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Diary 2007


25th December 2007

Christmas greetings to all that are celebrating it. Debra thinks it's all humbug but I won't that impead on my enjoyment with my family as we celebrate.

Have fun everyone, I will let you know how we got on later.

There is a 20th problem now on the problem page


10th December 2007

Sorry for my neglect of the website of late, I have been busy helping Debra write her book about her travels with me.

My two kids have been pestering me with requests for presents for Christmas, any of you with kids will know what I am going through.

My Son Bearnado is playing baby Jesus in his school's nativity play. Teasac will be the narator; Tea and I are very proud parents.

Anyway, I must crack the whip and get Debra back to writing.

Bye all x x x

30th November 2007

This morning we met a woman who asked if I was Mohammed; I usually get asked if I am Mr Bean's teddy Bear, so I was intriuged to find out why this time Mohammed.

The woman told Debra and I of a recent incident in Sudan where a teacher had been threatened with lashes or time in jail for allowing her pupils to name a teddy bear Mohammed.

Of course as soon as we got home we googled for the story; and here within these links it lays.


Video clip

For fear of being arrested I will avoid comment!

22nd November 2007

I have been getting a few emails, and Debra has been asked of my whereabouts. Debra has been seen in Borehamwood without me!

No need to worry, I am still alive (well in a teddy bear sense anyway). It is just that I am falling apart and need to stay home an have a break rather than go out in the elements.

Not much has happned to tell of, but any of you that have teddy bears and you do not know their birthday - then on the 28th this month is the International Birthday of Teddy Bears. It will be 105 years on that day since the first teddy bear, so any teddies who do not know their birthday can celebrate it on that day. Maybe someof you will email photos of your teddies celebrating.

Me and my brother Choc-Ice about to go trick or treating

31st October 2007

It's that time of year when scary creatures and people make their prescence known and pumpkins are mutilated by a having a face carved into them and having candles put inside. However, the origin of halloween has stem from a pagan festival called Samhain but seeing as I am going to be too busy Trick or Treating, I will just post a Halloween link about it.

27th October 2007

Anyone wanting to buy a Bearsac.com T-Shirt should be aware that we have just 8 remaining.

Adult sizes £5 excluding p&p and paypal
1 x XXL
5 x small

Childrens sizes £4 excluding p&p and paypal
1 x 12-13 years
1 x 9-11 years

It might be best to email first before paying on paypal to make sure we still have your size in stock as my paypal account does not keep track of how many of each size there are.

see the shop

26th October 2007

I got a new chair, I got a new chair. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Meet BalloonCat

13th October 2007

On seeing lots of people with balloon animals in the village, we hunted out the source. Alerted by the sight of a yellow and green balloon archway into a new shop in the boulevard 'Pets At Home' we went in to go get a teddy bear balloon made for me and to see if they had any cute animals in there. There were hampsters, rabbits, fish and just about every dog in Borehamwood on a dogs shopping spree with thier owners. The nice balloon man couldn't make me a teddy bear but made me a cat instead.

Anyone buying a pet, remember it is for life and treat them nice. Don't forget the smaller petshop on Shenley road though for your pet toys and accessories.

11th October 2007

I have been a busy teddy bear the last few days and so forgot to update my Bearsac Meets Public page with Peter and Mercy who we met at Disability Capital on Monday. Hello to you both, and good speech Peter.

Yes, accessible tube trains will be coming on the Victoria Line. Mind you, not much point if the stations are not accessible!

For anyone I have told in the last few days there was a video Caaled Bearsac and The Balloon on Google Videos, that could not find it, I am sorry; silly Debra forgot to upload it. It is there now, so look for Bearsac and The Balloon video/audio slideshows

4th October 2007

Debra and I have made new video/audio slideshow in the gallery of our interview on Three Counties Radio. The sound is quite bad for the interview though as Debra could only record it via the lap-top's speaker and tiny on-board mic. It took Debra over 7 hours non-stop to capture, and edit the video/slideshow and it is only about 11 minuets long. The of course there is the uploading time.

3rd October 2007

Me and Debra were interviewed by Katherine Boyle and Roberto Perrone of Three Counties Radio. 103.8fm. (frequencies varie depending on your location) It was aired today at about 6.15am.

We had a nice time in the studio and meeting Katherine and Roberto. See them in my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Thanks to you both.

Silly Debra forgot to mention that she is writing a book about her travels with me, so pop back to my bit of cyberspace folks to find when it is ready; this might be about half way through next year.


