Current Diary



15th December 2010

After attending the evening in Madame JoJo's where a tip-off was that Pete Docety might be there (we didn't see him) I did a bit more celebrity interviewing in the early hours of this morning outside Funky Buddah nightclub in Mayfair. Page 3 girls and some not long 18-year-old that turned out to be Gary Lineker's son George Lineker. Despite seeming somewhat bemused he kissed me, maybe he was missing his own teddy bear. I briefly met Golfer Lee Westwood and I the rather more sober Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson of Coronation Street and Glamour Gal Casey Batchelor. Video footage was taken but is not for our personal use.

We just up loaded a video of me and Debra being arrested at the Savoy Hotel.

13th December

photo of Debra being arrested by fetish police ladies at the Savoy Hotel.

I am becoming quite the socialite and bear about town. I spent the night stompin at the Savoy and having a swell time, cocktailinging and nibbling and even being arrested by scantily clad police ladies. One of naughty cop girls handcuffed my neck and led me inside the station where she punished me. Debra later got arrested too for her dancing and whipped. This all took place at Quintessentially's 10th birthday bash at the Savoy Hotel in London.

I met Ronnie Corbert but we lost him just before I got to interview him. The theme was 1920s and the clothes and music fabby doo doos as were the cocktails 'The Parisian’, ‘The Pink Lady’ and ‘The Quintessential’. I also quoffed some Pommery Grand Cru Vintage 2000 Champagne but we had plenty of soft drinks inbetween - All in moderartion dears!

Hello to all the people I met. Hi Jaqualine. Too many others to mention - some are in the Bearsac Meets Public page.

I loved devine washboarding singer Dott Reed and her band, Dott even held me with her on stage and everything.

I met and had a few words with Actor Leslie Phillips.


7th December

I think I might be finding a new niche market in celebrity interviewing and it is producing a sudden surge in me being photogrpahed with celebs. In less than a week we have had 3 days of shaking up the conventional style of celebrity interviewing. Not sure how long this new direction will last or where it will go but for the time being it is something to do for the crack. We can't show you any footage as it is not for personal use.

Today we met and interviewed/spoke to (in varying degrees) Bruce Forsyth, Adrian Chiles, Naomi Campbell, Gordon Brown, Piers Morgan (who thinks I have an annoying voice) at the Mandarin Oriental Hotelwhere and event was being held for Piers.

Later at The Cuckoo Club in Swallow Street I met Bill Wyman formally of The Rolling Stones and now of Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. That man has such soft hands. I felt like asking him for a glass of his Pouilly-Fumé 2009 he had on ice on the seat next to him but Debra telepathically told me it would be cheeky. He wasn't too impressed by the music in the Club but he did show me, with his finger, how he cleans his teeth! Photo of me and da cool man on my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page along with Bruce and Wilnelia Forsyth, Adrian Chiles and Bill Wyman.

Gordon Brown laughingly asked of me 'What's that' but moments in to our explanation he was dragged off by his Advisor/PA?. We caught up with him a little later only to have the same thing happen. Poor man only wanted to speak to the cute teddy bear and he gets dragged off twice by some probably teddy bear hating dunnowhat!

Sadly we didn't manage to find Prince William; word was out he was out with his woman but word not enough as to exactly where. I recon he'd have loved me and would have igh fived me and everything; not sure though that he'd have snogged me like so many other famous people have in the last week! We passed by where Victoria Beckham was eating but didn't hang about for her to come out - she can be got another time.

Bill, Bruce, Wilnelia, Adrian, Naomi, Gordon it was nice to meet you all if you read this. Piers, it was even nice meeting you and I think it is just jelousy of my cuteness to yours that made you dis me tonight. Keep bearing it up! X X X


6th December

What a lucky, lucky teddy bear I was tonight at celebrity haunt night-club Embassy. I got held to the bosom of Samantha Fox and kissed by her and everything. What a genuinely lovely down to earth and bubbly lady she is. Sam was not the only famous person to be struck by my charms tonight. I interviewed not just Sam but:
David Van Day (Singer with Dollar and Guys 'n' Dolls, TV personality) David snogged me and likes a glass of Jelly Baby wine, which is my favorite tipple.
Actress and TV Presenter Lizzie Cundy
Miss Universe Great Britain 2010 Tara Hoyos-Martinez.

Of course they all found me so adorable and so were each of them. Sorry but the interviews are not for Debra's and my use but there is a photo of Sam Fox with me and Debra (why did Debra have to be in it too) in my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.

I would like to wish those celebrating it Happy Chanukah.


2nd December

Yesterday (1st December) we met James May of Top Gear. Debra bough his book How To Land An A330 Airbus and he bought her book Travels With My Teddy Bear; though I wonder if he felt pushed into it by Debra - Judge for yourself in the video. James thought that I could even be The Stig. See still image of me and James on the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.

In the evening we attended 'Modiva' a celebrity hangout nightclub in London where I was getting a few kisses in the process of networking. The party was an after party in honour of the Rugby Autumn Internationals and was attended by England and New Zealand Rugby players and Chelsea Footballers. Not quite sure what some of the Rugby stars made of me but one (not named on here) pulled Debra into a dance after having snogged the face of me. A Michael Jackson West End musical Thriller dancer assisted me in Moonwalking. It was not all kisses for me though as I even got punched and head-butted - in a friendly way though. See a video of part of my fun.

The time at Modiva was a welcome contrast to the quick drop-in made to the launch party held at House of Saint Barnabus in Soho which, early on, was a rather bleak affair. DJing were where model Daisy Lowe and musician Alex James. Wonder if things hotted up later for Keisha Buchanan of Sugarbabes and Gizzi Erskine is a British stylist, cookery writer and Chef who was also on the guest-list. But if the minimal Paparazzi standing in wait on entry but had buggered off to more interesting venues when we left ½ hour later was anything to go by then maybe not. Not deterred by pretty sniggering madams Debra tried on wonderful dress costing over a grand that would be totally inpractical for anyone under 6 foot to wear. The video is a little red but have a look so here's a photo.

photo of Debra in extremely long dress holing Bearsac at My alunch party


20th and 21st November

photo of Bearsac wearing Not in My Name badge with arm raised in front of protesters with banners at Trafalgar Square.

