14th April 2013

We are on TV today

Beqarsac and I were on TV last night on the Community Channel but sadly didn't see it myself as I have no TV and the friend's to whom I went to watch it only had Freeview and we discovered too late that Freeview only broadcasts for 3 hours a day! So if anyone has manged to record it and convert it in order to give it to me somehow I'd be greatful. It is on again on Thursday 18th (my birthday by the way) at 10.40pm. The program is called Postcards and the Episode called Bearsac. The Community Channel can also be viewed on Sky and Virgin Media and they are 24/7 so it should be on those.

Sadly I no longer have Bearsac. This is why I have not been updating the website - see the entry for 1st March 2012 not far below this.


13th April 2013

We are on TV today

In 2008 some budding film makers of the time from Westminster Film School made a documentary about me and Bearsac. You may have already seen it on Youtube. Recently though the Community Channel - a freeview channel on TV wanted to feature it. The original producer Kristian now has his own compnay Splinterfaction TV He negotiated that the documentary be shown in full and your can see it tonight. There has been conflicting info on the time so I am not sure if it is 8pm or 9pm (I think 8pm). It will be repaeted at some stage in April and maybe May. The program is called Postcards and the Episode called Bearsac.


Sadly I no longer have Bearsac. This is why I have not been updating the website - see the entry below.


1st March 2012

Bad News from Debra

I have been too upset to report this until now but I regret to tell you that I no longer have Bearsac and I miss him very, very much. On 3rd December 2011 we were on a train in Tanzania and he was sntahced from my hands as he waved from the window. I reported it to the on-board police officer and the Village Chief found out who the man was but he went on the run. The embassies and press cannot help. Is there someone who knows of a journalist or anyone else that might be able to help. I have details that can be passed on. There is a video someone made and put on YouTube. Some details are incorrect but it is very nice of him to make it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vTsQLK6uj8


22nd August 2011

Almost forgot I had a website! I have been taking time out to spend time with the family and other teddies and although so much has been happening it seems pointless after all this time to tell you about things. Debra is thinking of getting a sweing machine so I might soon be the worst dressed teddy bear on the planet! What am I to do if the stuff she makeds is as nad as I am assuming it will be?

It is my 14th birthday on Friday 26th so I hope to have a few messages from you human and teddy folk. I overheard Debra saying she was thinking of giving me a bath for my birthday, so maybe I ought to take my self off somwplace; I've not been on any travels for a while.


23rd June

Lots of stuff happening but no time to update about it. Off to a teddy bears' picnic later with the wife and kids.

There is a 28th problem on the problem page.

2nd June

Life just doesn't get any more restful for a teddy bear in it's old age. I am losing my fur all the faster with my life in the fast lane. Too much time gone and things happening since my last updatw so will just mention the most recent. Met some more human celebs outside Embassy for the HD Brow launch party yesterday evening then gatecrashed two private viewings at art galleries around the corner. Unfortuantly for 1/2 of Right Said Fred I got there a little too late. Met some crazy humans anyway - why are art people and their enthuisasts so crazy? One of the Artists tries to seduce women by getting them to feel his paintings and goon to feel not his paintings but something else of his!
Despite all the art and misbehaving Artists the centre of attention seemed to be Debra's enormous bruise on her thigh which she obtained by being butted by a cow.

See latest celeb photos on Meets Celebrities page.


4th April 2011

Always seem to be busy these days and not able to find time to update; such is the life of a cool bear like me.

My wife, Tea, won Teddy Mother of Mother's Day at the Mother's Day Teddy Bear Picric. What she did to win I'm not quite sure, she was rather too tipsy to tell me when she got home.

Recently I have attended the Children's Champions at Grosvenor House Hotel 30th March. There I met Cliff Parisi and Perry Fenwick off Eastenders. They remembered meeting me and being photographed with me before. I also met and had the honor of being photographed with the lovely Barbara Windsor. Two members of Blue - Simon Webbe and Anthony Costa, Ex presenter Konnie Hug, Kate Piper Model TV Presenter, Comedians The Chuckle Brothers, Footballer Rio Ferndinand were also photographed with me. Later outside The Royal Albert Hall I met and had an almost meets photo with Mikhail Gorbachev who waved at me from his car.

The following night was Get Tested at The Jazz Cafe in Camden. Celebs who were photographed with me were Jeff Leach, Lady Lloyd, Kevin O'Dowd Brother of Boy George, Singer Jodie Harsh, and Actor Mathew Horne. See the Meets Celebrities page for photos.

I have become quite the clubbing bear of late. Debra has swung me around her head and I have been snogged and photographed with clubbers at Aura, Embassy, and some other clue beginning with A in Mayfair. I can take it but Debra is getting rather too old to hack the pace and it's on her I rely on typing my dictation of my updates for the website.

Yesterday we attended a ceronmy at Bhatividanta Manor for the Hare Krishna cows being let out into the fields after winter inside the barns. They were overjoyed in their release, jumping and skipping and everything. See our video.
After the cows we planted potatoes with the Hare Krishna devotees. Hard work but satisfying.


