photo of bearsac with platter of roasted salmon and vegetables

About to tuck into a little Christmas food

25th December

Hope you are having a good Christmas, I was driven mad by the kids and wifey was on strike this year so the cooking was down to me. We had roast salmon.

Not much else to tell you really, just another day really.



21st December 2008

Happy Chanukah to those celebrating it. It was just a few years ago that Chanukah, Christmas and Diwali fell almost at the same time. Diwali beat the 2 Cs to the post by a number of this weeks this year though. However, us teddy bears like to celebrate them all cultures festivities together and so we send out thoughts for all.


13th December 2008

Some of you Wooders might have seen Debra and me being filmed in Borehamwood last Saturday (7th) and wondered what it was about. Students from the Univeristy of Westminster doing a documentary for their course. The documentary is a mini profile of Debra and aims to show a personal account of Debra's relationship with me and about her having Asperger's syndrome.
We saw the near finished documentary yesterday when we had paid a visit to the university meeting some friendly students, who all thought me cool! I liked the documentary but think it was too focused on Debra and should have been more focused on me as I am cool and she is just the nutter of Borehamwood!

In my last post I spoke of going to a Nash the Slash gig. Well, a woman that was also there emailed Debra and me to tell us that Nash has mentioned us on his website
Thanks Shirley-Ann and like you website, good links.



29th November 2008

I am very busy but am trying to update the website. There will links to new videos in, maybe later today or over the weekend. There are new people on the Bearsac Meets Public page.

There is another person on my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Last night Debra and I attened a gig at the Purple Turtle near Monrningto Crescent station. It was excellent. Young Things Don't Scream supported the amazing Nash The Slash. YTDS came back on stage and did a couple of Gary Numan tracks with Nash, who as usual, had his face covered in bandages. I think he liked me a lot as he was trying to lick me, as you will see in the photograph.



22nd November 2008

The new page we spoke of doing a few days ago is now up. It is 'Politics' and is still being worked on and bits will be added over time. So far it can only be linked to from this here.



photo of bearsac wearing jews for justice for palestinians badge with st stephen's tower in background

Me outside prior to entering the Houses of Parliament

19th November 2008

Today we attended the Justice For Palestinians Lobby in the Houses of Parliament as part of
Jews For Justice For Palestinians.

I won't go into detail here as we will make a new page on this website about it and maybe a general political page that it will link from. The name of the group we have become part of is self-explanatory but see their website clicking the link above.

I met lots of nice humans: Jews, Christians, Muslims and Palestinian Muslims and Jews; some of us took part in a demo. Debra and I unfortuantly did not get to see our MP to ask him to give his support to end Israeli occupation of Palestine and other injustices linked to 'Israel'.

There was a bigger demo also happening and we went to investigate that. It was asking the British government to ask the Sri Lankan government for justice, an independent state for Sri Lankan Tamils and the end to war in Sri Lanka. For more information click here



22nd October 2008

I am starting to get a chilly willy now the cold is setting in and truth be known, maybe it is me getting a little old. However, I have a new friend that that is older than me. He wonders if he might be a cousin to my brother Choc-Ice as they look quite similar and are from the same era. Big'n Ted is the latest teddy bear on my Guest Bear page; go say hello.



13th October 2008

For thoes of you that don't now it today is the 50th bearthday of Paddington Bear - well at least of the Paddington Books.

I want to wish Paddington all the best and hope he has a glorious cake filled with the finest marmalade.

Happy Bearthday Paddington x x x



photo of bearsac playing a miniture piano

Mozart eat your heart out

11th October 2008

I have taken to the ebony and ivory keys; bet you didn't know they made teddy bear size pianos.
It's never too late to learn an instrument not sure that I'd ever be as good as Oscar or Erroll. In fact my children and wife tell me my playing is unbearable.

