave as my birthday present. Debra got me Ralph Lauren polo shirt which I am wearing in the photo.

There is a new guest on my guest bear page. Bryan, he is not a teddy bear but after lots of requests I have decided it is about time I was equal to all cuddly toys on my guest page. It was a pleasure to meet Bryan and his owner even though it short, if we meet again we can have a photo.

I have just been wished happy birthday by Colin Berry on 3 Counties Radio, cool. I'm guessing Debra emailed him.

Excuse me folks whilst I get back to partying and eating the yummy cake in the photo. Some of the crew are already looking a little green around the gills but my party must go on.

22 August 2006

There are 2 more photos in my Bearsac Meets Public page.

I taking this chance to draw peoples attention to the fact it is my 9th birthday on Saturday, so I expect lots of emails.

19 August 2006


We didn't have tickets to the Big Brother 7 Finale this year but we did run down to the studios after Pete came out of the house as winner. We are so happy Pete won, sorry if we disturbed anyone with our screams.

Pete was rushed into a car when he left the studios so we didn't get to meet him for me to be photographed with him. However, we did meet Lea, Lisa, Jayne, Shahbaz and also Russell Brand who all came over to say hi. They were all very nice and I got a snog off Jayne. I am photographed with them in my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page! Lea spoke to Alan on Debra's mobile and she also got Russell to speak to her colleauge and friend Ray, who is a fan of his. Russell has met Ray twice and when I explained who Ray was Russell said 'I love that guy' which was really cool. Ray is the one that was on the TV a few weeks ago taking part in a program about people with learning difficulties looking for love via a dating agency for people with learning difficulties. Anyone that saw it will be happy to hear Ray and his woman are still together.

I also had my photo taken with some of the BB7 fans, they are in my
Bearsac Meets Public page.
There is also a photo from the day before of Ruben and Glen on the train. Hello.


13 August 2006

Although there a few more pics to put in, we have uploaded the Japan page in the travel centre. I must get back to my daughter Teasac as she is scared of the thunder.

12 August 2006

Sorry for the delay in putting up the Japan page, we are having trouble choosing which photos to put in. Debra and I took 1346 photos whilst in Japan and are looking to put about 20 on the Japan page, so you can see how hard that is. We also need to go through 4 hours of camcorder footage to see if we can take any screen grabs to use as stills. Debra is a tired little human and has not had the energy needed to complete this mammoth task just yet!

Myself and all the other teddies have been mourning the deaths of Mabel, the teddy bear which once belonged to Elvis and all the other teddy bears in the mass slaughter during the week by the nasty dog Barney in a museum. We must be villigent but at the same time not see dogs as the enermy, there is good and bad in every dog but it's down to their humans to bring them up not to eat teddy bears.

17 July 2006

Eastenders fans, I have another eastenders actor on the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. This time it is Ricky Groves who plays Garry Hobbs. Sorry again Ricky for not recognising you before, we blame Debra's Asperger's syndrome which can mean she has difficulty recognising faces. If we missed anyone else by not recognising them then very sorry.

Thanks to the people concerned that Debra and I might have got sunburnt sitting outside the studios, but Debra had factor 25 on and I'm a teddy bear so don't get sunburnt anyway!

Me dressed as Pete Bennett from Big Brother 7
12 July 2006

Debra made me a Pete from BB7 outfit, I drew the line at her bleaching my fur into a blonde pete style though. Pete to win.

Make sure you watch or record 'Only Human' - Truely, Madly, Deeply' on Tomorrow night (Thursday 13th) 9pm, Channel 4. Two of Debra's colleauges are featured on it, Tamanna and Ray. The program is about people with learning difficulites using a dating agency run by and for people with learning difficulties. Tamanna and Ray are shown over a few months looking for love.

6 July 2006

I have now added the Poland page to the travel centre

4 July 2006

We got back from a 6 day trip to Poland late last night, we had a great time and will add a Poland page to the travel page within the next few days. We met some people during our time in Poland and they will be in my Bearsac Meets Public page. Sorry to those on the page where I don't have a name for you, we will put the name when we find the bit of paper we wrote it on, or you could email us. Sorry to the Irish girls in the hostel, we didn't even know your names at all, please email us and we can insert your names from left to right as in the photograph.

