Teddy bears love jelly babies and many like to bite off the left let first; not idea why though. I love making jelly baby wine with my teddy friends by treading on them (jelly babies that is, not my friends)! My favorite grub is jelly baby sandwiches with the crusts removed.


Jelly Babies were originally called Peace Babies when they were made by Basset’s in celebration the end of the First World War.  Production stopped during Second World War but returned in 1953 renamed Jelly babies.

Cadbury Schweppes took them over in 1989 Jelly babies honouring them a more streetwise look. Each of the six Jelly Babies - who live in a wibberly wobberly world of their own - was given a name and character; they are:


Bonny - Pink, who wears a nappy and frilly bonnet

Boofuls - Blue, who is always crying 

Bumper – Green, clumsy with a funny shape, and wears a bum-bag

Bubbles – Yellow, a female, has a ponytail

Big Heart  - Black/Grey, wears trainers

Brilliant – Red, leader of the gang, and wears green baseball boots

In 2007, Bassett's Jelly Babies changed to include only natural colours and ingredients so they colours shown above may not be the ones now sold.


Legal description: Fruit flavoured jelly confectionary with natural colours and flavours  


Ingredients: Wheat glucose syrup, sugar, water, starch (maize and wheat), gelatine, food acids (citric acid, malic acid), vegetable fat, natural flavours, natural colours (turmeric, carmine, chlorophyll, carotene, paprika oleoresin, anthocyanins)

Nutritional Information:

Servings per package


Serving size


Per serving

Per 100g










Includes saturated fat






Includes Sugars







Research has discovered that women who have children were more likely to bite the heads off first, where childless women ate them whole. No great psychological conclusions have been drawn from this.

Under the guise of education and entertainment at school open evenings Jelly Babies are sometimes tortured by being subjected to a strong oxidizing agent. When this cruel act is performed the jelly baby bursts into flames and scream. They are thought to smell of smell candy-floss under these conditions.

In blindfold taste tests, the most popular flavour was strawberry, followed by lime, blackcurrant, lemon, raspberry, and orange.

Three million Jelly Babies are eaten every week. They are permanent contenders in the Top 20 sweeties chart, with sales of 14 million pounds a year. 

Late MP for Tottenham, Bernie Grant, was rumoured to want black Jelly Babies banned as (it is said) he claimed they were racist. 

How innocent little sweets can be racist, I’ve yet to comprehend, do sweets have minds? Who knows, maybe they do; us teddy bears do so why not sweets fashioned into the shape of human beings!

Dr Who, as played by Tom Baker with his long scarf favoured Jelly Babies, maybe if he shared them with the Darleks, they would have been less hostile.

After reading that he liked them Beatles fans showered guitarist George Harrison in Jelly Babies at concerts and sent them as gifts.

As Jelly babies were unobtainable in the USA American fans pelted George and the rest of the band with jelly beans instead.





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