Debra, Anita and I joined thousands of demonstrators on 20th November in London for the call on the world Governments to stop war and send the troops home from Afghanistan. Not deterred by the bitter cold we held out pickets and joined the short march from Trafalgar Square to Whitehall after the speeches. Anyone interested in do so there are some people, including some from WhiteFlag Revolution who will be sleeping outside WhiteChaple opposite Downing Street over the next 2 weeks (assuming they don't get moved on). See the following.

The White Flag Revolution youtube channel



See my video for a short snippet of my yesterday.

I met one man and his dog who are now inscribed in my Bearsac Meets Public page.


photo of Bearsac and Debra with team of volunteers wearing yellow hig vis vests holing rubbish picker uppers.

Today, Sunday, I supervsied Debra taking part in National Sewaday or Sevaday, which is a social action initiative of the Hindu community. Other faiths are dooing their versions too, such as the Jewish Mitzvah Day. But we Joined the Hari Krishnas and their volunteers in Borehamwood and cleared rubbish from a park in Off of Maxwell Road. At first glimpse there didn't seem to be much rubbish about but the team of about 25 collect 1/2 van full, mostly from in and around the shrubs along the outer edges of the park. Afterwards we joined some of the volunteers for some yummy yum yum hare Krishna grub back at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Letchmore Heath before getting a lift home with a Borehamwood HK.


3rd November

Both me and the nutty woman have been really busy of late and so not updated the diary until now. Though there is nothing of any relevance to tell you.

Halloween saw me and said nutty woman Camden Proud. We we heard a couple of songs of a couple of bands 'Empaire States' and 'Capelle' but we spent most of the time in the karaoke room where Debra showed me up at with her awful singing and changing the the lyrics of Big spender from 'I could see you were a man of distinction to' 'bear' of distinction! I even got to meet Edward ScissorHands and Dracula (well that's who they wee dressed as anyway) they are in my Bearsac Meets Public page (though I don't know their real names).

For anyone that wants to get their feet chewed by tiny fish take yourself down to Camden Town. See my video.

Hello to the 2 nice young men in the shoe shop where the ducks sometimes waddle in. I saw your message Russell but there no email address to reply to. We have a few T-Shirts left bu they are far too big for you (whichever one of you is Russell). They are XXL and very wide. However, as far as we know there is one more signed copy of Debra's book 'Travels with My Teddy Bear' in Waterstones (though I don't think they know where in the shop it is). If thta has gone and you or anyone else is interested then it can be bought online or ordered in bookshops (unsigned) but if anyone has it on them and they see us we are happy to sign it.

Hi Ladies at Abigale's Tea House in St. Albans - I laugh 'at' her too, so don't feel bad!


2nd October

Although we rarely go to pubs in Borehamwood (not our sort of pubs) we decided to patronise our local one 'The Green Dragon' in Leeming Road and visit it.

On ordering her drink the young barman told Debra he cannot serve her. Surprised she inquired as to the reason. The answer, that she had caused trouble in here. Bemused, she laughed and was just about to comment that he must be trying to wind her up when an older man came up and told her she could have a drink if she just sits and has a drink and that she'd caused trouble last time she was in when people were trying to watch the football.

Remembering the last time she was in and realising igorance was on the agenda she calmly asked what is she to do if people ask her about me. Jim O'Sullivan told her to say he's fine (meaning me) and that's it and then just to ignore them.

Debra explained that she thought that would be rather rude and suggested that she be honest and say that she has been asked not to persue any conversation about or with me. She was told not to say that and again to ignore them. Again she pointed out that that would be rude. She informed Jim that she did not appreciate his finger pointing (even if it was to he floor and not at her). She found it rather agressive. She was asked if she wanted a drink and said no.

At no time at any stage during our previous visit to the pub on the 22nd August (the time the landlord spoke of) were we asked to keep quiet or stop communicating; nor were we told about anyone being annoyed.

On that day we were walking past the pub and got speaking to people outside and was asked in by one of the locals. We went in and sat with him and his friends. They were asking us about me and other stuff and one of them kept asking me to speak to people. One of them was photographed with me and is in my Bearsac Meets Public page. In actaul fact we were more interested in the football ourselves but the local kept talking to me and calling me names, having a harmless joke. Debra had even said a few times that people might be trying to watch the football but the local carried on having a laugh calling me names.

As these types of things go though I bet he was not told the same on his next visit.

Recently done up yet still looking like a bedraggled set from Shamless The Green Man is one of those pubs that displays a notice reading 'Travelers by appointment only'. Oh, how civil of them! One cannot help but wonder what other type of people can attend if only by appointment?!

One might be forgiven for thinking Mr O'sullivan has ideas well above his station!


9th September

Tonight at the Appollo Threatre I met Actors from Arthur Miller's All My Sons. Stephen Campbell Moore, Jemima Rooper, David Suchet and Zoe Wanamaker. They are the latest addition to the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. Debra loves Zoe, so she was as happy as me to meet her, but I kept cool about it unlike that nutty owner of mine.

I would like to wish those celebrating them happy Eid and happy Jewish New Year. Hope the new year and new clothes serve you well.


5th September

The Bhativedanta Manor was kicking today and I was kicking it in the main music tent with da Hare Krishnas and visitors to the grounds of the gaff once owned by George Harrison of the Beatles. He left it to the Hare Krishnas and they often hold events in the grounds. Attending with her friend Anita Debra and I met lots of people and the odd dog or two. Whirls of colour flashed, with glitter, danced to the enchanting rhythms amid chants and song.

I escorted Debra around the Japa Meditation Trail as she chanted 108 times (once for each bead of the necklace given her)
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Not content with that she chanted again with the beads whilst waiting in the Prashad queue for the yummy free food in the Prashad tent.

The event was 'Janmashtami' which is the birthday of Lord Krishna. Krishna Janmashtami is observed on the 8th day of the dark half of the month of Bhadrapada in the Hindu calendar.

Cycling back from the manor to Borehamwood was scary ordeal as Debra's light had broke on our way and Anita's did have one. With unlit country lanes to contend with it was a little daunting. Debra and Anita even signed up to do some volunteering work with the HKs; so I guess I will be seeing somewhat more of the gaff and the HKs.

I have put up a video of the music tent.


3rd September

There is a new gossip about us on the gossip page; we got it not long after it was posted by the young woman on the tube yesterday that could do with a teddy bear in her life to cheer her up. The other woman she was with was lovely but this wee lass seemed to be imprisoned by the ties of society's unspoken rules; poor lass.