There will also be another person on my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page, although we are not too sure if he is really famous outside Poland or even in Poland but we put him in there anyway.

If the lady on the tube this morning who Debra called miserable is reading this then Sorry, she is a naughty teddy bear owner to say such a thing, and I am sorry too for my nastiness. I am a nice teddy bear and Debra is really a nice human even if she does embarrass me in public by kissing me all the time.

At Debra's work today we attended a meeting at The House of Commons, I was not allowed in wearing my England T-shirt and Debra had to take it off me, so I went in half naked!

After leaving Parliament Debra and I had dinner with her friend Simone in West Hampstead. If you are looking to go to a Sri Lankan restaurant, or just somewhere in West Hampstead then give the Elephant Walk a try. Lovely fresh nicely cooked food, good service, friendly staff. I shared Debra's vegtable hopper and pumpkin in coconut sauce with chuntny and enjoyed it very much, it was Bohoma rasay (Sinhala for Very Tasty).

Elephant Walk
98 West End Lane
West Hampstead

020 73283308


To anyone celebrating it, I wish you happy American Independence Day, today is the 30th birthday of the special day which celebrates Americas independence from Britain, is it only really that old? I believe that American Independence Day is also something for Britain to celebrate as it means we have given up the need to control another nation. Maybe President Bush will one day learn from this to give up the need to try and control the world.



Getting acquainted with The St Albans Morris Men

24 June 2006

We were just about to return home from the village when we spotted some strangely dressed men across the road. On closer inspection they turned out to be Morris Dancers.

A crowd of on lookers sat and watched as Debra and I got dragged in to take part. We got lifed up by the Morris Men at the end, good job Debra is only 8 stone, and me less than 2 lbs.

The St Albans Morris Men was formed in 1930 by Abbey members.

There is another person on my Bearsac Meets the Public Page we met him watching the Morris Men.




Shortbread (Chair) Tiny (Vice Chair) in seats
other committee members on the bookshelves

22 June 2006

I have become such a busy teddy bear that I have had to stand down as Chair of my teddy bear campaigning organisation. Caretaker Chair and Vice Chair until our AGM in the Autumn are Shortbread and Tiny (pictured above). The other committee members are on the bookshelves. I am encouraging my daughter Teasac to put herself forward to be elected onto the board as we need the voice of the young teddy bear.

I have just added a screenshot that Alan took from the recording on his computer of Debra on Channel 5 News the other day, so scroll down to the previous entry (19 June) underneath the photo. The screen shot is clearer so you can see me a bit better than the photo.



Debra on Channel 5 News today.
( you might just see my head to her right on the sofa)

19 June 2006

Debra was on Channel 5 News this afternoon. As she has Asperger's syndrome she was asked what her view is of testing of embryos and abortion of them if they have a condition.

The bit screened was just a small part of what she said about the abortion of embryos considered abnormal, so it may have sounded out of context where the part of the news item screened was only talking about testing embryos for conditions and not abortion.

Although not screened, Debra was also filmed being asked about her life and what she thought about abortion of 'abnormal' embryos, she was saying she has a good quaility of life despite having Asperger's and that she and other people with other conditions have as much right to live than those that think embryos deemed abnormal should be aborted. Due to the short slot for space on the news feature of course not all of it can be screened, so Debra has added her thoughts below to make bring what she said into context and to elaborate on what she feels (in brief).

Screening embryos for conditions is not the problem as this means from an early stage in someone's life they can have the 'right' support 'if any is needed'. The problem is aborting embryos just because they are deemed 'abnormal'.

We fought the war against the Nazi's and their genetic idealism but aborting embryos deemed imperfect is advocating nazi idealism.

It is the law around what happens as the result of the testing that creates problems not so much the testing itself. I would suggest to those people that advocate killing embryos for being autistic or having another condition that they think about taking their own lives.

I can imagine that the people that think it is OK to murder embryos that don't fit into societies view of what is acceptable would have a problem with me suggesting that!