30th September 2007

My son Bearnardo fell in the duck pond this morning and I had to rescue him. Just as I was dragging him to the edge of the bank I got attacked by a demented duck and now have a broken paw, poor me. Bearnardo was fine and just sat there laughing at me, making no attempt to scare off the duck; that's the last time I take him to feed those pesky water birds.

There are links to more short audio visual productions made over the last couple of days you can see them by clicking here.

24th September 2007

I have been busy the last few days being a movie star and editor. There are so far 5 productions featuring either me or my friends. The permanent link will be from the gallery but for now you can can see them by clicking here.

These are our first attempt and we have no instructions for the rather rubbish Windows Movie Maker.

14th September 2007

I would like to ask everyone to send healing thoughts to my daughter Teasac. She broke both her arms when she fell off the bookshelf. She was very brave not even crying. She is however in a lot of pain and has to have her little brother Bearnardo run around doing things for her. Things are fine other than this.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.


Meet Mortimer

2nd September 2007

We had a busy day at Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival in Kennsington today; we met lots of humans and teddy bears. Big hello to Pat, Maria, Mariam who we met in the queue and to Amanda of Hairy Hugs (my Myspace friend);
you are all in my Bearsac Meets Public page.

Debra - who has Asperger's syndrome was very overloaded after all the sensory information to take in at the fair, the array of colours of teddies, the dustiness of the old ones and all the movement and noise of the crowd;. She was sneezing and scatching her nose most of the time in there, we think she might be allergic to mohair - was was in bed by 5.30pm.

Debra had not intended to buy a teddy bear, just to promote my website a bit and look for information. However, she couldn't resist the teddy bear above which we have named Mortimer.


Taking a break from meeting people at Liberty
in Trafalgar Square

1st September 2007

I had a groovy day in Trafalgar Square today at
Liberty - London's Disability Rights Festival. We were there in connection to Debra's job but she only needed to work for 2 hours so we boogied away in the music area, meeting lots of people who have joined others on my Bearsac Meets Public page. Hello to everyone we met today.

Liberty is a free festival of music, arts and dance; many of the performers are disabled. Everyone is welcome at this annual event held since 2003.

Liberty's fifth birthday event hosted a programme of: street arts, comedy and cabaret, visual arts and film, aerial and circus, carnival, children's arts, music and dance stalls and displays. Look out for it next summer.

30th August 2007

I had a top day today. I met more celebrities from Eastenders and was a real lucky teddy to have been taken onto the set and photogrpahed by a very, very nice person there. Thank you from my furry heart; I have a present for you that we will try get to you tomorrow to say thank you; we really appreciated your time today.

See who I met today on the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page and see photos of me in and around Albert Square on my new addition to the website, my Eastenders page.

Too far-gone to choose

27th August 2007

I am now into double figures; I was 10 yesterday. I had a bit of a party and it had me out flat for the best part of today, I'm still a bit groggy.

Well the summer honored me with good weather yesterday so I partied on chilled Pimms and then got less discerning as the day progressed into early hours of this morning. It was a nightmare tidying up this afternoon, Debra was not happy about the mess, but the recycling bins will be happy.

Thanks to those that emailed me birthday greetings.


23rd August 2007

Thanks for the emails wishing my wrist better, it still hurts but not as much.

This is just a quick reminder that it is my 10th birthday on Sunday 26th August, so I will be expecting lots of birthday emails.

15th August 2007

Poor me, I sprained my wrist during ice hockey practice this morning; how will the team do without me, we may even get relegated if I'm out too long. I need lots of positive energy projected to me in thought, so think me better.

My son Bearnardo is leaning to fish with my wife Tea but he nearly got dragged into the water when he caught a giant water snail too big for him too reel in; he is OK though, just a little shell shocked.

On a better note my daughter Teasac won a rock climbing contest and is on target to be the first teddy under 6 inces to be champion of the world in rock climbing.

1st August 2007

Today I met an enormouse dog in Borehamwood station called Buster. He and his owne Nick are in the Bearsac Meets Public page.

I would like to say thank you to Vicky for dropping me and Debra back home fromt the Green Dragon; also a a big hello to eveyone in there.


27th July 2007

Debra had a meeting in Hitchen to attend this morning. We spent the afternoon roaming around the pretty market town afterwards. A big hello to everyone we met today, especially the ones in the Bearsac Meets Public page. There are photos of me in Hitchin on my
page in the travel centre.

Anyone that lives in Hitchen and hasn't tried it, or anyone visiting, give 'Chilli Bannana' a try for yummy Cibatta sandwiches. I shared Debra's yummy one - 'Conan The Vegetarian' (with sweet chilli replacing the mayonnaise) - sitting by the duck pond by the church; it was a pleasure to have some sun for a change.

