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(owned by Clive)

November 2011


I love to wave to people on the train, and on the motorway when we're stuck in traffic, hopefully to make people smile. I also love to keep up to date with current affairs, but I don't get any pocket money so I do this by reading other passengers newspapers on the tube.

I also love Led Zeppelin, and have a Black Pin I got after their last gig at the O2. I now play lead guitar in a Led Zeppelin tribute band called Ted Zeppelin, attached is one of the photos of me playing a guitar solo at one of my gigs.


and friends
(owned by Mark)

March 2010


Berkley has been Mark's friend since March 1973 and has been with him on his travels pretty much ever since. He likes travelling by train and his favourite day of the week is Saturday.


with owner Josh

August 2009


Ted like hugs and hates to be alone.




February 2009

Belonging to Jo of McBears.com

McBear is naked in this shot but was wearing a kilt and stuff when we met him at Hugglets Teddy Bear fair.




Obama Wally

December 2008

I'm Polo,The white one in the middle - I am a Polar Bear and was brought in 2006 in St Petersburg in Russia while my owner was on a Cruise of Northern Europe

My name is Wally Washington and I am the yellow one, I was brought in October 2008 while my owner was working in Washington D.C. and I have "Washington" and a big red heart on my front

Hi Sir and Ma'am I'm the Blue one and my name is Obama Bear, I was also brought in Washington D.C. in October this year, a few days before the Presidential Elections, yeah Barack Obama won!!! (He was named after me you know!) I have the Seal of The President of the United States on my front and the US flag on my right arm and three stars on my left. I also have a Red White and Blue bow.

Oh yeah, and our owner is Phil and he is 41 but acts a lot lot younger!!! He love to travel and has been to over 50 countries.



Big'n Ted

photo of cute old balding teddy big'n ted

November 2008

Belonging to Suzzane,
Big'n Ted is rather enjoying his retirement.
He still provides wonderful hugs and is a good listener. He supports Tottenham Hotspur (booo) and has an August birthday.

Suzzane wrote this about him:

Faithful friend companion to the end. Never angry , never cross, never tries to get a point across. Always there with open arms to keep me safe from every harm.
I love you now and Iíll always care for my special Teddy bear.

(c)S D Bessent




This teddy belongs to Paul. I met Paul at a post office in Potters Bar.

Polo was a present from Paul's aunt for his 17th birthday. Polo used to sleep with Paul every night, but as they got older they thought it best that Polo not intrude upon Paul's personal life, so Polo now I lives with his friends on a shelf.

They have fun when Paul is not around, playing with his toys, but always tidy up before he gets home. Polo's favourite is Paul's computer which he use's to watch DVDs.

Polo see enough of the world from the window. Outside doesn't have central heating and kittens to play with, though Pixie and Dixie (we assume Paul's kittens) can get a little rough.





This teddy belongs to a lady we met on the tube, called Sue.

We don't know anything about Olly just yet,but Olly sure look cute.




Harvey was bought for his owner, Caroline by her best friends mum because Caroline has been supporting her daughter through some health problems and Harry (with big feet) was bought by Caroline's husband for her 2nd wedding anniversary on August 3rd 2006. The cute teddies live in lincolnshire.


Harvey and Harry








This little fella is Bryan, I met him on the First Captal Conect train last night.

Bryan seems, from the photos sent of him, to be be a bit of a character and seemsd to like meeting people and being photographed on his travels just like me. I don't know if he has a website but if he does then we are witing for a link to it to put in here.

Bryan is the 1st non-teddy bear to be on the guestbear page. I am keeping up with equal opportunities and now having all cuddly toys on here.




I met this cuddley teddy at Winchester stn. I don't know anything about him other than he is very cute and he talks.


Canada Bear

This little bear was bought by the young man for his mum. He was given the name Canada Bear just to have a name for the photo, but as we speak he may well be called something else by now. (If either Alan, his mum or indeed the bear read this, then let me know if you want me to put any change of name).




I am pleased to welcome Coop to the fold. We got Coop free from the newly refitted Co-op in Kentish Town along with the free flowers in celebration, we assume, of the reopening of the store.

There is some better stuff in there now and it is more shopper friendly than before.




The Pooh replica in this photo is called Pooh (strangely enough) and belongs to Debra's beautiful neice, Aliyah, who is currently 8 months old and will be 1 year in September.



These teddies belong to a young man called Axel from Germany, who gave me a KitKat on the Thameslink whilst I returned from the Arsenal parade. Thanks Axel

from the left: Phillip, Sammy, Flauschine and Flauschi






This is my Home Bear "Choc-Ice". He is about 10 - 11 years old in this incarnation. He was a charity shop throw out and also escaped the car boot sale circuit when rescued by Debra and bathed back to life. He doesn't remember his previous owner or life. Choc-Ice is the teddy that Debra sleeps with.

He supports "Teddy Bear Rovers Football Club" and is rather fond of collecting elastic bands! He likes rap music, he has his own chant which goes a little something like thisÖ. "Choc Choc Choc Ice Ice Ice - Teddy teddy teddy bear bear bear". He can a little upset if when he chants "Choc Choc Choc", you don't respond with "Ice Ice Ice".

I do love Choc-Ice, but it makes me feel a little upset that Alan (Debra's boyfriend) loves Choc but hates me.

This is my girlfriend "Tea" and our baby daughter "Teasac"

Debra bought "Tea" in Sri Lanka and I fell in love with her. We wanted a baby and wanted a girl as there are so few girl teddy bears. We love her in her own right though and look forward to the day she makes us grandparents.


Tea & Teasac





Barcelona Bears

These bears are collectivly known as the "Barcelona Bears".

The reason is not because they are from Barcelona, as they are not. The reason is simply because their housing was inspired by a partially derelict block of flats in Barcelona. Some flats had been knocked down leaving the different coloured walls showing at the side. The front of the building was balconies so when Debra saw this rack in a charity shop,she immediately visulised how if she painted the wall behind different colours it would make teddy housing resembling both the front and side of the flats seen in Barcelona



Debra's Shelf Bears just love to climb about on, or
sit on, the books. They sometimes read to each
other, but most of the time just gossip.

Shelf Bears


Astro Bear & Eve


These two little bears are: "Astro Bear" in the astronaut get up, he burps and farts if you press his tummy. Then there is "Eve". Emotionally a girl, this teddy was accidently made as a boy teddy and so had to have an operation to compliment its true gender.

Their owners,also in the photo, are Debra's colleauges Ray and Ellen.



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