Watch Channel 5 News at 7pm just incase it is on again, but seeing as it is a shorter news program than the 5.30 edition it might not be screened again.

The same clip was repeated on the 7pm edition of Channel 5 News, we were hoping it would be a clip more in context with the feature, but that's life.

By the way the newscaster said Debra 'SUFFERS' from Asperger's syndrome. Debra does not feel she SUFFERS from it, only the ignorance of other people that think it something to SUFFER from; but I'm sure they didn't mean it that way, it's just a thing the media are in a bad habit of saying.


Walking with the Hare Krishna float - Borehamwood Carnival

17 June 2006

Had a great day today. I wore orange and white and took part in the Hare Khrishna carnival. As ever, the Hare Khrishna float won best walking float, and I was proud to be part of it. Debra wore one of their brilliantly made peacock costumes, shame there wasn't one to fit me. We had a fab old chanting session and I got spotted by a few people as we went passed the people lined streets. By the way of thanks to the Hare Krishnas', I'd like to say Hare Khrishna!



14 June 2006

2nd update today

Today I met Natalia in Shenley Road, we had our photo taken together and it is on the Bearsac Meets Public page along with Bea mentioned earlier below.

Earlier update

Sorry Bea, I forgot to update the Bearsac Meets Public page with your photograph from yesterday on the train. We got in late last night as we bumped into a friend of Debra's on the bus after Debra's work and we went back to her flat until 11pm. The photo is now there. I'm off for my teddy bear yoga session now folks, need to loosen up the old stuffing in the limbs.


7 June 2006

2nd update today

I met some more of the Eastenders cast this evening, including Wendy Richard who looked very beautiful and different to Pauline. We must say sorry to JoeJoe Kpobie & Mo George for forgetting to give them my website card, hope you get to see it anyway.
See who else we got on my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks for your time.

earlier update

I took my daughter Teasac to tread jelly babies to make jelly baby wine; we had lovely weather for it. The only thing about the sunny weather is it brings out the bees and Teasac got stung by the biggest buzziest bee we have ever seen. Needless to say we didn't hang around for the teddy bears picnic which will start afterwards but came home as Teasac was in a lot of pain and wanted her mummy. Tea is nursing Teasac back to her usual carefree self.

I met two lovely young ladies today in Borehamwood Amy and Damilola, they are the latest addition to my Bearsac Meet Public page.




7 June 2006

2nd update today

I met some more of the Eastenders cast this evening, including Wendy Richard who looked very beautiful and different to Pauline. We must say sorry to JoeJoe Kpobie & Mo George for forgetting to give them my website card, hope you get to see it anyway.
See who else we got on my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks for your time.

earlier update

I took my daughter Teasac to tread jelly babies to make jelly baby wine; we had lovely weather for it. The only thing about the sunny weather is it brings out the bees and Teasac got stung by the biggest buzziest bee we have ever seen. Needless to say we didn't hang around for the teddy bears picnic which will start afterwards but came home as Teasac was in a lot of pain and wanted her mummy. Tea is nursing Teasac back to her usual carefree self.

I met two lovely young ladies today in Borehamwood Amy and Damilola, they are the latest addition to my Bearsac Meet Public page.



22 May 2006

I am so annoyed with the weatherpersons for sending us all the rain in the last two days, we were meant to have a teddy bears picnic and I was going to show how fatherly I have become by taking my daugher Teasac. These weather people have no consideration for the needs of a teddy bear. Despite my problems I am always there for teddy bears with problems and there is a 16th problem on my Teddy Bear Problem page.



16 May 2006

There is yet another photo on my Bearsac Meets Celebrity page. groovy Colin Berry, broadcaster on 3 Counties Radio (The Club) and Newscaster on Radio 2.

Colin used to be on the pirate radio station Radio Caroline, radio 1 and has even he's been spokesperson for the UK jury in the Eurovision Song Contest.

I have spoken to Colin on his 3 Counties Radio show 'The Club' which is on saturday nights 9pm to 12am.