If you have not seen them then there are 32 short videos of the carnival; here is the link to the first of 30 daytime ones and first of 2 night-time ones

And one of me meeting Norris the Chimp on the tube on the way home.

Happy birthday to Jayne Cooke. x x x


photo of Bearsac with food in a box

Tucking into Akee 'n' Saltfish, Dumling and Rice 'n' Pea


nightime photo of Bearsac with Debra and man with balloon

Me with Debra, Zef and Blue-Balloon

30th August

I had a mad day Notting Hill Carnival where I met lots of lovely people and a few not so nice people, boooo. After days of being naughty the weather decided to behave itself and graced us with it's sun. I'm sure coppers must like the festival as we saw many with scantily-clad women clinging to them; I had my fair share of that though! I was hoping to meet lots of cuddly toys but met only 3. I did meet a couple of balloon dogs and a giant dancing flamingo puppet though aswell.

I have uploaded 32 short videos of the carnival; here is the link to the first of 30 daytime ones and first of 2 night-time ones

And one of me meeting Norris the Chimp on the tube on the way home.

New people on the Bearsac Meets Public page.


photo of Bearsac sitting on carved wooden chair next to coffee table full of party food and wine. Other teddy bears on the sofa behind

A little party food and a bottle of Pouilly Fume

26th August

It's offical, I'm now a teenage teddy and my owner, Debra, is suddenly feeling very old. I think she is also a wee bit worried that I will transform into some sort of ASBO monster now I have struck 13. I'm not sure what my teenage moves will be yet; and I'll likely be keeping her guessing for a while if I figure it out. I cannot report yet any difference in feeling and the world looks much the same as it did before.

My advance into the teens was a rather quiet affair: Going from carriage to carriage we offered sweets to passengers and autograpahed flyers with a rather fetching photo of me on them but very few passenger them took up. We did get some animation and uptake of sweety offers in one carriage on our way to work and one on our way home but otherwise there was great misery on The Misery Line. We did meet a lovely young human man called Samual who was paying London his first visit. It was also his birthday but he was 21 so has a few years up on me and 21 is the biggy really isn't it - at least in your human world. Why? Samual, Hope your first time in London was fun and not spoilt by the many miseries that plague this wonderful city with their Sheeple crud pollution.

My party at home was quiet and small but there was nosh and splosh both as a noun and as verb. Although there were no real Jelly Babies (my favorite food) there was an ample supply of photocentric ones supplied by my good friend Marco via Facebook. Thanks Marco.

Thanks to to the people that left messages in my guestbook and for one emailed to me and messages left on social network sites too. I feel so honoured that people took the time to wish me happy birthday. Because of you all I had a happy 13th.

Samual, you are now on the Bearsac Meets the Public page.

If anyone wants to leave in my guestbook, a belated birthday greeting then please feel free.


11th August

Taking a different root as were nearing home today we came across a lovely woman called Susan sitting on the doorstep stroking a cute catty called Tigger, saying good-bye before it went back to it's owner. Susan had believed the cat to be a stray and maybe a little sad to be doing the farewell.

Debra and the woman chatted and I even managed to get the odd word in. Both human and cat were happy to be photographed with me for the Bearsac Meets Public page.

The more observant among you might have noticed that there is a new signpost on my island. We hope that it will generate more visits to the general teddy bear pages. Please check them out by clicking on different branches of the signpost.

There a nice new addition on the gossip page by a Hare Krishna monk.


6th August

Oh what a mad one we had today. We left work a bit early to go and meet some CouchSurfers at Trafalgar Square Maze. On the Northern Line on the way I was adverting my website and Debra's book (as we often do). Getting off to change at Kennington Debra had a young man say 'excuse me'. She at first assumed that he just wanted to get passed us so moved aside. He again said 'excuse me,' but added 'I want to speak to you.' and she assumed he wanted to ask about the website, book or about me.

Saying 'look at this' he produced his ID with the police star thing on it. He looked about 20 years old so Debra didn't believe he was a police officer (he was in plain clothes) and so she walked away. He touched Debra's arm to get her attention (not in any bad way) but it freaked her out. She said he wouldn't touch her if he was the police or shouldn't (unless arresting her). She walked more, he persisted taking from his pocket and dropping his handcuffs. Debra pointed out that anyone could mug a police officer and get the stuff he had.

Appearing rather embarrassed at dropping his handcuffs he still persisted following us onto the next tube. Now Debra was highly stressed and agitated and not sure what to do. Sensory overload kicked-in big time. We all got off at Waterloo as asked ask by him -Debra starting to think we could at least go to a member of staff and he thought that would be good too.

Debra went into panic with all the noise and uncertainty of the situation. We were taken up to the room where all the CCTV and phones are as it was quieter for Debra and she'd asked for a reasonable adjustment because of her disability. There the officer spoke to Debra making out a record of his stopping her to speak to her. The Outcome section was put down as 'Words of advice' and Debra was given a pink carbon copy and sent on her way.

It could have been worse and we think that he wished he'd not even bothered! We get the feeling he wanted to backtrack as he might have felt sorry for Debra due to her reaction and having Asperger's Syndrome and sensory integration difficulties. Debra even thinks he was rather cute! (what is she like)! But then again maybe he was a just a jobsworth rookie.

He had apologised for touching her but we think maybe he might have unofficially meant an apology for bothering in the first place! Think he realised that he had opened up a can of worms when he decided to persue his talking to her!

Debra was told not to advertise on Transport for London TfL (or it may have just been the London Underground). We were escorted back to the platform by a nice member of staff as Debra had a bad situation on the escalator going up to the room.

We then continued late to meet the Couch Surfers - Debra doesn't do 'late' but had to get over the stress of being so. There was no-one with the CouchSurfing sign at the entrance to the maze so we just went in and Debra filmed me going around. She soon started asking people if they were from Couch Surfing, people saying no, shaking their heads or looking confused I guess. Suddenly a woman said 'Yes!' and we walked around the maze together, Debra still asking people if they were from CS - we found more people and the CS posse got bigger!

photo of Couch Surfers sitting on steps in Trafalgar Square

We had a group photo afterwards and went to the pub and were met by some more CSers. One lady, Susy bought Debra's book after us telling the story of our ordeal. Debra didn't advertise it - it was the story of being told not to advertise that resulted in it being asked about. Debra then photographed me with Susy for the Bearsac Meets Public page. Thanks Susy hope you enjoy reading the book. We met lots of nice CSers this evening and would have stayed longer in the pub if it wasn't for the fact Debra was finding hard with the noise even with her ear-plugs. Hi to all we met - maybe we'll see you around at another event.