Hope you all are having a good weekend.



photo of bearsac sitting by fuzzy felt community

Developing a Community workshop


photo of bearsac playing african drum

African Drumming workshop


4th October 2008

Any residents of William Sutton Housing in Borehamwood missed a great time today at the resident's conference if they weren't there. Being that I am a resident as well as Debra, she took me along.

There was an excellent short theatre production on the subject of diversity which looked at ideas of it and challenged perceptions to it. An especially good message was about how humans make assumptions on stereo-types and how the judgements humans make are so often incorrect. The theatre production company were Theatre and Ltd (based in Huddersfield)

Also good was the workshop on Developing a Community. I joined the humans in planning a community based on housing, community amenities, accessibility and budget. (of course it was not very realistic but it was dead fun messing about with bits of fuzzy felt representing buildings, landscapes and roads. A woman in her 60s had a tantrum because she didn't like the idea that Debra dared to express an idea as a team member. The silly sausage chucked all the fuzzy felt over to Debra ranting on she was going to leave. Debra simply agreed it might be a good idea for the woman to leave if it was such a problem for her to have other people take part. Thankfully she didn't leave but sat at another table. It was reminiscent of a 5-year not wanting to share the toys!

In the afternoon was the highlight of the day for me. I joined in with African drumming, bashing the drum with my paws and everything. Housing issues were covered as well as were ways to get involved in related issues as a resident.

A down side to the day was the lack of respect demonstrated by some of the audience. Debra pointed this out whilst the subject of stereotypes was being aired. She said that young people are stereotyped as being disrespectful yet it is older people in the audience that are being disrespectful talking amongst themselves whilst the speaker or people asking questions are trying to do so. I don't know - the older generation of humans today. So much for being positive role models! At least teddy bears don't behave so badly!!

The venue was Oaklands College, which was not accessible and there were no microphones during the morning main session. Enough people complained, so hopefully it will be taken on board for further events. I did get lots of sweeties though!





photo of bearsac outside the royal albert hall

The Royal Albert Hall


photo of bearsac inside the royal albert hall

Inside the Royal Albert Hall


25th August 2008

I met Simon Bates tonight at The Royal Albert Hall after the concert I went to see with Debra for Capital FM live. It was excellent. Simon presented the night. The wonderful Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra performed music of various composers, including that of school children from Colwyn Bay who were in the audience. There were two singers - Alfie Boe (Tenor) and Kate Royal (Soprano); a Trumpeter - Alison Balsom, and my favorite, Clarinettist - Emma Johnson. The person that did all the stuff with his arms and stick with cork on the end was was Vasily Petrenko. I was frightened by the banger fireworks during the 1812 Overture, there were visual fireworks that shot around the gaff and everything.

See me with Simon Bates on my
Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. The others were in a function so we didn't wait to meet them.

Hello to everyone I met there and during the rest of the day and evening.

For people asking about Debra's book and when it will be out, we don't know exactly yet. It might be about February next year. We should get some next week as some will be sent out for book reviews. We are not sure how things go until we get our marketing plan from the publishers but we hope that there will be some available to sell soon, before the public availability next year. - We will let you know.

The book is about her travels with me and the barriers of travel to her having Asperger's syndrome.

If you want to be emailed when the book is ready then email via requesting she inform you and I will get her to put your email in a folder. We won't open emails with attachments, so do attach anything.



photo of bearsac with his family and birthday cake

Me and my family on my 11th bearthday

26th August 2008

It was 11 years ago today that my nutty owner clapped eyes on me in Belgium and bought me. I have done more than the average bear in that time and the signs of doing so are showing as bald patches. Still, I stake it in my strife and bear it with dignitary. Hope you all have a wonderful day on my bearthday and hope those of you that had them, liked the sweets I shared on the train and tube today in celebration of my special day.



photo of bearsac on the jenny wren boat

Me on the Jenny Wren

19th August 2008

The organisation where Debra works had a staff team building day. We went on the Jenny Wren on the Regents Canal. On it I met another teddy bear, he is called iava and is from Siberia. His owner Vlasta is from Czech Republic - they were very nice and are featured in my Meets Public page, where there is a link to the Jenny Wren website. What pleasant ride we had, so many people to wave at - a few even waved back!