Hello Colin



12 May 2006

Apologies for the lengh of time without an update. Debra has had lots of trouble with her (now Ex) ISP. We had no internet connection for 3 weeks as they were down yet again. We now have a new ISP who hopefully are a lot better than E7even. NEVER have E7even as your ISP, they are total poo. The connection (when on) is slow, the customer service is diabolical as we have never been able to speak to anyone as you just get a answer phone after lots of waiting and don't phone you back. They didn't respond to our emails and have a premium rate number to call rather than a 0845 one like our new ISP. E7even are rated as the worst in rating guides. Anyway, that's enough slating for one day.

Debra, myself, Tea and Teasac just got back from Berlin late last night, we spent 3 days in Germany and saw Gary Numan in concert. I have just updated my Travel page with a Germany link on my travel page.

Hello to everyone we met in Germany and on the way home.

There is also another photo on my Bearsac Meets Celebrity page. Musicians Richard Beasley and Ade Orange who we met outside the venue before the Gary Numan gig in Berlin.



Serenaded by Tony Benedict - The Kings of Swing


Getting acquainted with The Kings of Swings Mark Porter






18 April 2006

Today was Debra's 39th Birthday. I went with her and Alan to see The Kings of Swing in Dartford. Debra and I had seen them before but it was Alans first time. He had been miserable all day and didn't change his mood once we were there. What made things worse for him was he went out during the performance to get a drink and was not allowed back to his seat, which is just as well as Debra enjoyed herself more without moany Al sat next to her when Tony Benedict serenaded first herself, with the Italian bit in Volare, and then me (as you can see in the photo above where he is laying down with me).

I also got held by Mark Porter on stage and we got to meet them after the show too along with Paul Pashleigh who at 26 has a great voice. They are all great as is the Kings of Swing Orchestra. There was a guest appearance from the brilliant Lynn Kennedy who I think had her eye on me. It was great hearing all the old swing songs but it would be great to hear them do their own swing songs aswell, god knows we need some new swing singers and songs instead of all the rubbish we have in the pop charts.

I am sure some of you regular visiters to my site live near enough to Bedford to go and see The Kings of Swing at The Corn Exchange on the 8th June, so treat yourself to what will be a great night out. The website for the USO Productions does not have tour dates but there are contact details for information


See the Kings of Swing in my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.

Debra made me a black suit for the night, it was one of her very rushed jobs and she never works to a pattern. She just randomly estimates the shape and size she needs to cut out and where to sew and if it doesn't fit or look good it's my fault for being the wrong size or shape to fit it! Still from a distance it looks fine.


Sorry to end on bad news I'm sure some of my fans will find this sad (mind you some people will be relieved), but from June you will see and hear even less of me on the train as Debra will be only working 1 day a week. She had her days cut from 5 to 2 over a year ago and now it's even worse; but that's the downfall of working for a organisation that relies on funding.

If there are any funders out there amoungst you I appeal for you to email Debra via my email bearsac@bearsac.com

The organisation Debra works for is run
by and for people with learning difficulties. They campaign for the rights of people with learning difficulties and give training and infomation to it's members and also professionals on how to consult with people with learning difficulties.
This is not a patronising 'do gooding' organisation run by people that don't have a learning difficulty, it is a dynamic organisation where the Director, Manager and Project Workers all have learning difficuties and are paid a proper wage, not cooped up in some day centre stuffing boxes for £5 a day.

Despite the bad news of Debra now being 1 day a week, she is happy as she is now a Project Worker rather than a Support Worker and can have responsibility rather than just supporting (which was great too). This is due to Debra being diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome which counts as a social learning difficulty.



14 April 2006

I was just on 3 Counties Radio just after 3.30pm on the Justin Dealey show. He was asking people who their favorite Dr Who is. I rang in to say it was Tom Baker because he ate jelly babies like teddy bears do. I was also asked by one of the production team (I think) called Mick (I think) what topping to put on a pizza. Of course I answered jelly babies and that they should be minced then sprinkled on the pizza which tastes best when gone cold as the jelly baby sprinkles congeal.