On the tube on the way home I told people 'I am Bearsac and I'm famous but I'm not allowed to advertise my website or my owner's book'. I was asked how to spell my name so I spelt it. And such is the start of a new strategy.

'I am Bearsac, there's no 'k' in Bearsac - I'm famous on the internet for being a talking travelling teddy bear but I'm not allowed to advertise my website or her book because my owner Debra was warned by a the police, so use your initiative'.

So far (tonight) this has gone down well with fellow passengers, with more interaction than with my usual spiel.

Maybe the officer has done us a favor, and if he reads this I even feel that he will wish us good luck! Who knows, maybe he might eve buy the book!

We just happened to speak to another police officer at Kentish Town Thameslink Station that has been on my website and said that most of the police in his previous office had seen me or been on the website. He didn't see why the Transport Police Officer had bothered, that most police wouldn't and that his colleagues all have talked about us. LOL!

We also met nice a young man with a meatball Sub on the Tube that let me pretend to eat some. When the tube stopped at Chalk Farm Debra and I realised we'd missed getting off to change at Camden so we just made it through the doors before they closed, telling the carriage there is no 'k' in Bearsac and they know what to do. When we got on the southbound tube, the young man we had sat next to on the northbound, was on there - we had only made him miss his stop too! He changed at Camden for Kentish Town like us. Debra said you're not getting the Thameslink by any change and he was! So together with the second policeman we sat and chatted - me being photographed with the young man who is called Ravi (let me know if I got the wrong spelling in the Bearsac Meets Public page).

We have uploaded video part 1 of 3 of the maze onto YouTube and will do the rest soon. We might do one about the police incident too. But meanwhile here is a photo of Debra and me with the pink carbon copy of Debra's 'Words of advice' session with Mr Transport Cop. We made sure his name cannot be seen as we don't want my fans harassing him!

photo of Bearsac sittig on lap-top and Debra holding her Transport Police Stop Record

Carbon copy of record of Debra being advised not to advertise on TfL

Now uploaded video of Debra with her police stop record



4th August

I met a young lovely lady called Anne today at Camden Town tube station when she approached and asked Debra if I am Bearsac. She had heard about this website from a friend that met us at the airport in Amsterdam a few years ago. We are delighted to say she even bought Debra's book and was happy to be photographed with me for the
Bearsac Meets Public page. Thanks Anne hope you enjoy reading the book.

We have added art on the art page.


30th July

I just had to go and check out London's latest in thing to see if it's what Boris Johnson cracks it up to be. London's card payment cycle hire scheme. The idea is you pay an access fee either at a docking station, online on by phone. You can become a member and get a key that gives them faster access to the many unsightly blue bike with Barclays Bank plastered all over them! You don't have to be a member though, you can just use your credit or debit card at a docking station terminal. The first 30 mins is free. Even though Debra and I didn't bother we thought we'd see the bugs that will inventively get reported first. 14 + can use the cycles but be over 18 to buy purchase access. You can hire up to 4 cycles (not sure if that is for same price or not). If you want to see what the cycles and docking stations look like see my video
I have since learnt what happens if you get a puncture or a flatty - so sorry Boris!


26th July

Have now uploaded photos of people we met at the Rtythms of the World Music Festival in Hitchin. See my Meets Public page. We forgot names so please email back to tell us. Uploaded a few videos on YouTube too. This bear is just too crazy!

Mark Astronaut sings holding Bearsac

Bearsac talks to Audience during The Astronauts

Bearsac ignored by Spinners

Bearsac on projected rollercoaster

Bearsac Jazzes Round the Tent - gets kissed and danced and meets some young ladies


25th July

Had a great weekend. Friday Debra and I went to a joint internet soical networking meet in a pub and met lots of people. Saturday we went with Friends Anita and Simon to Rhythms of The world 2010 music festival in Hitchin where after a couple of hours of adjusting sensorywise Debra and I mushed and ran about doing our stuff and videoing it so look ou soon for links when we put stuff on YouTube. We met a woman that has read Debra's book - she will be in the Bearsac Meets Public page over the next couplof days as will other people we met. We have lots of photos and videos to sort through and convert to internet useable sizes, so bear with us. Debra bought a Karimba (finger piano) and is a bit obsessed by it at the monent. We partied with lots of strange dudes who took a shine to me we and did genreal mad stuff and everything.

Today we attended the Arsenal v Cardif Pinnacle match at Borehamwood Football ground which was raising money for The Peace Hospice in Watford. Arsenal Celebrity Xl won 9-1. The team was a mix of old Arsenal players and other celebrities - we have added photos to the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page and also new members of the public will be uploaded soon. I'm off to bed now. x x x x x


21st July

Got bathed on Saturday so I'm a nice clean teddy bear now. However Debra filmed it and put it on YouTube. It's comes to something when you owner videos you and puts it on the net for everyone to see.

I updated the travelcentre a couple of days ago with photos of me in Ireland.

Today whilst waiting for the delayed First Capital Connect train I was photographed with Andy and Lawrence who you can now find in my Meets Public page. Hi lads, hope you like being center of attention. Email us if you want higher res versions.


15th July

Got a tip-off that some ex Big Brother contestants were doing waiting duites at Nandos in my town, Borehamwood so got Debra on her bike down there. There we met beautiful twins Samanda - Sam and Amanda Marchant BB8, just as beautiful Charlie Uchea BB8 with Govan of BB11, Brian Belo BB8 (who related me to Munkety Tunkerty) and Stuart from BB2 before the house was in the Wood. They all looked so cute in the photographs (for humans that is) and were very friendly. Charlie was not at all nasty; I think she rather fancied me as it goes! See the photos on the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.
They were all doing a charity stunt for Banardos by waiting in the restaurant. Somehow we lost Shabby BB11 for the photo but she shook my paw.