18th August 2008

If anyone has emailed me since 9th August from this website try again now, it should be OK.

Sorry for not updating sooner, our provider has moved my domain and we could not login to our FTP folder to make the updates live.

On the 11th August I met nice humans and their teddy bear on the train and was photographed with them. We could not make live, the update to my site with the photo. You can now see it in my Bearsac Meets Public page.

We still have not date for Debra's book about her travels with me - we hope to get our manuscript back from teh publishers at the end of the week, but they are taking longer than first considered. It still takes a while from mutral aggreement until the book is avaiable to the public as shops need 8 - 16 weeks to update their databases. I really hope that it will be this year though; in time for Christmas shopping will be brilliant.

The book will also touch on the barriers of travel to her having Asperger's syndrome - demonstrating the pros and cons.



31st July 2008

I was voted Teddy of the tournament for the Teddy Bear Hockey Tournament this evening, my family are very proud of me as are the team. We came second but it was only because we had 2 players sent off.

There two more people in my Bearsac meets page. Hello Olivia and Marie. They are both transgenders (someone born in the body of the wrong gender) and I am helping them to raise awareness by being photographed with them and putting on my site. It was too hot for their wigs though.

I would also like to raise awareness of the harm that can be caused by the wonderful pleasure of feeding the ducks and geese at ponds. If you have ever wondered why some geese have their wings sticking out to the side see this link



29th June 2008

I took part in the Grand National today in Medow Park, Borehamwood.

See the video from the video section of the gallery and scroll down to 'Bearsac in The Grand National'.

Thank you to the man that let me enter for free.


20th June 2008

Tommy's Teddy

I am rather upset by what I found out today. I was walking up Brook Road in Borehamwood when a man showed me a notice that had blown off wherever it had been placed for the public to see. The notice was about a teddy bear that had been taken from the railings where tributes had been left for Tommy of Brook Road, who got killed in a road accident.

The family are very upset that the teddy has been taken and request its return.

Just in case the person who took it or someone that knows of the teddy's whereabouts comes on this website, I appeal for you to take note.

If you took it, or know who did, please make sure that it is returned. If you took it for a child then please realise that that child will soon grow out of it anyway and may not understand the importance of the teddy to Tommy's family.

Your child may have it and may have told you a friend gave it them. The teddy had a crucifix but that is all we know of its description. Of course the crucifix may have come off, so if your child has new teddy that you don't know for sure how they got, then please try to see if it had a crucifix.

I hope to see the teddy bear back when I walk past Tommy's place.




14th June 2008

My crazy owner has spent the last few days stripping! Before you get too excited though, it was stripping paint in order to paint railings. I just sat on the window sill and watched her to make sure she did it correctly.

Yesterday I met Izzy, who is in the Bearsac meets page. Hello Izzy, sorry we forgot to put you up yesterday, but my owner is getting old and her memory fails her.

Debra is going to paint today, I will watch to make sure that she doesn't miss any bits.

Hope you all have a good weekend.



3rd June 2008

Please send some healing thoughts to my wife Tea, she is ill having had too much to eat and drink at the teddy bears' picnic yesterday. Teasac and Bearnardo enjoyed themselves though, they got to have a balloon ride and everything.

Today I met Kev, who is in a local band called Chasing Stacey. Checking him out in the Bearsac meets page.



2nd June 2008

I cannot believe we are half way through the year already, doesn time fly. I am going more bald by the week, it's all the kissing Debra does to me, why can't she leave me alone.