Wishing everyone celebrating it a very happy Easter

There are 2 more photos in the Borehamwood section of my UK page which is a recent addition on the Travel page.



11 April 2006

I spent the morning arranging dates and other details for the teddy bear picnic season which is soon to start, other than that I had an easy day sleeping on Debra's desk. Nasty Kevin tried to beat me up whilst I slept though (Ellen if you read this HIT HIM).

There is another person on my Bearsac Meets Public page; nice meeting you Matt.



I'm sure spring is around here somewhere

8 March 2006

Had a quick visit to some of Londons sights on the way to Debra's art group. There is a new page on my travel page it is photos of me around the UK (only England so far). Some pics were taken today.

There is also another photo on my Bearsac Meets Public page, a nice German family. Hi.

I would like to wish all the best to everyone celebrating International Romani Day today.

If anyone has emailed in the last few months and not got any response then I may not havr seen your email. I have now sorted out the problem so email me again.



2 April 2006

Debra and I spoke on 3 Counties Radio this afternoon on the Treasure Hunt Show. We didn't take part in the treasure hunt but Debra rang in when they asked if anyone has T-shirt with something unusual on it. She said about our Bearsac T-shirts (which are still for sale b.t.w). I spoke on air, they had the cheek to say I sounded like Debra!

Not bad, I've been on TV (see last entry below) and radio in less than a week!

There is a 15th Problem on teddy bear problem page



Another TV moment - Debra to the right on the screen and me bearly visable!
Clifford in the middle


30 March 2006

Well, who saw us on telly this morning? If you blinked you would have missed me but maybe spotted Debra.
(Fresh - Disabled and Looking For Love - 12.15am BBC3)

We were filmed talking to Clifford in the pub, we had a nice converstion with him but a lot was cut out. It was a shame that DANDA only got mentioned once the during the program compared to Outsiders which was mentioned all through.

I don't know if it will be repeated if anyone missed it so hope the photo Debra took of me by the TV with the video paused is enough for you. You may need to squint though to see me on the screen!

We would like to wish Clifford all the best in finding a woman whether is with his dating agency 'The Outsiders' or DANDA or even at the Arsenal!

Anyone that might think Debra is cheating on her boyfriend Alan by joining a dating agency, this is not the case, DANDA and the Outsiders are not related and DANDA (Developmental Adult Neuro-Diversity Association) is not a dating agency, although any members looking for love might find it at one of the social nights!

Good luck Clifford, We look forward to chatting to you if we see you again at another DANDA social night.



28 March 2006

Debra and I might be on TV again. Debra has Asperger's syndrome and is a member of group that includes people that have Asperger's and other neuro diversesities.
She attends social nights in a pub and one night they were filming another member called Clifford.
The details follow, but it might be good to point out - in case editing of the footing portrays things differently to how it really was - that when Debra was asked if she wanted to see Clifford again she said
"Yes, in this sort of setting/environment" meaning as a group and not just "yes" as in a date!
It would not be good for either Clifford or Debra's Boyfriend to get the wrong idea. We both really enjoyed talking to Clifford and hope to see him again as a friend at other social nights.


Disabled And Looking For Love
Thu 30 Mar, 12:15 am - 1:10 am
(55mins) BBC
Four disabled people look for love. This film follows them in their search to see if they can find the partner of their dreams.

Thursday morning at 12:15 am (i.e. just after Wednesday night).

Clifford; 55 is a gardener, a die-hard Arsenal supporter and leads a hectic social life. The only thing he hasn't got is a girlfriend. He's determined that in spite of his autism he will find that special someone to make his life complete.

So get your Vids set!


Met cute 11 month old Maisie on the Thameslink today, she is on my Bearsac Meets The Public page. Hi Maisie and her mum and dad.



25 March 2006

Today is my daughter Teasac's 2nd birthday. Now I am home I am going to spoil her rotten. Thanks to Sally for e-mailing your birthday wishes, Teasac is very happy. I am not quite sure where she is at the moment, she is playing hide and seek, in fact I can't find any of the teddies. Maybe I should eat all the jelly baby sandwiches whilst they are in hiding, hee hee.