Chilli Bananna is at:

32 Bucklersbury


I'm guessing the long lunch-time queue amid an array of other options was because of the excellent choice of sandwiches and on-first-name-terms with customers service of the friendly effiecient staff.


Check out my smart casual look


All I need now is some sun

11th July 2007

What do you recon to my new clothes; I was given them by a lovely lady called Melony, from Preston. Thanks again if you read this.

I agrivated an old ankle injury last night playing hockey, so if you see me about give me a kiss to make it better.

Lets all pledge to make the most of this horrid summer we are having; I am going to wear my new red summer gear today in defiance to the bad weather. I won't be beaten!

Evening update

This morning I met Jimmy, a cute little 7 month old Chihuahua that gets carried in a handbag when travelling on trains. He was off with his owner to meet his friend Bambi. Jimmy has clothes like I do but he was not wearing any today. There is a photo of my with Jimmy on my
Bearsac Meets Public page.

Guess who this is

27th June 2007

I was in Camden Town this morning and bumped into this person being filmed for a well known TV program. I'm not sure if he counts as a celebrity or not but the test might be in if he can be recognised. No prices for guessing correctly though!

Me and First Capital Connect customers taking direct action

14th June 2007

Passengers revolt

Passengers had had enough this evening on this second day of severe delays on First Capital Connect trains due to signal failure. After about 20 minuets wait at West Hampstead Thameslink station we were asked to disembark as the train was now terminating in order to thin out the string of trains caught up in the backlog.

A man in a pink T-shirt (that's his shoulder in the bottom right hand corner of the photo) asserted that we should have stayed on the train. Many people made alternative arrangements, no doubt taking them a long time to get home. However, when another train pulled in and finally opened its doors, some time after the one that we got off, we all piled into it. An announcement to disembark as the train was terminated resulted in a number of human's and one teddy bear (me) staying put in protest. The driver did his utmost to convince us to get off. Some did of course SCABS! but enough of us stayed on in protest so that there was no choice but for First Capital Connect to continue the journey.

So people, if you find yourselves in this situation STAY ON THE TRAIN.


me with newlyweds Olcay and Andrew

9th June 2007

I was attended the wedding of Debra's boss Andrew and colleauge Olcay this morning, please tost the happy couple. I am off to the reception soon.


19th May 2007

Myself and all Debra's other teddies just took part with other teddies in the teddy bear tug of war competition. It was boy teddies against girls. I am shamed to say that the girls won. However, I at least got to have a few sips of their champagne.

There is a 19th problem on the Teddy Bear Problem page.

3rd May 2007

Yesterday I got injured falling out of a barrel full of jelly babies. I was rather over excited as it was the first time this year I have had the time to partake in my hobby or crushing jelly babies to make Jelly Baby Wine. I am OK though, it's just a swollen ankle.

It is my owner, Debra that was having the harder time yesterday, or at least in the morning. For anyone that was on the train near her yesterday morning that comes on this website and might see this, I can let you know she was fine. She was having bad sensory overload experience. She has Asperger's syndrome. Part of this, for her, is having sensory overload issues. She has been very stressed out for the last few days and this has resulted in her sensory overload hitting high volume. The odd behavior (yes, I know she is pretty odd anyway) was her trying to defend her senses from the smells and sounds she was being extremely overwhelmed by. I got her safely to the Body Shop in Euston Station where she bought some lavender essential oil which she sniffs or puts on me so she can smell me and this overrides the overload of unwanted smells and also cuts down on the overload of sounds and visual overload and calms her down.
When she got to the office and was being further overloaded by the sound of the trains outside
she got under her desk; this being in a confined space out of the light helps too. Her employers are great and found her a place where she could sit more comfortably in another organisations office that is on the other side of the building, away from the train-lines. She got behind 4 closely spaced partition boards that were closing off a couple of wheelchairs and sat there for about 1/2 an hour. The organisation whose office it was even turned the lights off over that part of the room for her whilst she sat there recovering.

Debra or me talking loudly over the general noise of noisy (to her) environment helps a bit too; as does wearing earplugs, which you might see her do sometimes, like on the tube or in the supermarket.

18th April 2007

I want to wish Debra, my owner, a very happy 40th birthday today, let her life begin!

The shop has reopen but stocks are starting to run low.
We are now sold out of Adult Large and Childrens 7 - 8 years.
If you want your cool Bearsac T-shirt for the summer check-out the shop.