My wife and kids have gone out for a teddy bears' picnic, I am too busy to join them though as i have been have an important teddy bear committee board meeting this afternoon. Anyway, I have not said anything on here for a while, so thought I would quickly drop in a big hello to you all.




photo of bearsac sitting on winnie the pooh's house at pooh corner

Me outside Winnie the Pooh's house

12th May 2008

What a day today. Debra dragged me on a 13-mile trek to Alderham County Park via 100 Acre Wood and beyond. No sign of Winnie the Pooh of his friends. I played pooh sticks with Debra from Pooh Bridge, my stick beating hers as hers got stuck. We strolled right around the reservoir and played in the kids adventure playground. We said hello to the smelly animals in the little farm; they must have been pleased to see such a cool teddy bear as me as they must get bored of all the humans looking at them.

Onward we walked to Letchmore Heath and I drank Debra's Guinness in a pub's beer garden whilst she photographed some flowers. We got attacked by so many caterpillas who where doing bungi-jumps from trees and everything. By the time we got home via Radlett and measured out our route on Google Earth we had done just over 13 miles. I am really glad that I just get carried. It was a little uncomfortable for me though, what, with my fur and stuff.

Hello to the people I met today.





Debra's mushed up slice of cake with candle

18th April 2008

Today is my owner's Birthday. Debra is 41 today, which may come a shock to people, as people assume her to be in her 20s.

What a nice human Debra is, she had a wopping great needle stuck in her arm today giving blood. If you are over 18 and in Borehamwood, the donation unit is in the Venue car-park today, so go give blood up until about 4pm.

Hello to the people I met at the blood donation unit and to Pip, who we met in Tesco and who is the latest human in my Bearsac Meets Public page.




3rd April 2008

I saw a clip of Eastenders being filmed today between the characters Sean and his mum. I can't tell you what was happening as it might give things away.

Robert Kazinsky, who plays Sean, kindly spent time with the kids for autographs and photos but chickened out at the idea of being photographed with me! He said I'm a ratty looking bear and called me Roland Rat. I think Sean was worried that I am far better looking than he is, so didn't want to look ugly next to me!
If you read this Robert - Cluck, cluck, cluck!

We also met the Borehamwood author of 'There's no Room for Jugglers in My Circus' Jason Cook. He was happy to be photographed with me and is in my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page, where there is a link to his website. The book is really cool, so why not buy it and have a read.



Teasac with her birthday cake

26th March 2008

Yesterday was the 4th birthday of my beautiful daugter Teasac. she is the one that the arrow indicates.

We had lots of jelly baby wine in celebration, but were unhappy that the party was confined to Debra's poky flat due to the cold weather.

Hope you all had a good Easter. BTW - that was me behind the Ester egg in the picture below, just in case you had not noticed!




Who is behind the easter egg?

21st March 2008

To those that celebrate it in relation to bunny rabbits and Easter eggs Happy Easter; may you be fulfilled of chocolate.

To those who follow the religious significance of Eater, have a great celebration too. Sorry that the picture is bunnyfied. After the incident a few months ago of Mohammed the teddy bear, I didn't want to dress up as Jesus!

Anyone into girls bands there is a new girl band on the Horizon 'Kissing Freddie'. I know the very beautiful Marina, and she is a lovely lady. I think that she rather fancies me!



11th March 2008

I went flying today on the way home, without the aid of an aeroplane. It was the wind you see, it took me into the air; I'm just glad debra had hold of my straps tightly.

What a bad Daddy I am, I forgot my sons first birthday at the weekend, and it is the same day as Gary Numan's too, 8th March. The last year has gone so quick, so that is my excuse. It is my daughter's 4th birthday on the 25th, let's hope I remember that, all hell will break loose if Idon't.

There are more humans on my
'Bearsac Meets Public' page. Hello Jonny, Paddy and Little Jonny.

Hello to to George on the Northern Line and everyone else we met today, hope you like the website.



29th February 2008

Wasn't today cold. I was out truffle hunting with the other teddies and we were rather cold despite our fur the clothes that some of us wear. We braved the cold and wind and came back with a huge basket full of truffles and our bellies full of the Jelly Babys we took with us.