I met some more people on my travels to and from Debra's art group today, they are on my Bearsac Meets The Public page. Hello to Darly, Helen, Laura & Anne, Sophie & Kayleigh and the Singing Flowers who really livened up the train journey. Sophie & Kayleigh don't normally take singing flowers around with them, they won them at The Ideal Homes Show.

Hello also to the little girl with the teddy bear and her parents and everyone else we met today, even man next to me on the Northern line that would not let me have any of his water.

I must go now and look like I really want to play hide and seek. Oh, the trails of being a daddy.



23 March 2006

Today Debra's work found us at the Novatel Hotel in Hammersmith for the Disability Capital Conference. We met quite a few people there, some are in my
Bearsac Meets The Public
page , as is a nice lady on the 292.
We also met Actor / Comedian Poet Mat Fraser who is the latest addition to my
Bearsac Meets Celebrities

It was a long day and debra was getting attacked by sensory overload from a horn that was blown after each speaker had had their 2 minuets worth. Even with her ear plugs in it was too much for her, so if anyone was annoyed by her reaction to the overload then sorry but tough, it was not accessible to people with sensory overload so I don't blame her.

Ken Livingstone was due to speak at the conference, but as per usual was unable to attend, but that's politicians for you.

After the conference there was a caberet night with Mat Fraser who got me up on stage, Francesca Martinez who used to be in Grange Hill and now does stand up comedy. There was also a crazy jazz band called Led Bib and a couple of other acts. We had a fun night and met some more people on the way home.

I'm off to bed now x x x x



22 March 2006

I have just spoken to Rosebeary Roberts (MP for Teddy Bears). She has been in Parliament to see how the 2006 budget affects us teddy bears. Once again Gordon Brown's budget has overlooked the teddy bears need for free honey. The good news in Labour's 10th budget is that there was no VAT on childrens' flip flops!



Me at Penny Lane

18 March 2006

Debra had to go to Liverpool again with her work. We spent some time in town today visiting Penny Lane. The Barber shop in the song Penny Lane is not even in Penny Lane, (poetic licence we were told by the nice lady in a bar in Penny Lane who gave us directions to the Barber shop which is now a unisex hairdressers). Debra took my photo in the window of the barber/hairdressers with a modle of the Penny Lane road sign.

We next went to Goodison Park to take my photo outside there (hello to the policemen we met today at Goodison and the horse which upon one was sat.
You are in the Bearsac meets the public page in the photo album.

We then to the World Museum which is real cool and worth a visit if in Liverpool and it's free to enter. http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/wml/

As usual when we go to Liverpool, we met lots of nice friendly people, hi to you all. Hi to everyone we met in the train back to Euston, especially the mother and daughter from New York and the Man we thought looked a little bit like Tony Adams ex Arsenal player.

We took too many photos today to put them all in the diary but once we have set up the UK page on the travel section we will put them in the Liverpool section which will be part of it.

Big thanks to the men in the Green Dragon in the Wood. If we see you again we owe you a drink but you will have to let us know who you are as we are real bad with faces.



Me dressed as King Ahasuerus for Purim

14 March 2006

It's a time of year to dress in fancy dress and eat Hamens ears. It's Purim.

Purim commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. The heroes of the story are Esther, a beautiful young Jewish woman living in Persia, and her cousin Mordecai, who raised her as if she were his daughter.

Esther became part of King Ahasuerus's harem. King Ahasuerus loved Esther more than his other women and made her Queen.

The villain of the story is Haman, the kings's advisor. Haman hated Mordecai because Mordecai refused to bow down to Haman, so Haman plotted to destroy the Jewish people.

Haman planned to kill all of the Jews. Mordecai persuaded Esther to speak to the king on behalf of the Jewish people. This was a dangerous thing for Esther to do, because anyone who came into the king's presence without being summoned could be put to death, and she had not been summoned.

Esther fasted for three days to prepare herself, then went into the king. He welcomed her. Later, she told him of Haman's plot against her people. The Jewish people were saved, and Haman was hanged on the gallows that had been prepared for Mordecai.