Mongolian jacket made by the Gran of family in Ulan Baatar


Mongolian Del made by Debra

12th April 2007

There are photos of my recent trip on the travel page
Trans-Holiday (couldn't think what else to call it as there were 5 countries visited and the Trans-Mongolian train). D
ue to Debra being suddenly very busy with work, training and personal life, she cannot commit time to helping write about my trip.

Hope you like my new clothes.

If we have any of the names wrong or missing of people we have met on the Meets Public page, then please email us.

5th April 2007

Got back from my latest travels, early hours of Wednesday. I havel updated the Bearsac Meets Public page. The travel page will hopefully be updated in the next week or so. I went to Estonia, Latvia. Russian, Mongolia and China and spent 4 days on the Trans-Mongolian train.

Hello to everyone I met in the last 3 weeks.

Bearnardo makes the family bigger by one
(L - R Bearnardo, me, Teasac, Tea.)

12th March 2007

I am very pleased to announce that Tea and I have a new child, and our first son. Teasac, of course, has a baby brother and first sibling; we are all very happy teddy bears.


10th March 2007

Just a quickie to let fans of my teddy bear problem page know there is an 18th problem.

Also, hi to all I met today on the underground.


Spruced up in my kilt and sporran

27th February 2007

What a bad day today was for my old mate Ted Macbear; he was meant to have a civil ceremony today in what would have been the first gay marriage of teddy bears. Unfortunately he was jilted by Edward MacTed. I was his best bear and bought the new outfit above especially from Build -a-bear in Hamley's toy store. Hello to the two lovely ladies that work in the shop.

Despite the bad luck of Ted, I thought I would at least let you all see how spruce I look in my kilt and sporran.

Me,my beautiful wife Tea and a bottle of Valentines bubbly

14th February 2007

What a romantic teddy bear I am; I made a romantic dinner for the wifey, and got Alan to play waiter and baby sitter to our daughter. The only problem was that somehow Debra and Alan got to drink the bubbly, and Tea and I just got the glasses held under where our mouths would be if we had them and had to humour Debra's making yum yum yum yum sound effects as though it was us sampling the delights ourselves!

10th February 2007

I scored the winning goal in the final of the Teddy Bear Hockey League today, it was part of a hat-trick of goals for me and a hatrick of cup wins for my team.

Hello to the people I waved at and gave my website address to today on the tube. I can normally speak but my owner and medium of communication (Debra) has had Laryngitis for the last few days, so I have not been able to use her voice-box to speak myself. I know this may come as relief to some people, but no-one can be as relieved as me not to hear Debra go on.



1st February 2007

Debra had to go to Colchester to give a speech about not curing Autism for a debate. We got to take my photo at a couple of the landmarks of this oldest town in England. see my UK page

On the way home I met Mike who is on my Bearsac Meets Public page.

Even Debra got to meet Leo Sayer, not just myself

28th January 2007

I was a busy bear today, but I still got time to meet Film Director, Ken Russell and singer Leo Sayer tonight after Celebrity Big Brother. Ken kissed me and everything, and Leo's hair is really cool.

See them on my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.

20th January 2007

Whoever emailed me in the last few days, that I have not replied to, could you re-email me, especially if you have ordered a T-Shirt. Debra just deleted the emails in her spam folder and just noticed that a possible non-spam email was filtered as spam and got deleted.

18th January 2007

Debra dragged me out in that awful gale today, even though I am still ill. I have another person on my Bearsac Meets Public page, hi Kwame.

17th January 2007

I have been a little ill with Teddyitus today but my daughter Teasac has been looking after me making me hot jellybaby juice and lemon; she is maturing fast but not growing, just like all the other teddies. It will be her 3rd birthday in March. I'm a very proud daddy bear.

I hope to get some get well emails folks.

The shop is up and running again, so you can buy my T-shirt. There is also a link to a great place if you are looing for a free mobile phone with free gift like 17 inch LCD TV or mobile with a free Ipod video or Xbox 360.


4th January 2007

Today I won the Teddy Bear Of The Year 2006 Award; I am a very happy proud teddy bear. As a prize I have won a years supply of honey, yummy.

I met a lovely lady and gent today at Green Park Station, they are on the Bearsac Meets Public page, hi folks.

1st January 2007

Happy New Year, hope you have not overdone it like me and all the other teddies.

I have been busy over the Christmas period reconstructing the website, with a little help from Debra and Alan. I found time though to spend quality time with Tea and Teasac.

Thank you to everyone that emailed me Christmas greetings.

Due to the reconsruction of the website you may need to refresh your browser on some pages and resave some pages that you may have saved to favorites, as some files have been renamed. There are still a few minor adjustments to be made, but email me if you are having difficulty.


















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