18th March 2011

The last few nights have been a wee bit busy for me; I've been the real bear about town. Kensington Roof Gardens was the venue of choice last Friday; great during the night but the flamingos were in bed so didin't get to meet them. I boogied on down with the humans though and met some lovely ladies.

Sunday afternoon I watched some auditions. Debra is maybe being an extra in a small film but is also helping the Director/Producer with other things here and there. This included supporting the audioners by roll-playing with them. Bit of a laugh watching her make a twit of herself!

Wednesday we paid a short visit, before being called away urgently, to The One Goal Foundation Gala Dinner at Riverband Park Plaza Hotel. Debra was photographed by a photographer that liked what she was wearing and you can see a video 'Celebrity Overnight?' on out Aspiebear YouTube of her being photographed. When she gave her card to the photographer and he read the book title he said He'd seen the book at Mencap and was please to meet us!

Thurday had me stuck in the press pit at Banquetting House in Whitehall (I stuck my paw up as we passed Downing Sreet). The venue was host to the Surrealist Ball. Sodding poo that a cool dude teddy like me didn't get in. I did 'almost' get to meet loads of celebs; I only had heard of one of them Andrie Arshavin and I didn't recognise him! Photos in Bearsac Meets Celebrities Page

Well now it's Friday and I won't be going out into London tonight but will go to a friend of Debra's in BWood, so it will be a realatively quiet night.


10th March 2011

Have been too busy to update regularly for ages now, I know it make look a bad webhost but what is a bear to to when he has so much on his plate.

Last night we met some lovely ladies at the Television X Awards called Soft and Hard Adult Film Television Awards or SHAFTAs for short LOL. The ladies and a couple of men were getting friendly with me in a way my wife would not approve, so I had to to keep them under control. We didn't hang around as we had to attend another event at Direct Cafe Village Underground for A Night At The Sack Races. It was only upon arrival I found out what it was and that it was a Comic Relief Rednose charity fundraiser where people don red noses to patronise people these feel sorry for. Rights Not Charity but it was a fun night anyway and I met Actress Gemma Atkinson and some Band called Roll Deep who unknown to us have been at number 1, so must be reasonably famous.
We didn't take part in the sack races but some of the celebs did.

Between venues we popped into the Drunken Monkey where Debra found a badge with a rastamouse on it. She pinned it to me as I was once a Rastabear. Later at Direct Cafe we met Linton and on seeing the badge told us he had one like that but he'd lost it. We asked if he'd been in the Drunken Monkey and he had so we gave it to him as logic would dictate it was his - see the video.


Too full up to eat at Simpson's even for Chestnut Roulade

2nd March 2011

Yesterday, with some of the money she earnt from testing a website for accessilbilty, Debra treated us both to lunch at Simpson's on The Strand. They didn't bat an eyelid as she asked for a table for one and cushions for my teddy bear. Instead they simply brought 3 cushions and placed me on the chair opposite Debra and put a napkin on me. We ordered Pan-fried Salmon with Mash and Baked Beets. We were promply brought a complimentary cuppa-soup! No, we wern't in some Workmans' caf named Simpson's; and of course this wasn't the instant powered shit called Cuppa-soup. Served in a small white coffee cup on a saucer it was Tomato Soup topped with pesto. Debra did offer me some but I had not long before stuffed my face with a woman's burger in the street whilst Debra wasn't looking. Serves me right though as I did have the appetite to sample the main course or the pudding of Chestnut Roulade and Stewed Cranberries. Debra has more than happy to eat my share though and I do tend to make a lot of noise when I eat so maybe it was just as well.

There was a rather old Carvery Chef who made the essence of the place with his slow unsteady walking through the tables and talking to diners. He is such an accet to the pace as he slows down the world of the diner to a relaxing pace. Though once he had hold of the carving trolly he walked at a regular pace as though the trolly was a zimmer frame!

I know there hvae been people waiting to see photos of my recent trips to Bratislava, Vienna and Paris. We have put up photos in the travel centre but are currently still woring on the page. We are very busy with other stuff. You can see videos on YouTube and can start with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pRPkYNbDtA then there will be links to the other videos on our Aspiebear channel under the uploads section.


24th February 2011

Last 3 nights spent in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Did a day-trip to Vienna in Austria. They are the closest capitals at about 40 miles apart. They were both in the minus temps -5 during the day at one point in Vienna. Will update the travel centre next week time permitting - I am a busy teddy bear you know.


Taking rest on the W of the W Hotel near Leicester Square

18th February 2011

I am such a cool dude teddy bear as I got thrown out of London's coolest new hotel last night when I gate-crashed The Vogue.com 15th Birthday bash at W. With a friend with suitcase of camera gear we strolled in to the party on the first floor even having a porter ask if we needed help with the luggage (assuming we were staying at the hotel). We got out at the 1st floor for the party rather than go to the hotel lobby and were presented with champagne and raw fish. Rubbish champagne in cheap glasses I should add. Thefish was good though- bears like raw fish.