Sorry BB8 lot, we did see BB8; we somehow thought you were with the BB7 lot. We have only seen the after bomb scare BB5, BB6, BB7 and BB8 but it was a pleasure to also meet contestants from BB2 and BB11. We didn't know the BB11 ones as Debra no longer has a TV but thanks for the photos despite our ignorance. Sorry too if we got name spellings wrong, there is conflicting info on the net but we went by your name badges. Feel free to sign the guestbook

We wish you all the best of luck with your ventures.


13th July

The bear is back in town. I was away in Ireland for a week via a visit to Debra's old school in Delamere, Cheshire and a stay overnight at her brother's house in Chester. Our trip has generated new guests in the Bearsac Meets Public page. Big Hello to everyone we met, photographed or not, and big thanks to everyone that helped us out in various ways.

We will update the travel centre over the weekend if not before with photos of Delamere and Ireland; so be sure to come back.


photo of Bearsac held up outside Bhaktivedanta Manor

Bhaktivedanta Manor home of the Hare Krishnas previously
George Harrison

26th June

I had a ripe old day with Debra and our friend Anita at Bhaktivedanta Manor which was given by George Harrison to the Hare Krishnas click to read more.

The day's event was Strawberry Festival. I was sort of expecting a few thousand more strawberries than what we saw. It was only after that Debra found out there had been a strawberry eating contest; I'm sure I would have won had I taken part. However, we all had a fabby day meeting humans and animals including maybe the world's most beautiful cow who seemed to have a craving for sesame seed snaps and bit Anita's hand in her overenthusiasum to devour them as Anita fed her. I enjoyed seeing a cow having a refreshing wash before being milked of her cow juice. How I wished Debra had have remembered that ther was a bullock cart ride we missed out there as well.

To learn more about the Hare Krishnas and see what other events are being held click here.


24th June

Borehamwood's Got Talent and that's no lie. I saw it tonight at The Ark; not Noah's but The Ark Theatre. 12 acts of variant age showed what they are made of.

Bringing much applause were:

Amelie Freedman & Lily Grant - The Gym Twins (gymnastic dance).

Eyelyn Harris - singing

Miller Henderson - street dance

Sarah Bradwell - singing

PDYC performomg RUSH part of Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010

Emma Weston Singing with Brother Ben on Guitar

Peter Hewitt reciting his poems and giving us a little song

Sarah Giles - singing

Mo Silverman - as Elvis

Abbie Morrison - singing

Taylor Crosby - Singing

K's School of Dance - Dancing Circus of Disturbia

All the acts were fantabbytastic.

3rd was Peter Hewitt
2nd Taylor Crosby
Winners K's School of Dance

The winners got a trophy but all the acts won (if you can call it a prize) a meal at Nandos!

It was Taylor Crosby who got my vote, made my fur go all funny. Thanks guys for a brillant evening, all were stars on that stage tonight. Even Scooby Doo.
There was also a star off the stage in my row. A lady in the 4th row having hot flushes over the Elvis act - I was more entertained by her reactions to him - that lady sure has got it going on.


22nd June

The evening was kind to us weatherwise as we waited outside The Theatre Dury Lane. I had the good fortune to meet the lovely Actress Kerry Ellis who played Nancy in Oliver The Musical and also to meet Lottie the dog that plays Bulls-eye. Lottie gave me a kiss, she is such a sweet dog. See human and beast on the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.

Thanks to the man that bought Debra's book in Covent Garden; hope you like it.


20th June

The Borehamwood Carnival will unlikely ever be famed for it's excitement but it was a little better than a few years ago. Well done to evryone involved though, shame there werent' more floats. I walked up Theobald Street with the Hare Krishnas and had a chilling time before meeting 2 of Debra's friends to have a little go on the Energy ride at the fair and then some wine at The Mops & Brooms pub where Debra and her friends Anita and Simon entertained themselves at the kiddies play area in the beer garden. Not sure what was in Debra's wine but it turned her into a bin monster as you will see in the video.


19th June

It is the Borehamwood Carnival today folks so hope to see lots of you Wooders there. I sure hope it warms up in the next couple of hours though.

Want to give a big thank you to Sian and Paul who bought Debra's book Travels With My Teddy Bear on Thursday - hope you enjoy it. Thank you to everyone else who has bought it to; would love to get your reviews. People can order in online or order in bookshops. If you see Debra witha yellow bag she usually has books in it to sell, so keep them peeled. We will be happy to sign books.


16th June

It is with regret that I inform you that I am out fo the Teddy Bear Football World Cup through injury. I sprained my left ankle during a practice session yesterday evening. This is a great loss to the England team and I am concerned that without me in my number 7 shirt, running down the wing scoring and creating world class goals, we will perish.

I have confidence though in my team-mates that they will get through to the last 16. At least we have guarenteed front seat tickets for the Final. Of course I was looking forward to scoring a hatrick at the final and playing my part in our other goal. I had put a bet on us winning 4-0 in the final but I guess now, without me, we will simply be spectators.


blurred photo of Bearsac at The Roundhouse with Ade Fenton and Gary Numan DJing behind

Gary Numan and Ade Fenton DJing with Macs at The Roundhouse


blurred photo of Bearsac held up inside The Roundhouse with pillars behind him

Aftershow clean-up and famous Roundhouse pillars

5th June

We had a great day out in Camden where Debra bought a scrolling LED belt buckle - see a video of it.

I escorted Debra to The Roundhouse in Chalk Farm to attend a John Foxx gig. Debra was a fan of Foxxy from 1979 but this was the first time she has seen him live, so she thought it was magical. Her only disappointment was that he didn't perform 'The Garden'. I enjoyed very much seeing Gary Numan and Ade Fenton DJ even though they did it with computers rather than decks and vinyl - would have loved to see Gary spinning.

There were some other Musicians and DJs certainly worth a mention:

Jori Hulkkonen - DJ-persona Producer Remixer Radio Host YLE (Finnish National Broadcasting Company) Lumi Records

Mark Jones - DJ Phuture Radio and Wall of Sound boss

Louis Gordon - Musician who guessed as Keyboards with John Foxx

Robin Simon - Guitarist (Early Ultravox, Humania) guesting with Jon Foxx

John, Robin and Louis are on my 'Bearsac Meet Celebrities'. page in the gallery.


photo of Boris Big Feet in front of PC with a Pimms

Boris relaxing with a Pimms in Debra's office

4th June

Meet my new brother Boris. Whilst walking past the house of a former colleauge of Debra's, Rachel called from her door. When we turned back to her she produced the teddy bear in the photo above which she gave us. Like me Boris is a rucksack. It rather put my nose out of joint at first but he is starting to grow on me and as a token of freindship I have allowed him to sit on my special wooden chair now we are back home, so he feels that is his home too.