I nearly forgot to update it, but thankfully have just remembered; there is another human on my
'Bearsac Meets Public' page. Hello Ruben.


25th February 2008

My daughter Teasac is through to the semi-final of the South East Teddy Bear Song Contest; if she wins the competition she will go through the the UK competition and a chance, if she wins that, to represent England in the Eurovison teddy Bear Song Contest.

Please send out your positive energy for her.



13th February 2008

There are two new people on the Bearsac Meets Public page. hello to Kerry and Kay.



9th February 2008

I have good news.

Debra has signed a contract to have her book published! It will be some months yet and we wil keep you posted on here. The book is about Debra's travels with me, and the barriers of travel to Asperger's syndrome.

Have a great weekend folks



25th January 2008

I might be the worlds most cute teddy bear, but this must be the wolrld's most cute polar bear.




19th January 2008

I just said 'hello' on BBC Three Counties Radio on Colin Berry's The Club. I only got to say hello as that is all Debra let me get in; Huh; but it was nice to say hello to Colin and the listeners even if that was all I said.

If you live in Herts Beds or Bucks check out your local radio station if you have not done so.




Elephant for sale in Borehamwood

16th January 2008

What a suprise when Debra took me into the charity shop - Banardo's - in Shenley Road. I wondered what an elephant was doing, sprawled out on the floor many miles from his heard. He told me, as I sat on his back that is is actually a toy elephant and is looking for a home with humans. So if there are any humans that want to give a home to a freindly cuddly toy elephant then take a trip down the village and buy him for the bargain price of £4.95. He is too big for Debra's tiny flat, but I'm sure he'll fit in somewhere.


15th January 2008

Today I met Actress Helen Baxendale. The rain and wind had got to her; it was very kind of her to let Debra photograph her when she was so rained upon. However, she still looked lovely and is on the
Bearsac Meets Celebrities
page. Thanks Helen.




9th January 2008

Today I met Lee Mead who won some program on TV called 'Any Dream Will Do' for the part of Joseph in the stage production of Joseph in the West End.

He was in a bit of a rush, so not too good a photograph I'm afriad. See Bearsac Meets Celebrities.

Hello to the lovely lady we met outside today, we liked the script you read us for the show you want Lee to be in. Good Luck.



6th January 2008

For the attention of the idiot and fools like him.

A person from any group of people can be a bigot - not just people from majority groups. People from minority/marginlised groups like you can be bigoted too.


For the attention of anyone interested

We had an email from a person that made bigoted remarks to Debra about having Asperger's syndrome.

We replied and told them their opinion was bigoted but was too unintelligent and of no consequence to cause us offense. But I feel we should mention this incase there are other idiots that think like this ignorant bigot.

He replied to our reply saying that he cannot be a bigot as he is black and gay!

Are we missing something? Maybe I'm a bigoted teddy bear, as I think humans are mad!

I recon a lot of both black and gay people will agree with me that minority race and sexual orientation does not rule out people being bigoted, wether is it towards people because of brain wiring, race, sexual orientation, physical condition, or anything else.




Each to our own throne

5th January 2008

My family and I each now have our own chair, so no more fighting. We still snuggle up together though on the teddy bear sofa behind.

1st January 2008

Well, here we are at the beginning of yet another year, it seems like just a couple of months ago that were were saying Happy New year to 2007. Maybe time works differently for humans to teddy bears.

I had a quiet New Year's Eve with Debra, Alan and the teddies, but was rasather hungover this morning. Debra even took a break from writing her book, well for a few hours anyway.

All you teddy bears out there that are looking for a partner, don't forget I have a teddy bear dating page off the woods/other link, and a teddy bear problem page for teddies with problems.

I hope you all are going to keep to any New Year resolutions you have made; I thought that if I don't make any this year then I won't not keep it!

Wishing you all a happy and sucessful new year. x x


Diary 2007




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