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Jelly Baby Tree Leaf Soup

Anyone that is lucky enough to find some jelly baby tree leaves can try this devine soup

1 kg Jelly baby tree leaves (green)
1 litre veg or chicken stock
1/2 jelly baby wine
salt and pepper

put all Ingredients into saucepan and heat gently for 25 min
adjust seasoning if needed



Curd Patties

A lot of teddies love curd patties. Experiment by mixing in different things to flavor it roll it into balls, flatten them and the pan fry it.

4 pints of milk
5 tbl spoons strained lemon juice

heat milk on high heat to boil (stir now and then)
lower heat and add lemon juice
stir around sides until milk separates into curd and whey then turn off heat

Place cheese cloth in a colander and strain the curds and whey (whey can be kept for soupsans stews)
carefully gather and pick up cheese cloth with strained curds
rinse under cold water
twist cheese cloth so curd is sealed tightly inside
put it back in colander and weigh it down for 20 mins to a couple of hours

flavor with your choice of herbs and / or spices
Roll into small balls and flatten
pan fry on both side until brown (about 5 mins)



Fuzzy Bean Slimy Mushroom Medley

I like the fuzzy texture of the butter beans and the contrasting sliminess of the mushrooms. The herb cube melts onto them and clings and tastes yummy in your tummy. Serve with Pasta or Rice.

This is best done with the Knorr herb cubes and not fresh herbs or stock cubes that have herbs in which are foul. The cubes have salt in so don't use extra salt

Ingredients (Judge amounts for yourself)

Mushrooms of choice (Mixed Wild best)
Butter Beans (Tinned or dried cooked)
Knorr Mixed Herb Cube (includes garlic powder)
Extra Garlic if wanted
Oil for light frying (Ex Virgin / Olive Oil Best)



Heat Oil on medium heat and fry mushrooms so they are browned but slimy. Add extra Garlic if using and drained butter beans. Once the butter beans have heated add the herb cube and mix gently to coat the mushrooms and beans. Serve at once before beans get old age wrinkles.







Jelly Baby Surprise

This is so easy even a human can do it.

Jelly Baby heads (just a few) Empty Smarties tube



Put Jelly Baby heads into empty smarties tube and put lid back on. Give to person or teddy bear you want to surprise.




8 oz. fresh mushrooms
2 medium onions
1/2 cup (paw/handful walnuts)
salt & pepper to taste

Sauté mushrooms & onions. In food processor, chop walnuts & add mushroom/onion mixture. Serve with matza.






Teddy Bear Ignorers Stew

Gather 6 humans (from a train journey) that ignore teddy bears that talk to them. (Thameslink ignorers best). (remove any dentures).

60 gallons of stock made from 20 London Underground teddy bear ignorers brains, (25 if from the Northern line)

20 bulbs of garlic unpeeled

5 bottles of Jelly Baby Wine

1980s Dewberry Oil

The yolk of an ostrich egg

Peel off skin, and chopped into bite-sized pieces.

Marinate in 1980s Dewberry Oil and 1 bottle of Jelly Baby Wine. During omnibus edition of Eastenders.

Heat Jacuzzi to 220 degrees C, immersing human pieces and cooking for 1 hour with garlic and 4 bottles of Jelly Baby Wine.

Serve with rice or mashed potato (a conventional twist here for the more sane among you)

Dip paws/hands into beaten egg yolk before eating stew with paws/hands. Then eat off yolk, which by now would have cooked on your paw/hands. 

(Serves many)






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