At Debra's work one of her colleauges even belived her when having hidden me, she showed him Boris and told him that I had had a makeover. He actually believed her! So too did a a few people in Borehamwood! His mussel doesn't protrude like mine and he has big feet, so really we look nothing alike even if we have the same fur type and are both rucksacks.

Big thank you to Rachel.


12th May

I am a bit worried after Debra told me about her strange dream this morning. She wasn't in it but she could see me. I was at Warren Street tube station on the platform waiting for a canal boat. There were lots of barges and I had to wait for the teddy bear one. For some reason I had 3 ears after being bitten by a rabbit that lived under tracks like the mice.

I know a warren is where rabbits live but I wonder what this dream might mean?


photo of Bearsac held up outside Theatre Royal Dury Lane with Oliver billboard

Me outside Theatre Royal Dury Lane

1st May

Debra is a member of Couch Sufing We met 3 other members Wira, Maya and Aslina with whom we went to see Oliver. Meeting first in a cafe we talked about ourselves, Asperger's syndrome, culture, British attitude to immigration, Isralie occupation and I waved at people sitting outside the window!

We all sat in the second row on the balcony for the show, which was amazing. Debra and I have seen Oliver before but in a smaller theatre with smaller cast. It was hard not to sing to some of the songs.

Outside the threatre afterwards I met other threatre goers a young man that stopped when I spoke to him and took from out of a sock athe the bottom of his rucksack a cuddly toy mouse. We shook paws but the mouse does not speak. In the Build-a-Bear shop in Covent Garden I spoke to some shop assitants: some lovely young ladies (one of which remembers meeting me at the Hamley's branch) and also a nice young man who makes funny sounds like the man in the Police Accademy film.

We also met some lively people on the tube that high-fived me. There a group of young men that we met in the crowded Covent Garden station and on the tube. They have a travelling panda called Vincent or VP Panda who sadly was not with them at the time - send us a link as we cannot find you mate. We also met more people on The Thameslink who found my name somewhat amusing.


photo of Bearsac and Debra having Afternoon Tea at Claridges Hotel

Debra and me having Afternoon Tea at Claridges

18th April

For her 43rd birthday we had Afternoon Tea at Claridges Hotel, which is favored by the Queen and many celebrities. We didn't see Her Majesty if she was there but instead 'I' was given the royal treatment and had a cushion brought for me to make me more comfortable, which made up for our sandwiches and pastries not being served on a tired cake-stand. From the assortment of 30 teas we opted for the rare Pai Mu Tan. The leaves are from a special tea bush called Narcissus or chaicha bushes and are naturally withered and dried in the sun.

Although the white bread was a tiny touch on the dry side and there were no Jelly Baby fillings I enjoyed the the crusts off sandwiches. Assuming there would be more pastries than we received Debra declined the offer of more sandwiches. If you ever have Afternoon Tea there yourself make you you accept more sandwiches as there is not a lot of pastries. What there is though is extremely scrummy yum yum for the tummy tum. The jasmin and mango cup cake looked like it might be a little too on the sweet and sickly side but was just right. The unexpected mango puree filling an oasis in the centre of delicate sponge. The layed shot of the day was orgasmically to die for; rising from a raspberry jelly (clearly not from melted cubes or crystals), chocolate cream, mixed berries topped with a wafer thin disc of dark chocolate. The small apple and raisin scones a treat; soft and gentle and almost melt on the tongue (at least that's what Debra thought - I don't have a tongue or mouth).

Contrary to popular belief scones should be eaten like bread rolls and broken off bit by bit and jammed and creamed rather than sliced horizontally and jammed and creamed in one go. I made sure Debra did this properly although she managed to drop some on the floor and spill drops of tea on the table - can't take her anywhere. The staff were wonderful and I think they rather liked me. The ambiance was warm, relaxed and not too formal. Cello and piano softened the chinking of the green and white striped china. We were given a gift at the end of a tiny Claridges tin of tea; not sure if everyone gets it or not or if it was because they thought me so cute.

Some people feel intimidated by places they think posh but there is nothing intimidating about Claridges, it is very relaxing laid-back and not at all pompos or pretentious. Thank you to the staff at Claridges and hello to the guests that we met there.

Before Claridges we went to Selfridges. In the ladies a woman asked Debra if she is Debra Schiman. 'Yes, how did you know' Debra inquired of the woman. The woman, called Judith, produced our book from her bag! She had not met us but her daughter had seen us on a train and told her about us! It was so weird as we were going to leave home an hour later than we did but suddenly left earlier to look around the shops. We signed the book for Judith and Debra took a photo of me with her which is in my Bearsac Meets Public page. Hello Judith! Wow, it is so strange to meet someone like that that has our book!

Thank you to all the birthday greetings from Debra's Twitter, MySpace and Facebook friends.

We might make a video clip over the next few days of are visit to Claridges, so come and check back soon.


17th April

Came across some more gossip about Debra on an Arsenal forum. Though it seems like they have missed the photos of me with Arsenal players so far as there is no reference to them. Who knows, maybe if they read this they will see them on my Bearsac Meets Celebrities page.


photo of Gary Numan on stage at Scala with our book by his left foot

Debra's book on stage by Gary's left foot

13th April

Just back from seeing Gary Numan play in a gig at Scala; and how fabby dabby he was. The balance of new, old and somewhere in-between interlaced smoothly maybe due to the hard-edged reworking of a couple of the oldies - making them sound freshly composed; but then I guess Gary's music never dates. Needing her voice for meetings at work Debra wasn't her usual loud screamy self; just as well as she blasts my ears of even if they are cloth! Having both signed it Debra threw her book on stage for Gary; makes a change for Gary to get our autograph!