Debra and I are currently listening to Gary Numan's new album 'Jagged' which was released yesterday. It is brill, especially loud. I hope we get to hear the whole album before we go out.

Hello to all the people I met today on various form of transport and in various shops.



Me on the Prime Meridian Line

11 March 2006

This afternoon, before Debra's art group, we had a quick visit to Greenwich to have my photo taken on the Prime Meridian Line. A nice young lady held me so Debra could take the photo. Thanks nice young lady, and hi to all the other people I met there and on my travels today too.

The Prime Meridian line is an imaginary line which running between the North and South Poles. By international convention it runs through "the primary transit" instrument (main telescope) at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. It is known at Zero Longitude and it is the line from which all other lines of longitude are measured. This includes the line that runs 180° away from Greenwich also known as the International Date Line. (No not a phone line to look for dates!)

The Prime Meridian Line divides the western hemiphere and eastern hemisphere. Some of London is in the east and some in the west. The thing that I don't understand is why are europeans further east than east the meridian line called westerners when they are in the eastern hemiphere. If anyone knows please email me.

To find out more about the Prime Meridian Line see this link. http://wwp.greenwichmeridian.com/




3 March 2006

My daughter Teasac is ill with teddyitus, so I am requesting that you all send healing thoughts to her so she can recover quickly. Thank you.

I'm in the wars too, I got injured in my hockey match for Teddy bear Rovers yesterday and have a swollen ankle. We drew but Igot all our goals cause i'm so soo good.



21 February 2006

My wife 'Tea' and I are back from our honeymoon. What a wonderfully groovy time we had; but sorry, we cannot show any of the photographs, not even to Debra!

We spent a week in sunny Bearmuda, a small island near Bermuda that is just for teddy bears. Our accommodation was in a treehouse on the beach from where we watched turtles lay their eggs and also saw beautiful wading birds wade in the crystal water.

It was great to spend time alone with my wife and have time away from Debra, she can be a bit intense at times. (Hope she doesn't read this!)

By the way -- Tea's wedding dress was a pair of Debra's knickers, but don't tell her I told you!


Husbear and wife

14 February 2006 ----- Bearsac and Tea's Valentine Wedding

Hello, it's Debra. Bearsac has asked me to update his diary as he has now gone off for his honeymoon.

Yes, Bearsac is married. He and Tea have finally tied the knot. It took place at 8pm tonight but was meant to be 7am this morning. Tea, jilted Bearsac this morning as she had second thoughts because she was still angry that he had been seeing other bears whilst living with her. However, they talked things through together and also spoke to their Matron of Honour (Katie) and Best Man (Choc-Ice) and Tea decided afterall to get married. Luckily there was a slot at 8pm at the teddy bear wedding centre. It was a quiet service and short as they were eager to get off on honeymoon. Their daughter Teasac is being looked after by the other teddies while the newly weds are away for the week long honeymoon in a secret location even I don't know of.

I'm a very proud mummy/owner/teddy bear medium and I hope you all are sending your best thoughts to the happy couple.



12 February 2006

Yesterday afternoon Debra and I went to meet some friends to go to look around the National Gallery. We got to Trafalgar Square early and there was a Rally taking place, 'United Against Islamophobia'. We spent some time talking to people and even met a woman that Debra had met at Capital Woman Conference.
I was chatting to another woman when 4 or 5 photographers started taking photos of us talking I think they thought it would make an interesting photo as I had my star of David on as I'm a nice Jewish teddy bear and we assume the woman was Muslim. Debra was a bit nervous of all the fuss but I took it in my stride. It was nice to show our support and I like to think I was representing Jewish support to the fight against Islamophobia.

Sadly once the other girls turned up we had to leave to go to the art gallery but it was nice to see some of the pictures we had not seen before. In the Portraight Gallery there was a table where you could draw self portraights; I drew a self portraight and I was also drawn by a nice young man, we both stuck our picutures up but his was better than mine but my excuse is that I had Debra holding my paw!

I met lots of people during my day out and I was almost too tired to go on my stag night. However, after are few jelly baby energy drinks I was ready to go.