Before long our media friend, who was not on the guestlist, and Debra separetly got spotted with their camera's. Security was very tight and I guess the few camera people invited were known to security so 2 faces didn't fit, or 3 if you count mine!

We were taken to a backroom and I was body-searched by a misery of a man who man-handle me all the way holding me without due rspect. We were then escourted out of the back door andhad to return for Debra's camera later once they had checked nothing was on it from the venue. She had only taken it out her bag to look for her phone when she was swipped on by my manhadler, or should I say bearhandler.

Hope the party livened up later as it was rather boring when when we were there. Think they needed me to make things a bit less dull but were were only there about 1/2 hour. Still, there will be other events.

On the way home we met lots of people, 2 of whom are in my Meets Public page.

We also met Georgous George on the Underground and they gave us a CD of their music. Not listned to it yet thoughh, so busy. Gorgouse George is a band gorgeousgeorgetheband.tumblr.com


11th February 2011

Last night, 10th February, I met and almost met a few celebs at the Film Critics Awards at the BFI on the Southbank. Some were a little shy: Thomas Turgoose, Manjinder Virk, David Fincher, Kristin Scott Thomas, Rosamund Pike, Jessica Barden and Mike Leig. Others however, were more than happy to be photographed with me: Jason Solomans, Ruth Sheen, Will Poulter, David Seider, Colin Firth and Cristine Bottomley. The photo are in the Meets Celebrities.

I will upload to YouTube a clip of me and Debra singing with a busker Nigel Thomas on the London Underground http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3POs79137I. See his website www.facebook.com/nigelsongs .


7th February 2011

I am lucky to be here to update the diary rather than being magiced away by Magician Paul Daniels. I met him last night at the Chortle Awards where he presented an award for the category of Breakthrough Act to The Boy With Tape On His Face (Sounds like a piss-take of The Woman With The Dragon Tattoo to me). Paul Thankfully didn't fulfill Debra's request to magic me away (I knew she hates me really and wants rid of me). What Paul did do though was a ventriloquist act with me but thankfully not on the stage.

At the same awards I also met (for the 2nd time) Top Gear's James May who was also presenting an award. James Said 'I've seen him before' and then he kissed me. When Debra asked if he's read my book (which he bought in December when Debra bought his) he said he had an that it is not bad actually when she asked is it really rubbish. He also said that he's been on my website. One of the questions when we interviewed him was what he thinks about the fact people think he has Asperger's Syndrome? He replied 'I'm not entirely sure what it is. Debra briefly explained and why maybe people think he has it. He doesn't think he has AS and says that people often think he has OCD (which we think quite likely even though we saw no signs on meeting him). After listening to James for about 15 mins in total I really don't think he has AS - Sorry to all the Aspies out there that like to think it the case. Thanks James for being patient with that nutty owner of mine.

Earlier in the evening we briefly met Emily Watson at the London Evening Standard British Film Awards and the photo is in the Meets Celebrities page along with the one of me with Paul Daniels.

Outside the Chortle Awards we met two young me that interviewed me an Debra on their phone. Hopefully they will send us a link to it if they put it online.

On the Underground I had a nice little sing-song with a muscian/songwriter/singer busker called Nigel Thomas www.facebook.com/nigelsongs Not sure he quite knew what to make of it really, bet he had never had a teddy bear come and join him on his performance semi-circle before.


13th January 2011

Tonight I attended the G-Star RAW party held at One Mayfair. Built in 1825 it is a rather groovy venue that looks like it was once a church. G-Star is a cool denim jean brand and the new campign is fronted by Actress Gemma Arterton. Lots of people were asking if my jeans were G-Star; I couldn't disappoint them and say no now could I.

Although I only got an 'almost meets' photo of me and Gemma I did get to meet her briefly, she was enthuisastic to find out who I was but wasn't allowed to be interviewed so we only exchanged a few words. What a lovely young lady she is though, it is is shame for her that she was with her hubby as I'm sure she would have liked to get to know me intimately.

We just missed Photographer Anton Corbijn; sure he'd loved to have snapped such a cool dude teddy like me; but maybe just as well as I was a little boozy as I had so many free boozy tipples.

Just before leaving I got to meet G-No the G-Star rhino.

G-Star's G-No the rhino having the honour of meeting me.


1st January 2011

Happy New Year folks. Hope you have seen 2010 out and 2011 in on a joyus note.

I boogied the night away with Debra at Kanaola nightclub in the City. I was lucky to not get set alight by the sparkler fireworks being twirled all around me. I met some lovely lasses and got lots of new year kisses and was rather a tipsy teddy after being given sips or large glugs of many people's drinks. I even drunk from a giant sea-shell with flowers in it. Debra had fun too but the less said the better; she always finds a way to show me up.

Well people, we really need to make the most of this year as I think it the last whole year we have before the world ends sometime next year but then ther have been many different years given for that to happen and some have passed us by already. But just incase next yeaar is the one then ladies if you see me around before then please come and kiss me and show how you'll miss me.

It would be great if all you humans could make a new years resolution to gives strangers a smile more often. remember what you give out you get back so be positive in your thoughts and doings. x x x x




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