During the encore a surprise guest took over the singing of Cars rewording it somewhat to a version that might have been banned in 1979! The wordsmith was none other than Adam Ant! After the gig I was given a splintered drum stick as a souvenir. We didn't hang around to meet Adam Ant as Debra's feet were feeling the pinch too much. However, we did get an 'almost meets' as a screen grab of Adam with Gary from video footage see my Bearsac Meets Celebrity page. For any Numanoids reading this and of course Gary and Gemma if you do - there is a photo right at the bottom of the page from a few years ago of Gary with Bearsac at HMV. Perhaps an updated photo one day please Gary!


photo of bearsac with sitting on pub table amid jamming musians
Taking a rest from dancing

5th April

After seeing a CouchSurfing post about a jam session that was to take place in a pub in Kings Cross yesterday Debra spontaneously decided to go as we have not yet been to any event as a member of Couch Surfing and we thought it would be a good chance to get into the swing of things. Turns out there weren't really many Couch Surfers there and it wasn't really a chance to talk much but we had a great time and met some nice people. Not being musically equipped I played my part by being the dancing bear (please note Debra is not Simon Smith, although I am an amazing dancing bear!)


photo of bearsac sitting outside Earls Court Ideal Home Show

Outside Earls Court for the the Ideal Homes Show

27th March

Yesterday, having obtained a free ticket from the Evening Standard, we attended the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court.

There was a exhibit with demo of what a home and it's facilities might be like in the near future . Having seen the first demo and being around later for the second Debra and I took advantage of knowing what would happen by placing ourselves in prime spot. There were windows that use a knob to make them clear and opaque. In the first demo the demonstrator spoke of being able to see people eating in the cafe on the other side of the windows when he turned the knob to make them clear. So, when we knew it was about to come up in the second demo we ran around the back and stood right behind the windows ready for him to make them clear. When he did there were Debra and I pulling faces and waving at him and the audience! We later had a few people say they saw us behind the window when they saw us around the exhibition.

We watched cooking and gardening theatres where celebrity chefs and gardeners were cooking or talking. We'd not heard of any of them but they do Google. Both Richard Phillips (Chef) and Monty Don (Gardener) did not want to hold me for a photograph so they are on the Bearsac Meets Celebrity page as 'almost meets' as Debra got photos of me with them in the background before we met them. Well, I guess we did meet them but not in a me being photographed with them sense.
I'd have prefered it be Chefs Ainsley Harriot or Jamie Oliver and Gardener Charlie Dimmock. Debra would have preferred the Chef to have been Gino D’Acampo and Alan Titmarsh as Gardener.
I was once pointed out to another chef between filming by a smiling Ainsley Harriot when I went to see Ready Steady Cook but I didn't get the chance to meet him. He would have certainly liked to be photographed with me.

We did meet a nice celebrity on our way to The Ideal Home Show. Dean Gaffney was happy to be photographed holding me. When Debra gave him her book card he picked up on where it says Asperger's Syndrome and said that his brother has Asperger's.
It was a pleasure to have met you Dean if you read this, maybe you and your brother might want to see the Asperger's Syndrome page.

Dean is on the Bearsac Meets Celebrities page. He is a very nice human.

We met two nice Community Support Officers on the way and some other people through the day, even three people that recognised me from Borehamwood and four people that have seen me on the London Underground before. So we would like to say a big hello to them all. Huh, so-called celebrities not wanting to be photographed with me - I am more of a celebrity than them!

Hello to Pete who bought Debra's book.


9th March

5-0 to The Arsenal! Yippee! We were walking home past the Green Lion in Borehamwood when were asked by people smoking outside if we were watching the game. So we paid an unplanned visit to watch the match, and so pleased we did - Good old Arsenal. Hello to everyone we spoke to in the pub; those that went off to the Indian resaurant I hope yu enjoyed it, we have had 5 takeways from that place when being at various people's homes and have never rated them. Maaybe it's better eating in the restaurant.

Hello to Mihaela who I met on the Jubiliee Line - you are now in my Bearsac Meets Public page in the gallery. Thanks for buying the book and hope you enjoy it.

Today Debra's work took her to Parliament for the All Party Parlimentary on Learning Disability - on the subject of making elections accessibel. We spoke breifly to Tom Clarke MP who had bought Debra's book last time we were there but he has not yet read it - Come on Tom, get reading!


8th March

Want to wish Gary Numan happy 52nd birthday. Debra has beena Numanoid 1979 and I am also a fan of the man. Hey, that rhymes! Any Numanoids see my Numan page. It is rubbish as there is hardly anything on it really but you can link to his site from it.

A video called 'Bear With Me' about me and Debra is online Thank you and well done Bracken May and Fin Carew who made it - it is brill. Thank you to the the lady with beautiful voice singing Teddy Bears' Picnic, Alessi Laurent-Marke.
The puppets in the video are now in the Art of Bearsac page. They were made by Bracken.

While I'm at it this is a link to another documentary about Debra and me made by students at Westminster Film School.


6th March

Had quite a journey to Debra's office yesterday. I got called racist names by some chavs on the Thameslink. Then on the tube a mixed-race or light-skinned black/brown man said I am not cute because I am brown! Not quite sure how he was meaning it - humans a a weird bunch!

There were two good moments though. Debra sold a copy of her book 'Travels with My Teddy Bear' .
a man, as he was getting up to exit the tube, gave her £5! She didn't realise what it was at first and assumed it to be a bit of paper with a website on or something as people do sometimes give her bits of paper with websites to look at. When she realised it was a fiver she tried to refuse it saying that she was not homeless and was on her way to work! The man didn't take it back and just got off the tube. One of the other passengers then informed us that the man was a well-known actor called Marc Warren. We have just Googled him and have found that he played Danny Blue in Hustle. He has also been in Grange Hill and Dr Who. Bet he was laughing to himself that we didn't recognise him when I would have been saying to him and the other passengers that I have been photographed with famous people for my website! Debra advises the ladies to look out for Marc as he is rather cute. We see from IMDb that his will be in Ben Hur which is currently in production.

If by any chance you read this Marc thank you very much for the £5. Was not sure why you gave it us. A passenger suggested it might have been because you liked what we were doing - so sorry if you took offense at Debra's not wanting to take the money. Hope you don't mind, but Debra is donating it to DANDA when she attends a committee meeting tommorow. DANDA (Developmental Adult Neuro Diverse Association) DANDA is run and controlled by people that have neuro-diverse conditions.

(If anyone wants to donate to DANDA there are donate buttons on their website).