What a night last night was! I know yesterday I said I would tell you how my stag night went but I really cannot tell you what pranks the other teddies played on me. Luckily after I had sobered up enough to explain it was a stag night prank the police let me out of the cell and they even washed my clothes. I'm gonna have to have serious word with some of the other teddies when they wake up.



11 February 2006

I thought it was about time I had a more visable permanent link to Debra's Asperger's syndrome page as it is not too easily come by unless you are on the bookworms page and link from there. There is now a link to the Asperger's page from the notice board in the house. We met someone on the bus that we discussed Asperger's with and whom might want to find out more about it so for his sake and others have hopefully made the page easier to come by. You can also click the link here to go to the Asperger's syndrome page.

I am having my stag night tonight so I will let you kow how it went.




8 February 2006



29 January 2006

Sorry I forgot to update my Bearsac Meets The Public Page yesterday with a photo of a lovely young lady I met on the Thameslink yesterday. She is now on that page but silly Debra can't remember if her name was Kelli or Kerri, she remembers it was with an i though! Hello to you and your mum. x x x x x

This has prompted me to update my About Me page to include something about Debra that might explain her problem remembering names and faces and other things she has difficulty with. She has mild Asperger's syndrome and has a page that explains a small amount about it.

I'd like to wish happy new year to everyone celebrating the chiniese new year today, it is theyear of the dog this year.



27 January 2006

Sorry I have not updated for a about 3 weeks, Our ISP have been upgrading their service and we have not been able to get online, plus Debra has a new hard drive and so had to reinstall everything.

A lot of badness has been going down in the teddy bear community but it's all down to humans. Rosebeary Roberts, MP for Teddy Bears was bearnapped by bearnapping humans intent on getting their hands on lots of lolly for her safe return. Luckily she escaped when a herd of cows trampled on the bearnapper in the shed they had imprisoned our lady MP in. She took the keys to the lock and let her self out calling the police who took the men and locked them up still covered in cow poo!

A large amount of honey was stolen in a robbery of the honey store that supplies honey to homeless teddies. We don't yet know if the robbers where human or teddy bears as they left no prints.

Cheating took place in the first round of the Cutest Teddy Bear Contest but for legal reasons I am unable to give details of the nature of the cheating.

The good news is that I scored the winning goal for the Teddy Bear Harriers in a game that takes us to the top of the table in the Cuddly Toy Hockey League.



Me in my Hockey kit

6 January 2006

Today I played my first game of Teddy Bear Hockey for the Teddy Bear Harriers. The cool kit and helmet was a Christmas and Chanukah present. We lost but I scored a hat-trick which is good for my first game.



5 January 2006

Well it was back to work today for Debra and me which meant back on the Thameslink. We met a nice young lady that got on at Mill Hill and she was handing out leaflets about her first novel she has written.
Hi Victoria, hope you are having some success with the book. I have promoted it in my Bookworms page and there is a link to her book page on the pegasus publishers website where it can be bought.



1 January 2006

Well it's the start of yet another year, I wish it be a happy one for everyone and I wish to get rid of the awful hangover I have too. I hope people's pets are OK now after all the fireworks that were going off at midnight and for following hour or so, I know all us teddies were terrified and jumping out of our furs.

My new years resolution was to make a new diary rather than just adding to the old one that I've had for 2 or 3 years. Hopefully you will find it quicker to load; but don't quote me on that!

For those of you that don't yet know, I am putting up some slightly old news (albeit only a week old). I was in the Borehamwood Times, see below and click on image of article to go to Borehamwood Times story on their website.

The paper said I was married but that was a mistake. However, what it has done is prompted me to pop the question to my good lady Tea. Last night, before I was drunk, I got down on bended knee and asked her to be my wife. She said yes providing I stay faithful unto her. She has forgiven me for having relationships outside ours and has got over the upset of reading in the paper about my open relationship with her which she knew nothing of..

We will get married on Valentines day this year. I know that a lot of lovelies will be disapointed, but I'm sure lots of people and teddies will be happy for me.

Me and Debra in the Borehamwood Times