DANDA caters for adults as adults get overlooked by services; as do people with invisable disabilities like Dyspraxia, Asperger’s Syndrome, AD(H)D and other related conditions such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. Like many small charities DANDA get very little money; it tends to be the well-known charities that get endless amounts of money and can afford expensive campaigns to raise more money. The big charities often have lavish food and drink at their functions and often use pity to get the public to donate, thus making the people they raise money for look like meek victims that need to be mollycoddled. User-led charities and the people that use their services don't want pity; they want rights and equal inclusion in society. Debra and I urge people if you want to give to charity, give consideration to the philosophy and politics of the charity and realise that small user-led charities need your money more than the big boys and deserve it more as they are not run by do-gooders that want to help the 'poor dears'.

We have just updated the Gossips page with a blog about Debra refusing to disembark from an early terminated First Capital Connect train.


28th February

We attended Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival today at Kensington Town Hall where we met thousands of teddies and hundreds of humans. Thanks to the people that bought Debra's book Travels With My Teddy Bear; hope you enjoy it. Thanks to the person that bought the book on the tube this morning too.

My daughter 'Teasac' came 1st in a teddy bear skipping competition and her curling team are through the the semi-final of the Teddy Bear Curling Championship; bet you never thought teddy bears play curling.


18th February

I have an imposter!

I have had a few stalkers before but now I have just been made aware that I have an imposter using a 'k' Bearsack. This wannabe has a twitter! Please be aware that this rag tag and bob tail is not me and bears (excuse the pun) no relation to me. of teddy bear that is not bearsac but is a mere imposterThis is not me - I'm far better looking.

I may be imitated but never equalled!

To the person that posts that they saw me on a sidewalk; if you meant me then you left you the message on the wrong teddy's website; hope you find me someday if you haven't made it here yet sweety.

17th February

Quick update before we leave for work. came across a
new gossip about me and Debra
on Twitter.


11th February

Sometimes you just have to make a stand. Commuters of First Capital Connect on the Thameslink line (of which I am famous) will maybe know what I mean. Yet again there were problems. The train was held at Hendon for about 5 minutes and we then treated to a very polite and heartfelt apology that the train would now be terminating. Passengers disembarked and stood on the platform all apart from Debra and me. Solo human and defiant teddy bear, fed up with the ever deteriorating train service stayed put. The driver dutifully entered each carriage making sure no passengers remained and informed Debra that the train has terminated and to to get off.
Debra said 'I'm not getting off'
driver 'Yes you are'
'No I'm not' replied Debra calmly.
'I'm phoning the police'
'Phone them then' said Debra.
The driver then took to the open door informing the passengers on the platform that the service is being held up as a passenger is refusing to get of the train.

Debra said not to use me as a feeble excuse and that the train was canceled and terminated before I refused to get off.
The driver then told the passengers that he had phoned the police. Well, he must have an invisible Eastenders phone that connects straight away as we saw no phone and it was only 10 seconds or so after he had tried to intimidate us by saying he was phoning the police. He must have texted them as we heard nothing!

The driver then decided to take another route around his problem and sat down near us (but not too near)! He talked about overtime as if Debra would be annoyed that he gets overtime, for her protest I guess. Debra calmly informed him that she hopes that he does get overtime and that she has no grudge against him.

Passengers then tried to reason with Debra who calmly said that she had done this before a couple of years ago and it had worked. By now the driver had gone into the driver cabin. and Debra was on the phone to her employers asking them to get on to a newspaper. However before the newspaper phoned her the driver came out of his cabin and informed us that the train was back in service! Debra then got a call from the Evening Standard and there is an article on page 11 at the bottom. It is also on the their website click here.

This will feature this on the Politics page as a more permanent presence.

I urge all you passengers next time you are told the train is terminating before its destination make a stand a stay seated!


6th February

Some pages on my site get very few visits even where there is a button on the toolbar for the page. In a bid to get bring more awareness of these pages I am starting a This week's Featured Page.
You can click the icon on the homepage that looks like this. clickable calendar image with wording reading This Weeks Featured Page or click on it here now.

I will attempt to link it to a different page each week but likely I won't as I have to rely on Debra!

This week's featured page is the Politics page. This is getting
0 - 4 vists a day only and politics is very important. There is not much on there currently but we want to make this a feature (It is not about party politics).

Next week will most likely be the Art of Bearsac page and then in following weeks the Teddy Bear Dating page - the
Teddy Bear Problem page and other pages but you need not wait to read these pages are featured you can click on the links here now or explore the site.


5th February

Sorry to the 2 men that were disappointed that we had no more Travels With My Teddy Bear books to sell today on the First Capital Connect train on the Thameslink line. Due to the cancelled trains Debra and I went northbond to St Albans to get a fast southband train into London. This worked out well for us (as getting different train to the one planned often does). We sold the last book we had to a lovely lady on the way into London; (hello lovely lady). This left none for the two men that asked for a book each in another compartment. However, we see these men quite often on the train and I know they come on this website. So I am letting you know, and anyone else that sees us and is interested, that we have just ordred more of Debra's book and hope to have some some time next week. In the meantime you can order from Amazon which you can link to from our book page.

To the lady in the green coat, whose foot Debra trod on in Brixton Market this afternoon, a big sorry to you x x.

Hello to the lovely lady we spoke to in Banardos charity shop, nice to know you are not part of society's sheeple.

To the lady smoking outside the Brixton Road shop she works in, that I upset by saying 'hello' to her - you need a teddy bear in your life girlfriend!


26th January

Does anyone know what Jeremey Clarkson said about Asperger's Syndrome on Top Gear on Sunday, we cannot find out online just yet, only that he said something in relation to a fake suicide on an advert. Before finding out that much we were wondering if it was it in connection to co-presenter James May (who is more on the spectrum than most in our opinion)? If anyone can enligten us the please email.


18th January

Hello and a belated Happy New year to you. I have been a busy teddy bear so far this year, too busy to wish you all the best for 2010 before now. I do hope 2010 will be a happy one and one that will bless ou with a teddy bear for your birthday if you don't already posess one.

There is a new teddy on the Teddy Bear Dating page - she is called Ted and is very pretty.

I am a teddy bear that admits when I am wrong. I told lots of people that the book of the year would be Debra's book Travels With My Teddy Bear and it was not. It will be this year though! Check it out. YOu can read the blurb, readers reviews and link to Amazon to order it.


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